32 thoughts on “7 Best Hip Mobility Exercises to Decrease Hip Pain & Improve Flexibility”

  1. Can these be done post bilateral THR (posterior approach)?
    By someone scheduled for bilateral TKR in 2018?
    I am an official groupie! I love you guys so much. I wasn’t prescribed PT after my THRs this year. You two and your videos were the foundation for the routine I created for myself.
    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Are all of these stretches safe if you have hip tendonitis? And possibly a hip bursitis?
    Thank you for all of the helpful videos! Love you guys.

  3. these will help me i have pelvis problems lumber problems xrays and mri over last few days iam only 40 and all this news has put me into a depression

  4. Oh man, oh man. Dx: right hip very, very tight. Guess my assignment is set for now. Thank you for this instructional/diagnostic session.

  5. You seriously need to make your videos shorter, get to the point n stop rambling because you're loosing viewers.. P. S I actually like you guys I just think u need to know that most people wont sit for more than 5 minutes. I skip through your videos to make them faster.

  6. Hello Bob and Brad! I've a disc herniation with sciatica (after jumping with a girl on my shoulders on the rock concert, as I think). Went to 5 different doctors (in Russia) but non of them could give me the right excersizes. I've seen all of your videos about this problem and doing all the excersizes you said but it getting worst every day… Could you please watch my MRI and tell me what to do right. I will thank you!

  7. Navigation – You should defently watch the whole Video tough to get your Snowmobilia (Synovia) flowing in those Joints!

    0:10 Welcome
    0:20 Introduction
    1:45 Biomechanic / Anatomy of the Hip and Range of Motion
    3:22 Extension lying (passiv Extension of the Hip)
    3:50 Alternativ Hip Ext.
    4:20 Alternation with Flex in the Other Hip standing / kneeling
    4:50 Rotation Hip (and Lumbarspine) Shoulders down, Great for the Morning 🙂
    6:12 Single Leg Flexstretch (other leg can be extended as well, Straps are great for Comfort like you see at 6:55)
    7:15 Knee to the Opposite Shoulder
    8:02 Alternative Outer Roation Stretch
    8:40 Supine Position Outer Rotation Stretch
    9:12 Advanced Iliotibialis-Band-Stretch
    10:04 Assessment OR, can be used to stretch s well 🙂
    10:56 Frogstyle stretch (both legs)
    11:27 Hip Adductor Stretch

  8. Could you guys make a "prehab" routine for athletes to follow? Preferably a quick 5-10 min routine that could be done close to daily to prevent injuries.

  9. Hey guys are awesome.. I was really excited about this but as you were talking about amd then showing the stretches i got sad because i wish i could:'/ im 29 and Disabled and am in Constant Chronic Insane pain. ? maybe you can cotact me about my Insane pain amd hopeful some sort of relief…

  10. thank you so much for sharing. My right hip gets very stiff due to a trip fall accident and I need to exercise for mobility otherwise the pain is really bad.

  11. You guys are fun to watch.been stuck home for a week so far from neck pain that has made my blood pressure high. So watching fun videos how to elevate pain helps my sanity.lol...thanks?

  12. Thanks Bob and Brad for your videos. I've had TRHR in 2017 and recently my left hip has become tight. Needless to say this is a great help.

  13. Can one leg be shorter for 3cm because od iliopsoas muscle? Its really tight, i cant even lay on My back because of the pain in front of the leg.Im fighting with this more then three years, had an accident and i had operation. Thanks.

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