Hi folks, I’m Bob Shrupp, physical
therapist. Brad Heineck,physical therapist. Together, we are the most famous physical
therapist on the internet. In our opinion of course Bob.. Seven Brad. That number we
really love. Seven, 60 second pain relief exercises for a stiff neck Nobody has
time anymore to do anything, do they? Right. So it’s like a quick, quick, quick,
da-da-da. but you know something Bob, seven, you
know why we picked the number seven? I’m just waiting to hear. The number seven is
complete. Is it really? That’s complete. There’s seven days in a week there’s
seven candles on the candelabra. There’s seven as they come. Where does he come up
with this stuff? I learned that from a 90 year old gentleman and he was very
knowledgeable, and believe me, if he said it, it’s true. All right, well ,we have
seven people here waiting right now that are new to our Channel please take a
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liked, and now we’re. There might be seven people who did like me though Bob. That’d
be a lot If I sat down with a piece of paper. Including your dog. Let’s get on with the exercises. These are the exercises
we’re going to do for cervica,l or start with the upper neck, right? Right. Okay,
you’ve got neck stiffness, I’m talking about stiffness. We’re not talking about
pain or symptoms that run down the arm. You might have pain and stiffness up in
the neck. Neck or up in shoulder. Yeah, if you’ve got stuff going down in your arm
that’s, that, we’re not going to treat that here. That’s more of a McKenzie thing You
may want to watch one of our McKenzie videos. Right. McKenzie. Yup, for arm pain we’ve got lots of videos.
They know how to find us Bob. Yeah okay, so we’re talking about the neck here, and
should we get closer? Yeah, we should get closer.
I had, I had my little red pointer but I lost it. So here we ,we got a little
rubber – Yeah, what is all that about? Well, that’s another video Bob. Here you go.
Here’s your pointer. Oh, all right. so man I am just all thumbs today. So we’re
talking about the neck. Now, if you look at the neck we got seven cervical
vertebrae and the top two are responsible for 50% of our head movement,
right to left.Yeah. So there’s a lot going on up here ,and that, as therapists
that helps us decide how we’re going to treat,so we’re gonna give you a quick
overview of that. Yeah, so generally, if I see someone comes in, and they have a neck
that’s not turning very well, I look at the C1 C2. Right. By the way, you kinda missed
something Brad here. There’s seven cervical spine. Didn’t I say that? Yeah
but that goes along with our number seven. Precisely. What a segue huh? so anyways if you
have if you’re finding that you’re turning like this, chances are you’ve got
some tight muscles up it here. In the upper upper cervical spine. Right.
But if you can turn your head like 45 degrees each direction and then
you’re turning your body, you’re probably loose up in here but you had a lot of
tight muscles in the lower cervical or the lower neck. He’s tight to
the left. Yeah, we’re gonna work on him. Let’s go after him.
Maybe we better save his his treatment for later Bob. All right .we’ll let,we’ll
let Gumby take care of him for now. He looks hungry. All right what’s the first one
Brad? Okay, first one. That’s not my favorite chair. First thing we want to do
just, maybe the muscles are tight back there, for whatever reason. We’ve
done this before, but you’re gonna go up just below the ox but that’s the bone
right here ,go down and when you start to feel some muscle there you’re gonna work
that and we’re gonna splay it out, like this. He’s pulling his fingers apart. Right. Pulling his
fingers apart, and well ,you know, if you sit a lot, and you’re on the computer a
lot, and your heads forward like this these muscles tighten up. Yup. And so it
works out really good to go ahead and do that splaying massage and also little
circles. Yeah, there we go, and you’re gonna get in
there and you’ll know, I mean you might feel one side is more tender than the
other you’ll feel a knot in there. You’re gonna, you’re gonna spend more time on
that side. It’s hard to believe somebody would not like this, I mean it always feels good
even when you don’t have anything going on. Right.It feels good right now. It’s better to have somebody
else do it for you. Sixty seconds is up Bob. We gotta go to number two..
Okay. Our famous chin tucks. In like this.
Looking at it from the back we’re going in and we’re stretching. We’re not going down.
We’re not going up. we’re going straight back yeah like I was gonna do that to Bob’s
face, okay. But you can see it pulls and gently stretches those
same muscles we just massaged okay? This is a great one to do throughout the day,
because one, not only does it, it’s good to get the neck moving ,but two, it
realigns you, where you’re supposed to be. Ears are supposed to be over the
shoulders. All right. And so, when you’re if you’re finding yourself like this, and
the ears are lined up with my thighs. Right. You need to readjust and get it
back into position. All about posture. The next one is, this one is, if this feels
good you make a fist, okay? You know we’ve might turn fist up like this. Yep,
so the thumb would go down, but you gotta get the thumb back in there. Yeah. Okay, put it
in here, right above your sternum, and underneath your chin and then just
gently grab here, and we’re gonna use that for a little fulcrum and we’re
gonna I wonder if they can hear you Brad. So he’s using it as a fulcrum, the idea here
by the way, you can, you can overdo this so be very gentle with this because you
can get a lot of stress on the upper neck with this but this can help loosen
up and almost gives a little bit of traction, doesn’t it? Yup a little bit. You’re only going to do this, if it feels good. If it doesn’t feel good, you don’t do it.
