Society often conditions us to think that
these illnesses are something bad, something unpleasant something to be fought against. But according to the principles of Nature,
it’s quite the opposite. Colds, fevers, vomiting, diarrhoea – these
illnesses come to detoxify and clean our body. They are Nature’s attempt to get
rid of all that waste, the toxins lying inside. When we eat unnatural foods like breads, pastas,
pancakes, biscuits, potatoes, snacks, tea, coffee, anything made with sugar, dairy, chemicals,
it does not get digested properly. It does not exit through our 4 detox channels. What are the 4 detox channels? It accumulates inside our body. But Mother Nature is very caring. Once every few months, She opens one of these
4 detox channels so that the undigested, accumulated waste can get out. So if you have any of these problems, instead
of viewing it as something unpleasant thank God that he’s given your
body a chance to detoxify. When we take a medicine, The waste, the mucus that Nature was so desperately
trying to throw out is pushed back in. In my previous videos I’ve thoroughly explained that If you keep resorting to these ‘quick fixes’,
soon you’ll have a bigger problem, like Think about it, chemical medicines were discovered
just about 100-200 years ago. People still used to heal themselves of these illnesses
before that. They knew something that we have lost. After curing an illness naturally, you come
out much healthier than you were before, because your body has thrown out the waste, you lose
the extra weight, you have much more energy and clarity in thinking. In my family, now, not a single medicine entered
since the past 2 years. We do fall sick every now and then, but we
cure everything through 5 simple steps. Step Number 1 – Stop eating & Fast. This means no solid food, just water and fresh juices. You’re probably afraid of the word ‘fasting’,
but let me tell you, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. When you fall sick, your taste buds change. It’s not like you have to stop yourself. You don’t feel like eating. Nature takes away your hunger. It’s her
way of saying, “Hey, I’m doing some deep cleaning within you. Do not interrupt it by giving me food to digest”. Even animals fast when they’re sick. They’re more instinctive than we are. When my dog falls sick, no matter how much food I give him, he won’t eat it till he’s fine again. Let’s understand how fasting works. Think of your body as a portable mobile charger. If you plug in 3 phones at a time, none of
them will charge efficiently. If you plug in just one phone, it’ll charge quickly. Why? Because the charger has a limited source of
power to distribute. Every morning when you wake up, you get a limited
source of energy, what we call ‘praanshakti’ in hindi. Every activity you perform – talking, walking,
thinking, consumes a little of this energy. By the evening, you feel tired because all
of this energy has been consumed and when you sleep you recharge yourself. When you eat something, your body’s energy
gets diverted into digesting it. leaving very little for other tasks. That’s why you feel sleepy after eating
a heavy meal full of grains. Now your body can either heal or digest. If your body is digesting all the time, it cannot heal. When you fast, you’re stopping energy from
going into digestion & diverting it into healing. In the healing state, it cleans your liver,
your kidneys, your colon, purifies your blood, helps you lose weight, flushes out the toxins
and even reconstructs old scar tissue. Stop searching for the doctor outside when
the best, most learned, most effective doctor is sitting right within you – your natural
healing force – your praanshakti. When this prankshakti can heal a broken bone,
can it not heal a simple cough or a cold? All religions, ancestors, scriptures tell
us to fast for health. The best is to do absolute fasting –
nothing at all – just water If you can’t do that, then fast on coconut water & ash gourd juice. This is what we call ash gourd. Simply cut it, peel off the skin, take out
the seeds and juice it. You can take coconut water or ash gourd juice
3-4 times a day. Or, you can take the juice of any fresh vegetable. By the third day or fourth day, only when you feel better take light fruits like watermelon or papaya. And gradually, as you get completely fine, resume with your normal diet routine. Eat natural foods straight from nature, the way you find them in Nature. Step Number 2 – Enema. People are always asking what do I take for
this, what do I take for that. The answer isn’t what I take, it’s what
I get rid of! When you’re sick, you need to clean yourself
& your intestines. One of the best ways to do it is through an enema! I am not kidding. If you think you’re not clogged up on the
inside because you go to the toilet everyday does not mean you’re not clogged up. Let’s say you’re 30 years old. Have you ever seen the plumbing pipes of a
30 year old house? Sure, water & sewage is running through them but after 30 years there’s so much waste accumulated in that pipe that it’s difficult for anything to get through. And everyday, more and more of this waste
is getting stuck inside you. When you eat unnatural food it sticks to your intestines like nothing else. You need something that outright dissolves
this hard crusty stuff. Just like the black hard stuff that sticks
to the bottom of your pots and pans. How do you get rid of it? You soak it in water. Water is a universal solvent and dissolves
almost anything given enough time. So how do you get water in your intestines? Through an enema. If you have a headache, sinus congestion,
