– Do you spend a lot of time sitting down? Particularly if you work in an office, you’re gonna spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about what we can do to help
prevent lower back pain. So, what happens when
we sit down in a chair, is that our hips are in a flexed position. Now when our hips are
in a flexed position, this causes some tightness
through the muscles that flex the hips, known as the hip flexors. It also causes some
lengthening and some potential weakness in the muscles
that extend the hips. Now these are primarily
your glutes, your glute max, and a little bit of the hamstrings. So, we have an imbalance between the front and back of the hips, and that can pull our
pelvis out of alignment. Now when our pelvis gets
pulled out of alignment, it gets what’s called an anterior tilt. So it tilts forwards. That can also cause
lengthening and stretching through the abdominal muscles
and weakening through there. And at the same time, tightening
up of the low back muscles. So, we get again, that
imbalance from front to back And what we can do is some
really simple exercises just in our office chair that will help to strengthen up the weaker muscles and help to stretch the tighter muscles. So let me just show you a couple of things that you can do while you’re in the office that will really help out. The first thing is just getting up from your chair and walking. Walking around is going to change your body position and
it’s gonna get your hips out of that flexed position. So any time that you have an opportunity to get up and walk around is a good thing. The next thing that I’m gonna
show you how to do is a squat. Now a squat is just basically
sitting down and standing up. If you have a chair, you’re
already sitting down, all you need to do is stand up. If you want to make it a bit
of a repetitive exercise, you just keep your feet a
little bit wider than your hips, you’re gonna push your bottom back as if you’re about to sit on the chair, but then stop right when
you touch the chair. Keep your abs nice and tight and then come back up
to a standing position. And you can do a few repetitions here, and that’s gonna help
strengthen up the glutes and the hamstrings, and it’s
also gonna use the quads. A little bit of the front
of your legs as well. Now another thing that we can do sitting in our chair is
called a pelvic tilt. And we’re gonna tilt the pelvis backwards and forwards to help get it into a more neutral position. So, as I said, when we get
tight through the hip flexors, it pulls our pelvis forward
and our back arches. So what we wanna do is actually
tip that pelvis backwards. And when we tip the pelvis backwards we tighten the abs and that’s gonna help to strengthen the abs and pull our pelvis into a better alignment. So if we’re just doing
that while we’re sitting in our office chair, we’re
just rotating our torso back and forward, and
pulling that pelvis in. We’re also gonna do
something to strengthen the hip extensors by extending our hips. So what we’re gonna do is come
around behind our chair here and just holding onto your
chair, all you’re gonna do is lift one leg up behind. Now we wanna make sure
that our toes are pointing to the floor, we don’t
wanna rotate our hip out. So facing forward, keeping
your hands on the chair, we’re just gonna lift
that leg up and down. And by doing that we’re actually extending the hip, and we’re contracting those muscles on the back side and helping to strengthen those back up. Now there’s two final
things that we’re gonna do, and these are actually not
exercises, these are stretches. And this is gonna help us to stretch the muscles that are tight. So the first one that we are gonna do is for your hip flexors. What you’re gonna need to do for this is kneel down on the floor. One foot in front, on the
knee, on the back knee, as if you’re proposing. Okay? So in this position we
are going to stretch the hip flexor of the back hip, and all we’re doing here is, in this lunging position, leaning forward. Keep the torso upright until
you feel a stretch here. And when we’re stretching, it should feel a little bit tight, but
it shouldn’t be painful. We don’t wanna feel any pain. Okay? And then the last stretch
that we’re gonna do is for those tight low back muscles. So this is a very simple one. Sitting in your chair, all you need to do is just simply bend forward,
reach your hands down, and relax down into the stretch. So those are some really simple exercises that you can do from your office chair and that’s gonna actually
help to stretch your muscles that are a bit too tight,
and strengthen your muscles that are a bit too weak.

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