Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Today we’re going to talk about the incredible
benefits of essential oils, and specifically to treat and take care of specific organs
in your body. So if you’re watching this right now or know
somebody who needs to know more about essential oils and how they can benefit your hormones,
your digestion, your skin and beauty, healthy inflammation levels within the body, detoxification,
your thyroid, your adrenals and a whole lot more, I’ll be covering it on today’s episode
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oils because a lot of people today are turning to products that have severe side effects
that are synthetic, when God put nature’s remedies here on Earth for us to use like
essential oils. So we’ll talk about that here today. So we’re going to cover eight surprising essential
oil remedies. We’re going to start off here with hormones. And by the way, if you want to learn more
about a lot of this stuff, make sure you check out my brand-new book, “Essential Oils: Ancient
Medicine.” This was written by myself, Jordan Rubin,
Ty Bollinger. We have a lot of content in this book. It gets into much greater depth than I can
even get to on our journey today. So let’s dive in. Hormones. Clary sage is one of the best essential oils
for hormones. Whether you’re struggling with PCOS, fertility
problems, menopause, PMS, any of those issues, you want to balance out your hormones and
clary sage and sage oil are the best essential oils to do that. They actually really help with balancing out
estrogen levels in the body. Oftentimes estrogen can get too high, progesterone
can get too low and what’s great about clary sage is it helps with balancing those estrogen
levels. Thyme essential oil is great for progesterone. In fact, it’s known as being a pro-progesterone. A lot of times women will use progesterone
creams today, which can be beneficial but there are some herbs you can consume, such
as black cohosh. Wild yam is another. Even dong quai to an extent helps a little
bit with that. But those are some herbs you can use, but
thyme also falls in that category. It’s known to really nourish your reproductive
organs in Chinese medicine and support healthy progesterone production. Holy basil, another incredible oil, one of
my favorites. It’s known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens help your body better deal with
stress and help balance out cortisol levels. Remember this, cortisol and hormones in your
body, they all react to each other. So for instance, when cortisol goes up, melatonin
can go down. When melatonin can go up, sometimes cortisol
goes down and all of these hormones, it’s like a see-saw. They all affect each other. Well, cortisol is known as your body’s aging
hormone or known as your stress hormone. If cortisol stays up over time, it will age
you. Here’s the good thing, holy basil acts an
adaptogen, relieves stress on the body, supports the adrenals, and it’s great for naturally
balancing hormones. And then sandalwood. This might surprise some men and women, but
men today have very low testosterone compared to what they should have. Sandalwood is the best essential oil to naturally
bring up testosterone. But ladies, listen to this, sandalwood doesn’t
just cause testosterone to go up, it causes testosterone to balance out. And so if you really want to balance out testosterone,
with women, many of you actually also have low testosterone. Some of you have high testosterone. Sandalwood doesn’t cause it to go up or down,
it brings it back into balance. What I would recommend doing with these oils,
sandalwood and thyme, what I would do is take those and just rub those on topically. Clary sage and holy basil, you can rub those
on topically too, but I would really rub these around your entire neck area and right below
your sinuses and then on your lower abdomen area. That’s how you should use these oils to help
balance out your hormones. The next oils, these are my favorite essential
oils for . . . by the way, if you’re enjoying this training right now, help me spread the
message. Punch that Share button, click that Like button. There are millions of people with the hormone
issues I just talked about that don’t know that there’s a natural solution like essential
oils. The same goes for digestive issues. The number of people with digestive issues
are staggering. The number one oil here is ginger essential
oil. Ginger oil is very warming to the body but
it also has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it’s a great oil for the gut. Peppermint oil acts as a cooling agent and
also supports gut motility and it’s great for . . . actually a medical study on humans
that showed it may be beneficial for the treatment of IBS, that’s irritable bowel syndrome. Next oil here is fennel. Now, fennel’s really unique. Fennel, by the way, is also great for hormones. Fennel is often used for women during lactation
and breastfeeding. Or actually, the blend of fennel and fenugreek
is known to increase breast milk production in women. So again, fennel is great for hormones, but
also it’s been shown to reduce gas and bloating issues. And so if you have any type of gas and bloating
at all, fennel oil’s a fantastic one to use in combination with the others. And chamomile is the most calming of all the
oils. If you are having any type of gastric spasms
or a stomachache or just in general, even leaky gut syndrome, chamomile is calming to
the gut as well as to the mind and emotions, so this blend of these four together are great
for gut health. I’ll throw a bonus one in there. Cardamom essential oil is also fantastic as
well. Mood, the number of people today struggling
with depression and anxiety is staggering. In fact, several of the top-selling medications
in the world today are anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications. And the good news is essential oils, actually
many of them contain compounds that naturally affect the brain in a similar way but a much
more natural and balancing way. One of those oils is ylang-ylang. I would say this is my number one oil for
depression. If somebody is depressed and needs an uplift,
needs something to bring up their spirit and naturally support their body in that way,
