In this video we’re going to talk about
Fillers such as Restylane, Belatero, Juvederm, Radiesse and Voluma, and how they can help
you look more refreshed and more beautiful -We’ll introduce My Award Winning Theory
on Beauty that helps us get the best results -We’ll then show you how This Theory helps
us achieve the most beautiful results in the most common areas fillers are used
-We’ll then show you some before and afters to give you some idea of what results you
can expect -First I would like to talk about My Award
Winning Theory on Facial Beauty. Knowing what makes a face beautiful plays
a vital part in getting the best results. My theory received the Sir Harold Delf Gillies
Award from the American Academy of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery
It has been published in 3 peer reviewed journal articles, Featured in Plastic Surgery Textbooks
and Magazines And I have lectured about it around the United
States and in other Countries -I would like to first talk about the lips.
My first paper hypothesized that the ideal height of the lower lip should be 1 iris width
and the upper lip ½ iris width -The iris width is the colored part of the
eye -My third paper found more support for this
as these 4 studies supported these 2 measurements in a statistically significant manner.
-Here are some before and after Lip Augmentation Photos
-These were achieved with either Restylane or Juvederm -Next we move on to the Nasolabial Folds.
To get the most natural results, you have to reverse the changes that took place over
time as you aged. -I hypothesized in my original paper that
the Iris and Nasal Tip Organize the face into Obliques
-The same oblique is parallel with the cheek shadowing
-We use this knowledge and more to achieve the most natural results
-Here are some before and after filler injections to improve the nasolabial folds -In the Lower Eyelids, the same obliques that
I just described also help us in these areas as well especially when we transition our
fillers from the lower eyelids to the cheek areas. This transition is important for a
natural look -Here are some before and afters of Filler
Treatment Injections to help improve dark circles, hollows and bags in the Lower Eyelid
Area -Much of my earlier experiences were during
my training in Beverly Hills, I thought that if the people with the most money and access
were still having unnatural results, there must be something that we could improve. The
surprised look and large lips seem to garner the most attention. After some initial research,
I felt that what we really needed was to improve our understanding of beauty. -As I mentioned earlier, we hypothesized the
ideal for the lips and thus how to avoid the excessively large & unnatural looking lip.
Now we’ll talk about the upper eyelids and brows and how to avoid the surprised look
-In my first facial beauty journal paper, I described the ideal distance from the eyelid
margin to the eyebrow as being one colored part of the eye
-Here is that idea illustrated and described in this image
-We showed in our 3rd paper further support that this ideal distance is one iris width
in these 2 studies that each were found to be statistically significant
-So instead of browlifting sometimes filling is the answer for the most natural results,
especially if your eyebrows are already one iris width above your eyelashes
-Here are some before and afters showing how you can look refreshed and more beautiful
with fillers in the upper eyelid area -Thanks for Watching We would love to have you subscribe to our YouTube Channe l. We’re the Beauty Docs. We’re going to be coming up with insightful videos showing you a Glimpse into Our Lives in Plastic Surgery Specifically, We’re going to show you the human side of what we do Through that we hope to enrich your life as these experiences have enriched ours Click the following annotations, to subscribe and be the first to see these unique videos on our YouTube Channel. To learn about our theory on beauty that helps us get you the best results -To see a video where our patient Helen Farid
talks about her experience with Cheek Fillers and Botox
-Or to hear Dr. Young in an intimate setting talk about our Approach to Patient Care Again, Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!


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