– [Andrew] Work that
thing, work that thing. You want this to be your hospital bag?
– Yeah. – [Andrew] That was not part
of the plan. (funky music) – Yeah.
(funky music) – [Andrew] Clingy McClingermeister. – What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to our channel, I’m Shawn. – And I’m Andrew. – And we are–
– The East Fam, what up? I’m getting good at that. I gotta get lower it though.
– Wow, that’s loud. Today, we have a fun one for you. We thought we would show
you kind of a boring, but, or I think boring?
– Day in the, that’s not boring.
– A day in the life of a pregnant woman, me.
– Yeah. – We did one of these
a year and a half ago, and you guys loved it, so we thought we’d show you
what Shawn’s day looks like when she’s pregnant.
– Yes. It involves a lot of sleeping. – We cut out all the
arguments that we had, so you’ll miss that.
– Yes. By the way, a few people
have commented before that it’s unhealthy how much we argue. I actually think it’s healthy. – Yeah.
– Just because we’re so open, and we’re so passionate, that we just fight it out all the time. – I think it’s not
consequential how much you argue as much as it is how you argue. – And how you–
– Forgive. – Yeah.
– Thank goodness she forgives me. If you guys haven’t yet, make sure you hit the subscribe button. – Turn on the notifications. – Hit the thumbs-up, comment down below, and let’s get on to it. – Hopefully comment down below. Let’s start the day off. I wake up, I’m usually
pretty groggy in the morning. I don’t sleep the greatest being pregnant, ’cause you have to sleep on your side. And it’s just I don’t really
have any core muscles anymore, so I can’t sit up and
it’s just all this stuff. – We have this new cuddling method that I’m really excited about. She used to roll over to my side of the bed so we could cuddle, but now I go over to her, she
puts her arms around my neck and I drag her back over to my side. It’s great.
– [Shawn] Yeah. – [Andrew] And you’ve
been snoring a little bit since you’ve been pregnant. Is that normal? – [Shawn] Because I
accidentally sleep on my back, which I know is bad. – But you wake up at what? – I usually wake up around 6:00. Get out of bed around 6:30.
– 7:00. – Really?
(laughing) ♪ Just sitting here naked ♪ ♪ Trying to figure out what I’m gonna do ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – [Shawn] Hey, babe. – Stop.
(laughing) Don’t put my butt crack in there. – [Shawn] Well I didn’t. – Shawn has developed OCD
as she’s been pregnant, so we have to make the bed every day. – Andrew’s developed the opposite of OCD. Hey, keep that straight.
– Chill. (funky music) – Today, the first thing
I have is a workout. My trainer actually comes
over to my house now, just because if he didn’t,
I wouldn’t work out. – A live pregger woman. (laughing) And this trainer’s really good. He has a whole workout
regimen for pregnant ladies, ’cause it’s a whole different game. – [Shawn] Yes.
– [Andrew] You can’t be super aggressive. And Shawn needs somebody
there to watch her so she doesn’t get too aggressive. – Yes, and it’s just a comfort knowing that someone who knows what they’re doing is monitoring you, and saying, “It’s okay if you feel this. “It’s okay that we do this. “Let’s not do this.” It’s just a comfort. – You’re really getting after
it though, in this workout. You were doing some boxing.
– [Shawn] Yeah? – [Andrew] Some biking.
– [Shawn] Yeah? – And then you did have
to call it quits early. – Yes, I did call it quits early. Just round ligament pain
and some cramping and stuff, which isn’t abnormal, but I did have to take it a little bit easy. – [Andrew] How’d it go? – I had to shut it down a little early. – [Andrew] Why?
– Super low belly was cramping really bad, which probably isn’t a
good thing, he called it. – [Andrew] Way to take care of the baby. – I got 45 minutes in. – [Andrew] You’re problem is
you’re core is too activated after all those years of gymnastics. Seriously, though?
– Probably. – [Andrew] And that’s not good for babies? – Well, he was saying it’s like
if it was activated up here, that’d be fine, but it was
cramping really down low. And we don’t need to stimulate down there. – [Andrew] Look how cute she is. – Wanna get that? – [Andrew] All right, onto the next thing. Okay, ready? – Oh, yeah.
(snaps) – [Andrew] Are you in rush-mode? – A little bit, we overslept. – [Andrew] You like getting
your sleep these days, huh? – So do you.
– [Andrew] Good morning, baby. – So after I work out, usually
I have a short amount of time to clean up, shower, apply makeup on, try to make myself look decent, ’cause then we usually come
to our dining room table, which is what we’re sitting at now, and we do work from 9:00 to 4:00. We run errands, we film
content, we do e-mails. – Phone calls.