ylang-ylang oil is great. Another oil that’s really great for lifting
the spirit as well as ylang-ylang, would be jasmine oil. Also, there’s a few oils that help with motivation. Cedarwood falls in that category, with courage
as well. Lavender oil is great for more anxiety. If somebody is really stressed out, worried
and anxiety, lavender and chamomile oil, those two especially are very calming to the body
and can support the mood. And then bergamot, I would say bergamot is
great to blend, especially with ylang-ylang and improving motivation, excitement and just
naturally helping overcome any sort of the blues, whether it’s a seasonal depression
or regular depression there as well. Bergamot, ylang-ylang is a great blend to
do there as well. Next here is the skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and
a number of skin conditions today have really grown. When you look at eczema, psoriasis, acne in
both adolescents and adults today, it’s really high, higher than ever. Rosacea is another one. These oils are very calming to the skin. Geranium oil is known as more of a hydrating
oil. If you have just dry skin, especially for
someone that’s aging, women who are over the age of 40, geranium oil is an oil you really
want to be doing on a consistent basis. It’s very hydrating, very good for the skin. Myrrh oil as well. Myrrh oil is good for very dry skin, very
moistening there as well. Now, tea tree oil is the best oil for fighting
acne. I recommend doing a blend of manuka honey
with tea tree oil, rubbing it on the face if you’ve got acne or the area, leaving it
on there for a few minutes and then washing it off. Or you could even actually do a face mask
with it and leave it on anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and then wash it off afterwards
with the manuka honey and tea tree oil blend there. It’s a great blend to do there. And lavender oil, lavender oil is great for
all types of skin. It’s also great for healing wounds, burns,
and cuts. In fact, recently I burnt my hand pulling
something out of the oven or touching something right after I pulled it out of the oven and
I burnt my hand and I thought immediately, I thought, this is going to be a really bad
burn. I rinsed off in cold water for five seconds. I immediately literally soaked it, I doused
it with lavender oil and I did that several times. I woke up the next day, it didn’t even hurt
at all. So I just want to say this, lavender oil,
if you can treat a burn immediately and you want to do that . . . if you ever get burned,
you want to treat it immediately with lavender oil and always have that on hand or around
you in case something happens because it the best essential oil for burns, for cuts, for
scrapes, for anything like that. But it’s also just in general great for antiaging
and supporting the skin there as well. A few other bonuses that I like, helichrysum
oil is great for scarring and age spots. Frankincense is great for evening out skin
tone as well there. So those are some other oils you may consider
adding to your essential oil medicine cabinet. Inflammation. Many essential oils contain compounds that
are anti-inflammatory in nature. Frankincense contains different forms of alpha-pinene
and frankincense actually contains a large amount of different compounds. But one of those, especially Boswellia carterii
and sacra, larger amounts of alpha-pinene which actually also acts on the brain actually
supporting reducing different types of anxiety. But frankincense is great for inflammation. Probably my favorite is turmeric. Turmeric contains a compound called turmerone,
and this has been shown to help support cell regeneration, stem cell production, really
powerful oil there as well. Helichrysum, another one of my favorites for
inflammation, especially if it’s related to nerve issues. If you have any type of nerve issue or nerve
pain, helichrysum is good at supporting the regeneration of a damaged area. And then wintergreen actually acts as a natural
analgesic and numbing agent if you’re having pain or inflammation in an area. Peppermint oil is another option there as
well. Ginger oil is another one that has really
powerful anti-inflammatory properties you might consider using. Next one here is essential oils for the brain. Traditionally or starting in 1928 when a French
chemist burned his hand, he’s one of the developers of what’s known today as aromatherapy, that
literally smelling the aroma of certain plants and their compounds can actually have a healing
effect on the body where the area it’s going to affect first when you’re smelling essential
oil is the brain, your sensory center there in the brain. And so the brain, there’s several oils that
can affect the body. My favorite essential oil for the brain is
rosemary oil. Rosemary oil has been shown in clinical studies
to improve memory and focus. When you look at how beneficial that can be
for people with Alzheimer’s disease, for students, or kids with ADHD or ADD, rosemary oil’s a
fantastic oil. Now, it also has profound effects at helping
naturally thicken the hair, so you can make your own shampoo with aloe vera gel, some
baking soda, some rosemary oil and make your own shampoo. So it’s great for thickening hair. That’s what most people use it for, but most
people don’t realize it’s also the best essential oil for the brain and memory. So again, you can diffuse this when you’re
studying or if you’re about to take a test, just rub some rosemary on your neck. It can help with memory, focus, and concentration. Number two here is cedarwood oil, often referenced
in the Bible by King Solomon, one of the wisest men who ever lived. And cedarwood, we know, is also very motivating
in terms of an oil and cedarwood in medical studies has been shown to support fighting
ADHD. And the oil that’s just as powerful if not
more powerful at supporting focus and ADHD is vetiver oil. Vetiver has a very earthy scent to it. When first you smell it, it’s sort of strong,
but over time, most people begin to love the scent, especially when mixed in blends. But vetiver oil, probably the most powerful
oil at focus and actually supporting ADD. But I would absolutely do a blend of these
oils together and then if somebody needs something to calm them, chamomile and lavender can be