or any other sickness, nothing will help get rid of it faster than this and fasting. Get one that looks something like this. Some chemists carry these things but its easier
to find it online – its cheap. Wash it out a couple of times and then pour
about 300-500 ml of water in your enema pot. The best place to do this is obviously a bathroom. Lubricate the tip with something natural like
coconut or olive oil. Place it on something like a shelf – it needs
to be higher than your butt. There are many ways to do it. Kneel down on the floor. Stick the pipe in your rectum about 2 inches. One hand holding the pipe so it doesn’t fall out. Let the water empty inside your intestines. Then, pull out the pipe, leave the enema in the sink and hold the water inside for about 10 minutes. Walk while massaging your stomach clockwise,
and then anticlockwise. The encrusted filth will start leaving its place. When you feel the pressure go the bathroom, you will be amazed how full of waste your
intestines were. You’ll feel so good and so clean. Your energy levels will be through the roof
and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago. This is safe & completely natural. What’s unnatural is that we go from our
home to our car to our office with all that waste sticking, blocking inside our system. When I first heard about enema, I was absolutely
not willing to do it. But just once after doing it, you get used to it. We never say, “Yuck, I don’t wanna
brush my teeth because they’re dirty”. Then why feel the same way about your internal body When you are sick, there is unequal distribution of heat in your body, when some parts are blocked
with stagnant blood & others are poorly supplied with blood. One of the best ways to correct this is
through a cold wet pack. Take a white cotton cloth Fold it into a long strip about 10 inches wide. Dip it in cold water – as cold as you can easily
bear and squeeze it out. Wrap it around the stomach and tuck it in
so it doesn’t fall off. Your navel should lie between the strip of cloth. Take another cotton strip, much smaller this
time, dip it in cold water and wrap around your forehead. Take another small cotton strip, dip it in water & wrap around your neck. If you want, wear your clothes over it and
continue your work. You don’t need to sit in one place. Keep it on for about 40 minutes. You can apply it anytime, even before or
after a meal. Just don’t eat or drink anything while it is on. Parts where the wet pack is applied, the body
becomes cold. While the rest of your body remains warm. When two temperatures are
maintained at the same time, stagnant blood starts circulating and automatically, the
toxins are also circulated, and ultimately removed from your body through enema. Wet pack is amazingly effective in digesting
your food. No matter what illness you have, apply the
wet pack on all 3 regions – the stomach, neck and head, because it’s all connected. This is how our ancestors and people from
the past used to heal. This simple method is more powerful than you
can think. Bathing with water is just one type of bathing. The normal bath just cleans our external body. Sunbathing cleans our internal body. Have you noticed that when something in our
kitchen gets worms, our moms spread it out in the sun? Why? Because sunlight has properties that kills unwanted viruses, germs, most forms of mold, fungus and yeast in our body. Sunlight is one of Nature’s most heavenly
healing gifts. People who do not take enough sunlight start
having all kinds health problems. Their bones go soft, depression sets in, their skin gets all wrinkly. In order to recover from illness fast, you
must sunbathe. Afternoon sun is often too harsh to sunbathe in. If possible, find a private spot and be absolutely
naked. Otherwise, wear thin white cotton clothes,
as few as possible so that the sunlight directly hits your skin How long? About 30 minutes. First, expose your front body and then your
back. Do not use any cream or sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of the most toxic things
you can apply on your body. No matter how tall the mountain, it cannot
block out the sun because God has designed the human body for exposure to the sun. The only way the disease-causing waste can
ever leave our bodies is to first be combined with oxygen. Without enough oxygen the body simply can’t
take the inner garbage out. When you expel air out, you expel a lot of
waste & toxins in your blood. There is nothing better to heal a cold, a cough, blocked nose, blocked ears, than pranayama. It’s an easy 15-minute breathing excercise. When should you do it? In the morning or the evening, always on an empty stomach. And always outdoors. In a park, balcony, terrace, wherever you
find the best possible air. It’s even better if you’re surrounded by plants. This should be the mudra of your hand Do pranayama at least twice a day when you’re
sick and once everyday when you’re normal. So, with these are 5 simple steps,
you can cure any acute illness. Let’s recap. Make sure you get enough rest without any TV, phones or distractions. It’s easier than you think, I promise. Hundreds of people I know are giving up medicine
and coming back to Nature for their health. Remember, anything the big pharma does,
Nature can do better. If you found this video useful, please give
it a thumbs up, subscribe to this channel, and share it with anyone who might benefit. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below Goodbye for now, I’ll see you in the next one.

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