– Hey everyone it’s Dr. Chelsea
here with Sozo Chiropractic and today I wanna talk to
you guys about something that is plaguing our nation and that is forward head posture. So, why do we have forward head posture? Well, it probably comes from us constantly looking down at our phones,
looking down at our work, sitting slouched in our cars,
in school, at work and beyond. And what happens is as
we’re sitting there slouched and we’re looking forward we’re
putting our putting our head further and further
forward to where we get this poor position as we
go throughout our lives. Well, when our head comes
further and further forward that makes our neck and
specifically our spine and the muscles of our neck have to work that much harder to keep our
head from falling forward. I have a simple
demonstration for you guys. So I’ll pretend this
yellow ball is my head. So when you can see that
it’s right over my shoulders I don’t have to work that
hard to keep my head up. But the further and further forward I go the harder my neck, and
ultimately my arms here, have to work to keep that
ball from dropping forward. So, that can lead to neck pain which is what a common
symptom a lot of people have when they come into our office. But what we do is we restore motion and position in the
spine and ultimately help that body start to
correct that poor posture and allow your neck to have that relief and less stress on it. So, if you guys like this video please like, comment below,
and share it with your friends so that they know that there is a solution and they don’t have to
constantly be in pain and have that forward head posture. I hope you guys have a
great day and see you soon. (light upbeat music)

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