used in combination of these, especially with conditions like ADD or ADHD. But rosemary oil in general, is especially
good for just, as you age, keeping your mind sharp. Immune system. This is one of the biggest reasons why essential
oils are so popular today is their ability to support immunity. By the way, hey, if you’re enjoying this live
training right now, help me spread the word that essential oils are true plant-based medicine. Take a minute right now and press that Share
button. More people needs to know the truth about
essential oils. By the way, I just want to point this out,
if you’re loving this live training right now and you want to learn more about essential
oils, I just came out with a brand new book called “Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine.” Guys, make sure to check it out. This is actually over 500 pages. It’s a hardback book, has a ring binder in
it. We go through how to overcome a number of
health conditions in it from hormone related things to digestive issues and a whole lot
more. So if you’re loving this training, you will
love this book even more. Let’s talk about the immune system. Thyme oil, one of my favorite essential oils
for the immune system. It contains a compound called thymol, which
has antiviral and antibacterial properties. So it’s a great oil to use. Frankincense oil we know really helps in balancing
out immune responses. So autoimmune disease, this would be one of
the oils I would definitely recommend. And frankincense oil has been used throughout
history for a number of things but supporting the immune system is definitely one of the
benefits. Ginger oil as well. Now, within Chinese medicine, when somebody
has a cold, why do you think they call it a cold? It’s not because it’s cold outside. It’s because it’s too cold inside your body. So in Chinese medicine they have you drink
a lot of warm broth soups, a lot of warm herbal teas and a lot of warming herbs. Well, ginger is one of those warming herbs. It helps warm your body inside. So if you really want to strengthen your immune
system and really warm your insides, ginger oil’s a great oil to use, as is clove oil. Very similar. That’s actually the most antioxidant-rich
essential oil today but also really great for warming your center and your insides. So I love doing these blends together, especially
like a thyme and a ginger together, probably the two most effective one-two punch at fighting
the common cold and flu. Orange oil, another great one. Orange oil supports lymphatic drainage as
well as acts as an expectorant, helping your body get rid of excess mucus, especially with
cold or flu. And another big thing here is spiritually,
mentally, and emotionally. Frankincense oil, when you go back and you
read the Bible, they talk about something called the “holy anointing oil.” The holy anointing oil was a blend of essential
oils including cinnamon, cassia, calamus, myrrh, and olive oil and in the Bible, when
you were sick, they said, “Go to the priest, have him pray for you for healing and have
him anoint your head with oil.” Imagine yourself being anointed with all of
these essential oils with all of these beneficial compounds in them. So again, that’s a great blend. But frankincense the most referenced essential
oil in the Bible. And it’s not just used in the Bible, it was
used in Egyptian spiritual practices. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine and during
yoga classes and different sorts of spiritually related ceremonies. During burial, it was used during those ceremonies
back in Egypt. But frankincense oil is very powerful and,
again, improving spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Part of the reason is medically speaking,
it’s one of the oils that actually helps reduce neural inflammation, which could in fact affect
your focus. Myrrh oil also contains really beneficial
compounds that supports spiritual awareness. Cypress oil, many people believe that Jesus
was either crucified on a cypress or a cedar wood tree, but cypress, very good for the
spine, for the nerve system and for motivation. Spikenard, many people have heard this story
where Mary Magdalene breaks the bottle of spikenard, this ointment, and washes Jesus’
feet with her hair. They say that bottle was worth a year’s wages. But spikenard, another oil that’s been shown
to actually affect the mood and the mind there as well. So let’s do a quick overview here. And again, if you’ve enjoyed this live training,
I want to thank all of you who have pressed the Share button, the Like button, because
more people need to know. The number of people today that are out there
who are using conventional medications and drugs instead of using essential oils for
their body, it can be really damaging. Listen, I want to put a disclaimer. I’m not saying that essential oils can replace
medication. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner. But again, if you just have a common cold
coming on, people for thousands of years have used essential oils to benefit their bodies. So again, best essential oils for your hormones
include clary sage, thyme, holy basil, and sandalwood. Best essential oils for your gut health, ginger,
peppermint, fennel, and chamomile. Best essential oils for your mood, ylang-ylang,
lavender and bergamot. Best for your skin, geranium, myrrh, tea tree
and lavender. Best essential oils for inflammation, frankincense,
turmeric, helichrysum, wintergreen. Best for your brain, rosemary, cedarwood,
and vetiver. Best for immune system, thyme, frankincense,
and ginger, clove and orange. And best just for meditation, when you do
meditation or prayer, just get a diffuser and diffuse the oils while you’re doing that. Frankincense, myrrh, cypress, and spikenard
and, again, don’t forget check out this book on my website draxe.com or on amazon.com. It’s “Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine.” You’ll love this brand new book, I guarantee. Check it out. And, if you’re not subscribed here to our
Facebook channel, our YouTube channel or our Instagram channel, make sure you subscribe
here as well. Guys, this has been Dr. Axe talking about
the top essential oils for your health.

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