– Yeah, our assistant comes
over, Lexi, who’s beast. – [Andrew] Baby? – How much to get ready to film? – [Andrew] Yeah, we got the
whole lights, the camera. We got the action.
– Yes. – [Andrew] Right there. – I might have to take a nap after this. – [Andrew] This is Day in the Life.
– I’m tired. – [Andrew] We got a big day though. – We have to eat. – Yeah, let’s eat. But by this time, so it’s about 9 o’ clock after we–
– Yeah. – How many times, I wanna
know, have you peed so far, and how many times have you eaten so far? – I’ve probably peed three
times during the workout, because working out makes me feel like I’m gonna pee my pants. I pee about five times a night. So that puts it at eight. I’ve probably peed 10 times.
(laughing) – It’s crazy, she once said there’s no buildup to–
– No. – When she has to pee,
it’s just like zero to 60. – Well, I think the
baby’s sitting really low. If I had to pee at all, because
the pressure on my bladder, it’s like, “Oh, I gotta pee now.” One really weird thing which I love. – Is this normal? Tell us if this is normal. – From the day I got pregnant pretty much, Nash has been a totally different dog. He will not leave my side. If I’m working at the table, he lays on my feet under the table. If I get up and go to the bathroom, he’ll stand outside the bathroom. – [Andrew] Nash, she’s just
going to the bathroom, okay? She’s okay, huh? – [Shawn] He’s very worried. – [Andrew] He’s so clingy. It’s okay, buddy. She’s almost done. – Yeah.
(playful music) – [Andrew] Clingy McClingermeister. – I’m okay.
(playful music) If I wake up in the morning, and Andrew wakes up earlier and he leaves, Nash will not leave the bedroom until I literally walk out the door. It’s just crazy. He’s been so clingy.
– And I’m sitting off over here, he’s spending
all his time with her. What am I ? Chopped liver? (scratching)
Chopped liver? – What was that? – That was, I don’t know, I thought. (laughing) – You’re cute, I think he can sense it, which I’m sure dogs can. But have your dogs done this before? (playful music) – [Andrew] Look how clingy he is. Nash, how come I feel like
you don’t love me anymore? – You’ve been so clingy. – [Andrew] He is clingy. – He’s been the clingiest dog
ever since I got pregnant. – [Andrew] It is insane,
since you got pregnant. And all he does is follow you around. I feel like he never leaves your side. Look at that, he’s
like, “What’s going on?” Nash, you wanna eat? – Beef? No beef. (laughs) Yeah, but we switched it up. We use the Farmer’s Dog now, super cool. I think it’s my first
practice at being a mom in doing research for my babies. – [Andrew] Yes.
– Making sure I’m getting them the highest
quality, best option out there. This one bag is one day
for him, which is awesome. So you just open up, put half a bag in. – And we talked about this before on our Instagram and all our platforms, but we just started feeding him this new food a couple months
ago, called Farmer’s Dog. And it’s really great,
it’s unprocessed food, it’s fresh to order, and then delivered fresh to your door.
– To your door. – Whenever you need it or want it. – Customizable to your
dog’s breed, their age, if they have allergies,
if they’re on a diet, if they’re whatever, it’s awesome. – We have more information in
the description down below, there’s a link, and we also
have a special discount if you guys are looking at
changing up your dog’s food, which I would recommend it. Nash has been super healthy.
– Yes. – He’s looked just more energetic. His coat is beautiful. We love Farmer’s Dog. If you guys wanna find
out more information, click the link down below. Everybody who has used it has loved it.
– Has loved it. – [Andrew] Including Nash.
– Yeah. And it just gives me a
sense of comfort knowing I’m feeding him the best quality food. – [Andrew] It’s actual real food. You can find out more on their website. – This actually smells really good. Like the turkey one smells like, just scramble up some eggs
and turkey and veggies. Oh, yeah.
– [Andrew] Look, he’s so excited he can’t
even focus on anything else. – Sit, stay, good, wait, go. (laughs) – [Andrew] Good job, buddy. And just like that, he is done. – [Shawn] He needs water,
babe, that’s your job. – [Andrew] He’s licking every last ounce. I’ve got it right here. Excuse me, sir. Oh, you didn’t tell the people
to follow Nash on Instagram. – Yes, follow Nash on Instagram. He’s a stud, it’s @nashmanthegolden. – [Andrew] Check him out. (slurping) – [Andrew] Living the life. – Okay, update for you guys. With are headed to get
breakfast, at 10 o’ clock. – But not just any breakfast,
Shawn’s favorite breakfast. – Bagels, my baby loves bagels. Not this baby, this baby. (laughing) You guys have been asking
though about cravings, and what I’ve been craving. And ooh, peaches. (laughing) Peaches sound good. I’ve had very minimum cravings. – [Andrew] There have been some. – There have been some. So in first trimester, just
because of nausea and fatigue, I craved carbs, but only a little bit. So I would eat cereal, oatmeal,
rice, just plain carbs. And then the second trimester came along and I didn’t want carbs, I
wanted just healthy food. I wanted vegetables, just clean food. But the big craving I had the second trimester was watermelon. We went through a watermelon a day.
