Want to maximize your Botox
treatment in four simple steps? Watch to find out how we can
help you get the best out of your Botox treatments. Number one, wash and
moisturize your skin daily. Proper skin care will maximize
Botox benefits by keeping skin nourished and decreasing
re-appearance of wrinkles and deep lines. Medical grade skin care, such
as Vivier, SkinTX and Platiné will help you protect and
repair your skin from signs of aging and works beautifully
in conjunction with Botox. Number two, use an injectable
filler such as Juvéderm, in conjunction with Botox. While Botox will help
with relaxing frown and forehead lines, use Juvéderm
to fill in any deeper set wrinkles that may be
appearing in the region. Using both products in
combination will maximize your results. Number three,
stay out of the sun. The sun plays a major role in
prematurely aging our skin. Not only does the sun dry
out our skin causing static wrinkles, but it also leads to
pigmentation, lost elasticity, and uneven texture. Number four, visit Skin
Vitality Medical Clinic for maintenance injections once
you feel the Botox starting to lose effectiveness. Botox treatments usually last
anywhere from three to five months. With regular maintenance,
you may find you are able to extend the amount of time
between Botox treatments. Call 1-877-356-7776
to schedule a complimentary consultation. Mention this video and
receive ten complimentary units towards your
first treatments.

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