Beauty is in the eye of whatever bizarre
treatment you’re willing to pay for. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Beauty vloggers beware ’cause we’re – creepin’ on your turf today.
– Uh oh. – Uh huh.
– You said it! Some people mayonnaise their hair.
Other people hemorrhoid cream under their eyes, but that ain’t nothing
compared to the bizarre beauty treatments that I’m going to highlight today in the
form of a game to test your knowledge. We’re gonna ask the question, Rhett.
Can you fill that bizarre beauty blank? – I bet I can!
– Now, I’m going to present a bizarre beauty treatment with a blank.
You have to fill it in. – If you don’t get four of these right–
– Oh, fill in the blank. Gotta get four? – You are going to be subjected to a
– (whistles) – weird beauty treatment, okay?
– Will it hurt? That I– It’s not gonna hurt.
It’s gonna hurt your feelings. Okay, it’ll just embarrass me.
I’ve been there before! And– So let’s get right to it.
The first one is: Ah. – Virgin?
– (laughs) That’s the first thing I think when you
say– – Is that your final answer?
– (crew laughing) – When you say vampire, I’m just–
– Mhm. – Vampires hunting down–
– Okay. – Oh, that’s not right.
– Kim Kardashian. I think it’s probably your blood.
It takes your blood. Like, takes your own blood and puts it
in your face. Where else you gonna get the blood
from? – Mmm.
– You don’t wanna get it from somebody – else.
– You’re right! – (ding sound)
– It is your own blood! They re-inject it into their face in the
form of platelet rich plasma. It’s said to rejuvenate your facial tissue
and make you make funny noises like – Kim Kardashian does in her reality show.
– (groaning) – (Link) (mocks groaning)
– (Rhett) This is what happens on – that show?
– (Link) (mocks groaning) – (Rhett) This is why I never watched it!
– (Kim) That hurts so bad, like, ouch. (doctor) One more line and then we’re done.
That’s it. – That’s it. You see how easy that was?
– I take it all back. – I gotta start watching that Kardashian show.
– (mocks groaning) – That’s the noise you have to make.
– Well, it’s working well for her. She’s a beautiful woman. Oh. Yes. Sign me up. – From who?
– Tata. – Okay.
– Will cost you around how many bucks? – That’s her name.
– Her name is Tata. – Okay. Will cost you around what?
– How much for a fifteen minute – face slapping?
– I gotta pull a number out of the air for just– What kind of beauty expert do you
think I am? – How much?
– For fifteen bucks? – Fifteen minutes.
– Fifteen minutes. This seems like something that takes a lot
of energy out of somebody. Tata epecially. I think she’d probably charge about a hundred bucks for this.
That’s what I would charge to slap you – around.
– That’s a little low, Rhett. – You’re gonna have to pay $350,
– (buzzer sound) and that’s just to get one side of your
face slapped by Tata. Let’s watch. – (over dramatic slapping sounds)
– Now, I may have added some sound effects. – Well they’re very convincing.
– (laughs) – They’re so convincing, Link.
– (laughs more) – Wow, that Tata packs quite a punch!
– There are also professional butt slappers. – Woah, can we see that?
– (crew laughs) – Don’t have footage.
– Okay. Next question: What does Cinderella have that was narrow
and short? – Hm. Hm! Hm!
– I think it was definitely something on – the face.
– That– You’re making sense so far. – (crew laughs)
– It’s either your nose or your mouth. But, like, which– I mean–
I don’t feel like your nose being shortened and narrowed is, like–
Yeah, duh! Everybody wants that! What happened in Cinderella to
her face? Uhh. She put a glass mask on it.
(laughs) – No? I think that–
– Narrowing and shortening of your what? I’m just gonna go with mouth.
It makes no sense to me. (laughs) Your toes man.
She put the glass slipper on her foot, and, you know.
In order to cute toe-besity and fit your – Oh.
– favorite pair of Christian Louboutin? – Shortening and narrowing of your toes.
– Louboutin? Christian Louboutins? – (Stevie) Sure.
– Come on, help me. – (Lizzie) Louboutin.
– Oh. Louie Voton? – (crew laughs)
– I thought that’s how you said it. – You were giving me lots of hints there.
– Women are undergoing toe liposuction – and bone shaving to shorten and narrow
– I don’t think I’m gonna do well. – the toes.
– Why you wanna do that? Cinderella. You should’ve known that. – Well it’s gotta be something wet.
– Controversial. Something wet ’cause it’s hydra.
So what part of a human is wet? – (laughs) Well, their pee is.
– You’re making this awkward. I mean, their pee is only wet thing that
I’m willing to make as an answer. – Okay, human pee give you baby smooth
– Yes, human urine. – skin.
– Yep! – That’s wrong.
– (buzzer sound) – It’s actually human foreskin.
– Oh goodness gracious! – (crew laughs)
– Yes. – Oh yeah. I should’ve know that.
– Foreskin facials– – (crew laughs)
– Websites list them as connective tissue growth factor.
Which, I guess sounds better than baby foreskin, that the hospital sells
in, like, a shady gray market? – There’s a lot of it going around.
– (crew laughs) Lot of foreskin going around these days
because of (inaudible). – Brazilian hair treatment that uses blank.
– I would think scissors. – (laughs) You know? Just cut ’em a little.