– [Andrew] Holy smokes. – Probably.
– [Andrew] Watch out. That’s not an exaggeration. – Ice-cold, fresh watermelon
makes my mouth water. I went through a little bit of peaches. Fresh fruit just sounded really good. And then–
– [Andrew] Now we’re back in the car. – It’s not necessarily the
carb that I really want, but my fatigue is coming back, which I’ve heard is normal
for third trimester. – How long has it been since
we’ve vlogged, by the way? – It’s been forever. – [Andrew] We’ve never held
a camera like this before. – We never do. – [Andrew] Do you guys miss the vlogs? Comment down below.
– Yeah. Let us know if you miss the vlogs. – ‘Cause I’m not gonna lie, we have an editor now who helped us out, and so the vlogs would be way better. – And they would be a lot better. – ‘Cause before, you guys, it
was me, and they were garbage. – Well maybe we just didn’t
know what we were doing. – Had no idea, thank you for bearing with us during that phase. Anyway, let’s get some food. – Let’s get some. – [Andrew] Urban art out
here, babe, it’s nice. – Aren’t they great?
– [Andrew] I actually like it. No, I actually like it.
– Yeah? – [Andrew] Here, this is Shawn’s favorite bagel spot, you ready? – It is my favorite bagel spot. – [Andrew] But, let’s see
what type of bagels I like, to the right there. – My favorite’s the egg bagel. – [Andrew] We love the tile in here.
– Yeah. We love the design.
– [Andrew] Very nice. – I try to have a snack before I work out. Maybe after I work out. And then we go get breakfast. My favorite thing ever is
bagel sandwiches right now. It’s the only thing I crave. – Everything else, she has this slogan that she’s been saying. She doesn’t want any other
type of food, so she’ll say, “I’m at this point
where what even is food? “I don’t want any of it.” – What is food?
(laughing) Just none of it sounds good
except a bagel sandwich, or maybe some really cold fruit. I would also go see Gil. – [Andrew] Shawn’s giving
pregnancy tips out here. To her other pregnant friends. – No, he’ll do stuff. It just so happens that so
many of my friends are pregnant at the same exact time, which is amazing because we get through
everything together. A lot of my friends,
it’s their second child or their third child, so I’ll call them. I’ll be like, “This is happening. “I don’t know what to do.” And they’re like, “It’s
okay, call this person, “go to this place.” And then vice versa. They’ll call me if there’s
anything I can help with. So I was talking to one
of my friends today. She’s having some pain and
I gave her a chiropractor to go to and an acupuncturist. – What percent during
conversations would you say are about babies and pregnancies? – A lot, 75%. – It’s like this fine line, because obviously it’s
such a monumental event. But then we have friends
who are moaning about, “Oh, we have so and so friend “who’ll only talk about pregnancy,” and he’s like, “Hey, we
know, you’re pregnant, okay?” – Well, it’s the biggest life
change you ever go through. So I feel like …
– It’s hard, I can imagine it’d be hard not to talk about it.
– Yeah. – [Andrew] You happy, girl? Egg bagel, coffee.
– Egg bagel. Double garden salad. – [Andrew] Whoa, you crushed that. (laughing) One more bite, one more bite. – That’s a big bite. – [Andrew] Yes, aw. – So breakfast was absolutely delicious. I could go there every day. Now we’re gonna head to the mall. Since Andrew’s headed off to
football here really soon, I’m probably gonna be
going back and forth a ton, because our schedule’s
getting ready to be very busy. We thought that we would put
together the hospital bag now and start shopping for the
stuff we need immediately. – And we’re actually doing
a whole ‘nother video on the hospital bag and where to get that. – Okay, up next, Andrew
has agreed to do something with me that I don’t think
he’s really ever done. Or he’s done once, and
I learned the hard way that I should never bring him along. So this could end very badly. But we are at the mall,
shopping for hospital bag items. So I want a duffel bag, which I probably can’t buy with him here, ’cause it’s going to be too expensive. Pajamas, a going home outfit for baby.
– Wait, so you mean you’ll buy it later? – I gotta pee. – [Andrew] You serious?
We just got here, babe. – Are you serious? – [Andrew] How many times
a day do you think you pee? – Are you serious right now? – [Andrew] How many? – Look at that little onesie. The floral.
