53 thoughts on “5 Simple Tricks for Hand Pain and Finger Pain”

  1. Very interesting, especially good for people who have, as Brad alluded to, early osteoarthritis in the finger joints. Would also be good for people who type a lot on keyboard at home or work and start getting aching or morning stiffness or even mild pain in any joints. Heat to cold is a good "pumping" and "purging" action of lymph and blood, and good to flush it out and reduce inflammation and swelling and pain. GOOD video! 🙂 Wondering why Bob's wife never asked, "Why, Bob, why?" about his finger. Hmmm.

  2. Perfect timing! I injured my hand and I forgot some hand therapy movements…TY! Just doing these things already and the hot-cold is great!

  3. I have limited scleroderma and hand osteoarthritis. I appreciate those exercises. My hands hurt most of the time so will be using those techniques. Maybe not the cold water because of Raynauds.

  4. I had a flareup of trigger finger about six months ago from trying to do a pull up… I watch your video some months back and I have been doing the exercises and it finally is resolving… Doesn’t lock up that much, but still a little bit swollen and painful…

  5. Thank you! I have so much arthritis pain in my left thumb sometimes I wonder if I broke it and can't remember doing it. I tried the manipulation exercises and it does feel better. I'm going to do the hot and cold water thing tomorrow.

  6. How do you know what I need? I feel better after doing those exercises once! Thank you. Humanitarians. And lovely people.

  7. Was looking forward to hearing what would help my thumb but you guys didn't get to that. I can hardly open things with the arthritis in my thumb. Would love to see something on that.

  8. The base of my thumb popped while I did the reach to the base of the pinky..is that arthritis? I sleep with a brace and have had therapy for a "sprain" said the VA.

  9. This is great for knitting and crochet, my hands, arms and shoulders need a good stretch when I’ve been working on a project for awhile

  10. You two are my new best friends!! My body is slowly becoming pain free! Your what I watch when I wake up and when I go to sleep! Thanks guys!!! 😉

  11. Having had carpal tunnel surgery I was hopeful that the pain would subside. Unfortunately, I get the occasional “Lobster claw”. Thank you for all you share.

  12. My husband also has Dupuytren’s Contracture . He had the injection to break up the scar tissue (which didn't work) and surgery a year later. He's now one year post surgery and the results are better. But it's a discouraging, now affecting his other hand. An affliction that can be hard to treat.

  13. My hand is still stiff in the morning from surgery over a year ago.This was a great reminder of what I can be doing to help myself. Thanks for ALL your videos – you’re the best! Went to Amazon to find the infrared pad – do you have one you recommend? Thanks in advance for your response.

  14. I’m glad to see this. My fingers have been really sore after a LOT of typing.
    Is there anything that can be done for swan-neck deformities? I’ve got that in 5 digits, very pronounced in 3.

  15. I know you are both very busy. Would love to know what infrared pad you recommend. I went to Amazon – choices are overwhelming. You mention it in this video and show how it can be wrapped around the hand. I have one of those wax immersion gadgets, but the infrared pad looks like it will penetrate deeper.

  16. I'm curious if you have anything for trigger finger? I've been doing some of these, with no improvement. I had a cortisone injection recently and I'm still clicking and sticking

  17. I wish that somebody would produce a video fat ways to help hand and finger hand wrist swelling due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  18. Thanks so much you guys. Your videos have helped me a lot. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate it 🙂 Have a great week! All the best!

  19. I have hyperextended my thumb, first 2 fingers, and wrist backward by being hooked to a heavy weight 5 weeks ago.
    I ignored it because the bones are fine and there was no discoloration. But it's been feeling worse making my cleaning and other tasks a challenge. Numbness, a blanching in areas, slight edema, restricted range, and certainly pain are a constant.

    Thank you. I'll soak in warm water and try to figure out the movements to do. Is twice a day ok?

  20. Hi Guys:)
    I have stiffness in My fingers and my hands are puffy due to Arthritis I started playing a string instrument and feel pain and stiffness
    Is there a exercise you know that I can do. I really love music 🎶

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