4 Tips to have a body language of attraction
towards women. For girls, the character of a man is more
relevant than his physical appearance. And they evaluate it in different ways, among
them, for their body language. The gestures of a person say a lot about their
thoughts, their feelings and their attitude toward others. A man with a body language of attraction for
women communicates several qualities: self-confidence, security, aplomb, and naturalness. We offer 4 tips for you to have a body language
of attraction towards women. 1. Your movements should be slow and wide. A serene and confident man is in control of
the situation, so he does not make sudden movements. These exaggerated gestures show insecurity
inside. 2. Use your hands to support your words. According to body language expert Jesús Rosas,
alpha men stand out for their great communicative skills. If you want to be a great communicator, you
must use the gestures of your hands to emphasize your ideas. 3. Do not show doubts. To have a body language of attraction toward
women, you should not hesitate. If you talk to a beautiful woman or the housekeeper,
do not hesitate or be afraid to make a mistake when talking. And if you’re wrong, it’s not so serious,
learn to live with that. 4. Keep your shoulders low. Due to the hustle and bustle of daily life,
we accumulate stress in the back and shoulders, so these body parts tend to get stiff. When you are completely relaxed, you have
low shoulders. If at this moment you do not know if your
shoulders are up, lift them up and then let them fall. Feel the difference. You should feel all the
time like this, especially when you talk to women. What other gesture do you consider important
to have a body language that attracts girls? To LEARN MORE about 4 Tips to have a body
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