32 thoughts on “5 Minute Full Body Daily Stretch (In Bed) Without Equipment”

  1. Lol. I just love you guys! I'm a nurse from Southern Manitoba, Canada and I am creating a stellar exercise program for the residents at the Personal Care Home I work at.

    I add something new to the routines every time I tune in to your guys' show! 💖

  2. Do you guys have any information on a PTFL ankle sprain. Ive been dealing with this for 6 months now and i cannot find information online because its the least common type of ankle sprain and my physio therapist doesnt seem to be helping. Thank you.

  3. I hope the stretches wouldn't cause a leg cramp! Ouch! I used to stretch in bed and made the mistake of pointing my toes and would have bad foot cramp! This is off-topic I know, but have you guys ever experienced the kind of hideous cramp that goes from the groin to the knee…inside or on top of the thigh? t is THE most excruciating pain of my life! You have zero control and it's very, very hard to even try and get out of bed to stand and put your weight on it. All you can do is grab your leg and try to massage it. You can't breathe and all you can do is make guttural sounds. It is THE most horrible pain imaginable. You can actually see the muscle rippling on the top of your thigh. It usually doesn't last very long but feels like a lifetime! After a long day of walking in NYC, I got one after getting back to the hotel and lying down to rest. I started feeling one come on and literally had to cover my face with a pillow to scream, otherwise, the staff would have thought someone was being murdered!

  4. Would have not have thought of these stretch exercises in a million years and they help a lot when warming up to lift weights.

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