good you don’t do it right yeah okay the O.K. Next one is rotations. We’re going to
work on rotation, particularly, if there’s one direction and you can see that this
one goes about to here and this one is normal, taking a nice towel roll like
this or if you happen to have the Yoga strap, yoga strap that works really nice
as well. Any products we talk about or recommend, they’re always in our
description below in the Amazon products Yep. So. Yep, there we go, and this is a one
where I like to do the crisscross. So yeah, what he did is, okay I got my right
hand and left hand I’m actually gonna switch them and now I got the right hand
on the left strap on the and left hand on the right strap and I’m pulling down on
this one. Right. That’s just kind of an anchor is what I tell people. And then I go
across like this. Actually on this one Brad, I actually like to the strap better,
because this strap really can get on different levels. Sure. This is, cause if you
look it’s getting the whole neck which is fine. Yup. I definitely would try
this. Yup, but if you want to get a little more advanced, now I can go a
little bit lower even, and do it again. But notice, he’s always going across the jaw bone. Not
across the neck like this. That will cut off breathing and we like to breathe,, so.
Air is good. Okay, so you can work both directions. Now, if you’re in
that situation where you can turn here and then it get ‘s stiff, it’s more than
likely the lower neck. We’re gonna start out with again some soft tissue work. You
can get it back with your hands. It’s kind of hard to reach back there unless
you’ve got excessively long forearms and fingers. If you have a hook cane like
this or you grab a theracane or we got the Back knobber here. The back knobber, yep.
And we’re going to get back to those muscles and you’re just gonna work them.
You’ll find that you’ll get on a trigger point and a lot of times I just like to
hold pressure there for up to 30 seconds and typically it’s gonna feel like it
hurts so good and then it actually feels better and when they say it releases
after about 30 seconds and when you’re done it feels like oh boy, that helped.
then you know you’re doing the right thing. I like to do it a little bit
differently. I like to get on the spot and I like to do movement with the neck
while you’re doing it, and I find out which one helps. So let’s say I put it on the
spot let’s say you have a knot there. I might try chin tucks. I might try
rotations. Yup. And I might do side bending. Right.
I’m gonna see which one seems to take the pain away. Right. If there’s one I’m
gonna keep doing it. So usually, I try side bending toward the pain first. Okay.
So, I’ll go like this and I’ll go I’ll keep doing it it’s like oh that is
starting to feel better then I know I’m on to something ,so. Yeah. I’d like to do
the combination of both. Right ,so there’s a couple options and you do what works
best for you so yeah. We’re trying to give you tools. Yeah. Okay Bob you
probably’ want to try this, because once again we’re gonna work with chin
tucks because that also works the lower neck as well as the upper and after
you do five or ten of those, then we’re gonna do extensions and this is really
nice to have a kind of warming up. And then you know you could start off like
Brad likes to do, like down like this. Yep. My neck just cracked a little. There you go, and I
tell you if this is one of those things like you can go back a little further
and it feels better when you have the support here, then you’re gonna continue
to work it. If for some reason it hurts or gives you pain down your arm, you stop
all these and then it’s a different treatment. Again, why I like the strap for
this one now, is now I can work my way up. Sure. And again or work my way
down. And I work,and I like it, when I do it that way then I like to have it my
thumbs right here and my eyes are following the thumb. Yep. I’m not going
like this. I’m going like this. This is a different way of doing, it as opposed to
doing like this. Yep. You do. Follow the thumbs or the little bunny ears. I don’t
know. Whatever you want to make it. So, the next one very similar to the previous
upper neck work, again, we’re doing the rotatation. We’re doing the rotation.
Sometimes, I may pull over down here. It seems to emphasize lower on the neck and
that’s up to the individual. I hope I can, My mic is working here. So, I’m not
gonna spend a lot of time with that because we have just done that. Yeah., we already did it, yeah. And
the last one this is a kind of a fun one because when this one works it works
really well and it’s not that hard.I think you should show them on the spine-first Brad. Let’s do that. Got your
little pen? Yeah, yeah I guess the red one too. So there’s, these little bumps are
called spinous processes and. So you can feel them on
your neck, if you feel back there you’ll, that’s what you’re feeling is those
bumps. Right. There’s always a big one that’s, that’s C7 like right here. What you
do is, you’re gonna grab with that and you’re gonna actually pull and help the
spine move and get it moving and we’re actually doing this through your skin, so
it’s a little, you don’t get a good grip on it like you do on the spine but I’ve
had a lot of success with this in the clinic with people. And it’s an
experiment again, because you’ll grab onto the spine and then maybe have them
turn. Right. And if that goes ow, ow, that makes it worse, stop. Right. Then you might try
going up a little higher a little lower grab the spine above it and move it. Can
you see that Lonnie, where I’m I’m gonna rotate to the right and I’m pulling me
to the left right so I’m pulling this way and it’s pretty subtle, and this
should feel better like, oh man that feels good and I can rotate more. You’re
right on. If it hurts just forget about it. Just forget about it, yeah. Forget about it. Those are
some good hints Brad, and I think you did well.
Remember, Brad and I, we haven’t said this in a while. Yeah. Remember Brad and I can fix
just about anything. Except a broken heart. Okay. But we continue to work at
it. There it is. Thanks. you

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