– That’s just not bizarre enough for this – show.
– It’s a really popular treatment. We just cut ’em with scissors.
Well it’s Brazilian. – What do they have in Brazil?
– They do blow-outs. Heat? Do you use some sort of fusion?
You’re, like, heating them up? – Hm.
– What? No? I– – You’re on the right track.
– Really? – Rocks. Hot rocks.
– Yeah. Oh. – Lava. Something hot.
-Fire. You’re wrong. – Fire! I said something hot!
– Nope, you said rocks! I gotta get all the rest of them right
to win! – You gotta give me that, man.
– You said rocks. I said hot stuff.
I mean, I automatically loose if you – don’t give it to me.
– Aw, fine. I’ll give you half of one. Check it out though.
They’re burning the split ends, and I guess they think that’s good
for the hair. I said heat and I said fusion
and that’s what’s happening. – Alright. I’ll give you that one.
– ‘Cause I gotta get all of them right to – win, man.
– (ding sound) – Alright, I’ll give you that one.
– Thank you. I’m sure there are rocks around
there too. Look at that guy’s haircut.
You could’ve done that, Link. – Could’ve done that haircut.
– It’s not too late! It’s not too late. Alright, here we go. Oh, yeah. I know all about this. What can you get from a Nightingale?
That’s a bird. – It is a bird.
– Birds have white poop. I do know that, and the one time I had
a bird poop on my face, I was like, “Mmm! I feel like that healed
a little bit!” – And brightened it?
– And brightened it, yeah. – Like a Geisha?
– Yeah. like a Geisha. – I’m gonna say Nightingale poop.
– (ding sound) – Ding, ding, ding!
– (claps) The Japanese name for this treatment is
literally called (inaudible) no fun. – Yeah.
– It has ‘no fun’ in the title. Yeah, it sounds like it wouldn’t be very
fun. Which gives you a hint,
but it technically means Nightingale – feces.
– Do you just go to, like, – a Nightingale farm and just look up?
– (crew laughs) – Yeah.
– Or do they gather it? Just wait.
Just be patient. – Just stand under the Nightingale tree.
– It’ll happen. – It’ll happen.
– At 3pm it really gets going. Alright, as with many of our games here,
when I’m generous with answers like rocks, – it comes down to the last one.
– I said heat and fusion and that’s – what happens with fire.
– Rhett? Do you want all the expressionless effects of Botox without
any of the needles? Yeah. – Blank venom.
– Venom. A $320 mask of this.
Blank venom. – Works like Botox.
– (high pitched) Well, how specific do I need to get
on this one because I’m gonna say– – Well.
– Well, it’s not obvious. – (crew laughs)
– (normal tone) I was gonna say snake but then I wanted to say bee,
but people like to do stuff with Cobra venom.
You turn your head and somebody’s – doing something with Cobra venom.
– But wouldn’t that be kinda obvious? It would be kind of obvious
’cause it seems like it would be like, “Oh? Really? They can use that?”
but, you know what? I feel like you’re trying to throw me
off. – Hmm.
– I’m gonna say Cobra. – What was your answer though?
– Bee? Why would you say that though?
Just for a second. – Why would I say bee?
– Yeah. Because it probably works like Botox.
You take a bee and you sting yourself – and it makes it look like Botox.
– (laughs) – Can I change my answer to that?
– It’s a more exciting answer. – No, I’ll say Cobra.
– Alright, the correct answer is bee venom! – (laughs)
– What can I do for the guy? – (crew laughs)
– Kate Middleton’s favorite treatment. – Dang.
– The toxins in bee venom work temporarily – You sure you don’t wanna give me a thing?
– imperializes face wrinkles, and I don’t know if you remember,
but I got one of these. ♪ (intense music) ♪ – Right, because you got a bee sting.
– That’s why my wrinkles are gone and I unveiled my forehead ’cause
there’s no wrinkles. – Look at how smooth it is!
– I got a couple (inaudible). – Look at that.
– Even when I do that there’s– – It’s because of the bee venom.
– I got two. Many bees were sacrificed in the
smoothness of Kate Middleton’s face. It was all worth it.
I’m ready to be beautified. You’re gonna get a bizarre treatment.
Thanks for liking, commenting, – learning with us, and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Kayleigh.
– And I’m Luke. – And this is Oliver the Octopus.
– (both) And we’re from Spokeham, Washington, and it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. Well you can’t say we’re not doing our
part to contribute to beauty products of the world.
We’ve got Rhett’s beard oil and – Link’s lip balm.
– Where is my lip balm? – Avaliable at!
– Ooh, – peculiarly perfect peanut butter
– It makes you real purty. – peppermint.
– Makes me feel good. Click through to Good Mythical More.
Rhett’s gonna experience a placenta – face mask! Eugh!
– Shout out to really long lines! – ♪ (soft horn music) ♪
– Hey long lines! – What’s up? You’re great.
– And then I’m in the back of you. Just sittin’ there. Chillin’.
Not getting a bad attitude. And then sometimes I’m, like,
looking down at my phone, and then I don’t realize that you’ve
moved quite a bit, and then the person behind me in you is
like, “Hey bruh! The line moved!” And I’m like, “Sorry bruh! But you didn’t
loose your position. It’s just got a gap in it.” [Captioned by Hayleigh:
GMM Caption Team]

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