– [Andrew] This makes me so happy, oh. I wanna look at blankets for him. Look at the blankets. It’s the most important
part, these are formative. – That’s not for an infant. – [Andrew] Okay, what are we doing here? – Shopping for a coming home outfit. – [Andrew] Okay, so
we’re you one for a boy and one for a girl, huh?
– Or something gender neutral. – Is that gender neutral? And then we somehow ended up
in the child’s clothing area, and we’re looking at baby clothes. – Because you have to have an outfit for them to come home in. – Yeah, that’s a good point.
And there’s some cute ones. But I just still don’t
like shopping in general. Although, if I was gonna
shop, shopping for little kids is the best.
– Okay, that’s good to know. – [Andrew] Yeah, I see some
colorful ones down there. – It could be kind of cold. – [Andrew] In December? Sorry, October? – We’re not having a baby in December. – [Andrew] I think it would be a big boy. – Or a girl. – [Andrew] Look, the
sheep is neutral, right? – Seeing the little mini
clothes makes me really happy. – These are for a little girl. – [Andrew] Oh, my gosh. That’s how I feel when
I hold up your clothes out of the laundry. Work that thing, work that thing. Yeah, that pregnant booty. – Let’s look at shoes,
I need shoes for my bag. – [Andrew] Whoa, chill, that
was not part of the plan. – It is now. – [Andrew] You want this
to be your hospital bag? – Yeah.
– [Andrew] How much do you think that is? – $2,000.
– [Andrew] Girl, you must be out your mind. There, take that.
(dinging) Take my whole life. Here’s the keys to the car. You want those, too?
– Yeah. Every pregnant woman loves baths. – [Andrew] Are you gonna
jump in there right now? – My nose is really sensitive right now. Remember when I went to Lush and I learned to make all these? Whoa.
– [Andrew] Good? Look at you, you’ve got a
little spot on your nose. – I like that one. – [Andrew] Ooh, yeah. – For a push present, I mean.
– [Andrew] What? – Gucci or Louis Vuitton, just. – [Andrew] Get the? What are you– – Just remember those two brands. – [Andrew] What are you talking about? – You know, you like this stuff. Just stopped and got a snack
from Juice Bar in Nashville. – Gotta keep the calorie count high. Feed Shawn and the baby. – Yeah, not really too high. But I got cocoa-banana,
along with overnight oats to keep in the refrigerator.
That has chia seeds in them. – But she’s drinking
the smoothie that I got, which is no surprise. – No, I tried to order this
after Andrew ordered it, and he’s like, “You can’t
get the same things as me.” And so he made me get something else and I don’t like it as much. Oh, and I got spring rolls, so lettuce wrapped avocado and veggies. We are now headed to get a foot massage. I usually snore at these
things, ’cause I fall asleep. – I’m excited, I’ve never been
to do this with you, babe. – I’m excited, it’s the best.
– Is it a pedicure? – No, it’s just a leg massage. That’s an hour long.
– [Andrew] What? – An hour long, it’s awesome. Andrew is treating me to a foot rub, which I’m really excited about. It’s this place where it’s reflexology, and you just lay in this chair for an hour and they just massage
your feet and your legs and it feels so good. – [Andrew] She started snoring. Some people snore, and it’s disgusting. Shawn snores and it’s adorable. (laughing) It’s really cute.
– [Shawn] It’s embarrassing. – [Andrew] So I tagged
along and got the foot rub, which I’ve been to that place, but it was great.
– [Shawn] It’s amazing. – [Andrew] Nash, did you get groomed? We spoiling you today. – Usually at the end of the
day, my gas tank is empty. So I have naps throughout the day, I have napped in the car, I have snored at the foot massage place. – Which is amazing. I haven’t taken clips of Shawn eating, but she eats a lot of snacks in the day. And so you think from a
food intake standpoint, she’d be good on energy, but … – There’s two of us, though. – No, I get that, I’m not bashing. – So I usually take another nap. We usually watch an episode on Netflix, and then I go to bed at 9:00. – [Andrew] You’re just sitting
here, watching Netflix? Usual night routine, huh? Taking care of babes,
just letting him grow. That’s a pretty good summary of your day. I’ve enjoyed days with you pregnant. – Thank you.
– Yeah. We’re curious, for you
pregnant people out there, or you husbands of pregnant people, or in a relationship with pregnant people. Is this a normal day in the life? We’re not sure, are we doing it right?
– Yes. – Are you doing it right? – I don’t know. – Thank you for watching this video, guys. If you haven’t yet, hit
the subscribe button. – Turn on the notifications. – Hit the thumbs-up, comment down below. This is the East Fam, out. (funky music)

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