Hi mark Kohler here CPA attorney Talking to you today about health care now Some of you may be thinking why am I talking to a tax guy a lawyer about health care? Well, it’s because in our law firm an accounting firm, we’re helping clients all over the country Try to save on health care when they’re doing their legal and tax planning This topic is not about how to negotiate with your doctor or how to save a few bucks at the pharmacy This is about saving on a variety of healthcare costs as a business owner getting the right type of plan Deducting your healthcare expenses and making a better decision So on your tax return you save some money and your business saves money on the dollars going out for health care Let’s break it down It said seven waves let’s start with number one save on the ACA taxes. That’s the Affordable Care Act Taxes, some people call it Obamacare taxes, even though we don’t get a penalty anymore If we don’t buy insurance We still have these two types of taxes that play into it the net investment tax in the increased Medicare tax one is built to Impact those that may be living on a more passive income or business income and those that have a big salary or day job The government is trying to raise money to help pay for Subsidizing these forty million Americans that now get health insurance now, that’s okay. I’m not trying to get political It’s a tax and if you make more than two hundred grands single or 250 grand married, you may be paying this tax So the first step in saving money is to identify if you’re subject to this tax S corp income is not subject to the tax Retirement income is not subject to the tax If you sell property in a real estate professional you don’t pay the tax You could use a charitable remainder trust to get around the tax You might do an installment sale when you sell property to keep your income lower so you don’t pay the tax Your accountant should be talking to you about ways to keep you Under the threshold so you don’t pay the tax or adjusting your salary appropriately if you’re a small business owner with your S corporation There’s ways around this and if you’re not talking about it, you’re not saving number two choosing the right type of health insurance Oh my gosh, this is a huge topic I’ve got a chapter on this in my book the tax and legal playbook second edition The game has changed and I’ve got all sorts of podcasts on this and other articles This is a big one. But let me give a few suggestions first. Consider. Are you healthy or unhealthy? Do you need a high deductible plan or a low deductible plan? could you do a health care sharing ministry where the Contributions or premiums are a lot less You may not get a tax write-off but you’re saving a lot more than paying huge premiums and then look at your network a lot of Health insurance plans are more expensive when you get a broader network or a network or a hospital that’s closer to you That’s why you’ve got to really dive into it. And I know it’s miserable It’s worse than shopping for a new car or going to buying a new cellphone And being at the store or the car dealership for hours, but you’ve got to spend a little time You know what’s best for you or your family? And the type of plan that could save you money before we even talked about making it tax deductible number three Deduct your health insurance premiums now if you work for the man and you have a day job or corporate job and your health insurance Is provided for you and you get to select the most coolest premium out there? That’s fine. But maybe many of you watching Don’t have that luxury And so you’ve got to choose the right plan and then you’re gonna be paying for it out of your business or out of pocket or a portion thereof That’s why I want you to have a small business on the side health insurance premiums are a hundred percent Deductible in an ordinary income business again, if you’re not getting it a write-off for this talk to your accountant What type of small business do you have on the side? And can we pay for your premiums out of that? Boom now, we’re talking write-off number four the small business health care tax credit now if you have employees and you’re gonna pay for some of their health insurance, and there’s some qualifications Do you have less than 25 employees? And is the average pay less than 50 thousand per year per employee There are some qualifications, but this is a dollar-for-dollar Tax credit you get on your tax return up to 50 percent of whatever you paid for for your employees to have health insurance So think about it if you paid $10,000 in premiums for your employees you get a $5,000 tax credit Against any other taxes you may owe that’s a big deal and it’s a perk you may need to offer to attract better employees So if you’re going down that path I again make sure your tax professional knows if you’re paying for this Insurance and if you can qualify for the tax credit, okay, we’re gonna go to the white board four five six and seven It’s the easiest way to explain this now. I’m talking about deducting your medical expenses Not your insurance premiums. I’m talking about co-pays deductibles dental eyes massages physical therapy acupuncture Over the prescription drug. So did I say that anyway, it’s a big list, right? So I want you to deduct all those expenses now assume you’re like well, I’ll just put it on my tax return No, some of you have already faced this right? It’s called the itemized deductions or schedule a it sucks It’s terrible ID 97% of Americans that try to deduct their medical expenses as an itemized deduction never get to do it It’s it’s terrible and under the increased standard deductions even more Americans are not Itemizing so I don’t want you to think about schedule a that’s not what I’m talking about. That’s terrible I’ve got three ways and this is five six and seven five Six and seven are three different strategies that I write a lot about and you can catch them on other YouTube videos my blog and get to my website and even my podcast for more deeper discussions about this the three the flexible spending account the health savings account and the HRA or health reimbursement arrangement now, I’ve literally shot three hour videos that That take into account. These three topics is my tax and legal library on my website, man It will save you thousands But I want to expose you to this Because you want to be thinking about these three strategies and if you’re taking advantage of one of them all My clients use one of these or all three you can you can use all three now The flexible