Lutch Green 5 Unbelievable People With Extra Body Parts Indian Boy Born With Three Penises Surgeons have successfully operated on a young
boy born with three penises. The two-year-old Indian boy, who has not been named, was born
with a rare condition called diphallia. The condition causes males to be born with
two penises. However, doctors identified that the boy had a third undeveloped
penis and was also born without an anus. Dr Paras Kothari, head of paediatric surgery at Sion
Hospital, where the boy underwent surgery, said: “The boy suffers from diphallia. At birth, he had three penises,
but he was able to pass urine through only one of them.” Although he could only use one of the penises to urinate,
two of them had erectile tissue – three masses of expandable, sponge-like tissue involved in penile erection
– while the third was undeveloped and non-functional. However, the anus was absent. Two years ago, after his
birth, the doctors in Uttar Pradesh had created an incision on the lower left side of his stomach, in a procedure
called Colostomy, to let the excreta pass through a tube. Another Example is that of a Baby Born with 2 Penises, 2 Sets of Scrotum, 2 Anuses Blanche Dumas It is believed that Blanche Dumas was born on the island of Martinique in 1860 to a French father and a colored mother. At the age of 25 Blanche was visited and documented by
Bechlinger of Para, Brazil and consequently added to the pages of Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine according to which
Blanche had a ‘modified duplication of the lower body’. Blanche Dumas had a third leg attached to her sacrum,
and her two primary legs were said to be imperfectly developed. The third leg was without a mobile joint
but had a bend in it where the knee would have been. To the right of her middle leg was the stump of another limb; it’s unknown
at this time whether this stump was naturally occurring or the site of a surgical amputation, but promoters sought to maximize its appeal by adorning
it with nipples and advertising it a pair of “well-formed” extra breasts. Furthermore Blanche also had two vaginas and two
well-developed vulvas and, allegedly, both had equally developed sensitivity. She had two fully
functioning bladders and two uteruses as well. Already known on the island for
entertaining multiple lovers simultaneous, she eventually moved to Paris and
became a high-class courtesan. Probably the most enduring part of
Blanche’s legacy is her rumored affair with the three-legged man with two
penises named Juan Baptista dos Santos. Blanche reportedly expressed a sincere desire
to have sex with him upon learning of his existence, and both were in Paris at the same
time. Rumors say they had a torrid affair. Human Baby born with tail A devastated mum in China is begging doctors to help her
seven-month-old son – who has a three-inch tail sticking out of his back. Little Xiao Wei was born with spina
bifida, which means his vertebrae didn’t form properly. The result is a growth that protrudes out of the back of
his spine and is still growing. Xiao’s mum Chen, from Guangdong province, revealed: “We have asked the surgeons
to remove the tail but they tell us it is not that simple.” Surgeon Huang Chuanping explained: “The growth is quite
well developed and now measures some 10 centimetres. “If we cut it off it will simply grow again. We need to
repair the spinal canal first to stop it reoccurring.” Xiao’s particular variation of the condition is known
as myelomeningocele spin bifida, where membranes at the end of the spinal cord have pushed out to create the
sac that has extended itself off of the baby’s back. Extra Nipple A young woman has made medical history after
being discovered with a third nipple on her foot. Startled researchers believe the
22-year-old’s case is the first of its kind. A 22-year-old woman sought medical care for a lesion in the plantar region
of her left foot. When researchers examined her foot, they were surprised to find a “well formed’ nipple, surrounded by aerola and hair. Further exams
revealed sebaceous glands and fat tissue at the bottom of the lesion. A supernumerary nipple is an additional nipple
occurring in mammals, including humans. Often mistaken for moles. Between one to five per cent of the
population are believed to suffer from the condition Although most of the time extra nipples are found
along the milk lines, which run from the genitals to the armpits, they have been discovered on the
back, thigh or even the face – but never the feet. The 22 year-old mother of was noted to be otherwise completely
healthy. The woman said she’d had the extra nipple on her foot since birth. No one in her family had a similar
condition. And it now measures four centimetres in diameter. Third nipples have been mentioned throughout history and were
once known as ‘witch’s nipples’. Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII’s wives, was rumoured to have not only a third nipple
but also a third breast – causing some to brand her a witch. Hannah Kersey A woman in England is considered a true medical
miracle, giving birth to triplets from two separate wombs — a rare condition known
to affect one in 1 million women worldwide. In December 2006, Hannah Kersey, of Northam, Devon in England,
delivered identical twins Ruby and Tilly, who were born from one womb, and Grace, who was born from the other. Kersey was born with uterus
didelphys, which is when a woman has two wombs instead of one. The babies, three girls, were conceived from two different eggs, one
in each womb, that were fertilized simultaneously by two different sperm. One of the eggs eventually divided — leading to identical twins
Ruby and Tilly — while the other remained single, resulting in Gracie. Although there have been other cases of two
babies being born to women with uterus didelphys — one in each womb — this is the first
reported case of twins and a single baby.

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  1. I don't understand… The nipples on the women's breasts are censored but the ones on the people's bodies aren't. What's the difference?

  2. My mom & my sister both have a third nipple, but mom is in heaven with daddy. I'm going to show this to my sister, lol.

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  4. i have a neighbors have a triplets baby here in the Philippines.. but the government not support them…

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