spending account is the user to use it plan. That’s the one where at your company They’re gonna give you a couple thousand dollars or thirty five hundred. It’s adjusted for inflation every year You can look up what the rules are for the year you’re watching this video But the flexible spending account is given to you by a big company you turn in your receipts It comes off of your paycheck and you you don’t pay taxes, and this is great It’s kind of a reimbursement plan flexible spending account and you don’t pay taxes up to a certain amount But you use it or lose it and it carries forward a little bit into the upcoming year, but then it is gone So I don’t use this for small business owners I don’t use this at all myself because I don’t have a big company giving me a flexible spending account But if you have it use it just don’t lose it now the HSA Oh my favorite of these three I know man I love the HRE to the health savings account is like a supercharged IRA you get tax deductions to put the money in you get Tax-free income to pull it out at any age. You don’t have to wait So you’re fifty nine and a half you can when you’re 21 years old and you can invest it tax-free even Self-directed you can buy a rental property in your health savings account and all the rental income pay for your health care Tax-free. I have a health savings account the owns an LLC the owns a rental property I’ve had it in there at least eight years all the income from that rental property pays for health care I don’t even file a tax return What that’s a 100% owned LLC by my health savings account So you get tax deductions to put in the money, it grows tax-free and it comes to out tax-free for any medical expense this is a big deal now study it because You’ve got to make sure you qualify for an HSA by having a higher deductible health care plan That’s why way back at step two. I was talking about choosing the right type of health care plan Does you want to go into it looking at the big picture? But I love these study them up I really use these mostly for my healthy clients. Now the HRA is the health reimbursement arrangement now I love this one because You can take a tax write-off for all of those out-of-pocket medical expenses If you have a lot of them see this is let’s put it in perspective. This is to use it or lose it and Then the HSA is like a supercharged IRA. So I’m even gonna put that supercharged IRA just for health care expenses And then the HRA is a reimbursement plan and you have to have a small business to do this one You don’t have to have a small business to do an HSA You just have to have the right type of insurance but the HRA is a reimbursement arrangement you implement and whether you’re single or married, it’s gonna look differently and Depending on what type of business you have. We’re gonna structure it differently We charge usually four or five hundred bucks to design it set it up hand it to you You self administer it you don’t have to have health insurance to do this. Now where this plays out is I have clients that may have ten twenty thirty thousand dollars in medical expenses. They tapped out the HSA They tapped out the flexible spending account and they got a lot of medical expenses I’ve had this with clients that have children with the autism or learning Disabilities and they’ve got a lot of qualifying medical expenses to help them I’ve also had clients young or old that have had to go into rehab rehab is a medical expense your business can pay for that or reimburse it through your family now in getting a tax deduction for Tens to 20s to thirty thousands of dollars for cancer Maybe a kidney transplant that I had to come out of pocket for some portion of that or Again rehab so lots of medical expenses. You want to study up on what? Qualifies in this is we’re talking with your tax professional really matters in summary Hopefully I just got you excited to learn a bit more about deducting your medical expenses Properly and structuring your medical properly in your business structure your tax structure your asset protection structure This is what we do at our law firm. We bring it together in just a couple hours of meetings a year You should be having that regular meeting with your tax and legal professional. It’s this not just pounding it out on turbo tax and LegalZoom a planner that knows this stuff can change your life this could mean the difference in making a car payment or a house payment and saving in medical so Study it up. You may be you don’t like me or my firms or what we’re doing That’s cool, but study up on it My books my videos my podcasts my articles will help you get educated enough to make an informed decision Yes, there are ways to save on health care cost study it up and keep living that American dream Thanks so much for watching that video and I want to be your source for tax and legal strategies It’s hard enough to live the American dream without being out on the web on Google trying to find answers to complex Questions and just clicking a mouse Hoping you got it, right my team, and I want to be a huge resource to you the law firm accounting firm by Education resources on my site. Please continue to follow these strategies I know that saved thousands now click here if you want to be a part of my newsletter It’s awesome weekly updates and deadlines and strategies and tips also subscribe to my youtube channel You’ll love it and make sure to click the bell icon So you get a little ping whenever there’s a new video and finally check out my site of Marcin Kohler comm with all sorts of Videos probably 70 plus videos 30 plus hours of content that’ll save you thousands

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  1. So could I open an HSA for each of my minor children?
    I am the covered employee through my work, and they are covered on my plan. I have an HSA that my employer contributes to and that I use for our family’s medical expenses, but I haven’t had the thought of setting one up in their name.

  2. Mark Kholer I would like to make a sugestion: There are tens of thousands of financial market investors doing day trading and swing trading with individual brokerage account and if these investors used LLC or S-Corp as a platform for these trades they would be saving a lot of tax money . Using your experience as a CPA and advocate in this knowledge gap, you would probably be attracting thousands of followers to your channel and could even create new books on applied accounting in that segment.

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