– It’s called the modesty rule and basically they were saying you’re– which I find funny because
it’s a school issued swimsuit. It’s not like she was like, I’m wearing this from home. Like they gave it to
her, to do the meet in and then they punished you for it! I would be so mad. – Yeah I was so mad I– – But you brought it up and then you ended up telling
everybody about it right? – Yeah. – [Kelly] Go ahead and tell
your part of the story. – So I’m head coach of a
different program in town and our meet ended and
I got back to my phone and it had just blown
up with texts and emails to say this swimmer got disqualified at another meet in town. She’s in a team-suit, approved
by the school district and I said that’s not okay. If we don’t do something
really extreme about this then it’s never gonna end. – Because any girl with a behind, like you know like mine, like I’m just saying
girl with like a booty like that’s gonna ride
when you’re being athletic and you’re moving around, it’s gonna move. It does the same thing with men. – Yeah.
– Like I– – Is there a modesty’s
rule for men in this sport? – [Coach] No!
– Because it just seems like there’s always
so much more scrutiny placed on women than on men. It just completely–
– When Brandy takes her shirt off and
everybody’s talking about it, but guys can do it and it’s nothing. – Well it’s like you
didn’t take your shirt off, you weren’t in New
Orleans, you were covered! Like you weren’t trying to earn beads like you were covered. Like that’s what I’m saying
so that’s what my thing is. I mean right! – [All] Oh come on! – That dude is in a banana
hammock on national television! (laughing) And you’re telling me that’s all right but like her, I mean you
can’t help it it’s there! I’m so mad today. (laughing) I am! No but so what was
your, we heard that they kind of are deciding to maybe
overturn this modesty rule for the women right? Like by the end of the year? – So between the blog post going viral and them having that on
their desk sitting down to make a choice about it, it took them less than 24
hours to return her victory. – [Lady In red] Good. (cheering) – Yeah. – I mean I know those 24 hours probably really stunk for you because
you worked really hard and you just didn’t know why. But god it’s amazing that they did turn it around that quickly,
– It was fast. usually it’s a lot longer. – So is the rule changed? – It is suspended, pending review. – Oh come on. – What’s the rule? – Technically what is the rule? Go to that board meeting! (laughing) – The rule in the rule book states that you gotta wear a suit that
covers the important parts. Now the rule kinda sets
everybody up to fail because it doesn’t specify how much of the important stuff needs to be covered. – Oh okay. – They should probably
look at that anyway. But, ya know. – And no one’s looking
at that at a swimming – Nobody’s looking at that
– And if you are you’re a creep.z
– She’s swimming! You’re actually a creep – She’s competing!
– if you’re looking at that. (audience applauding) – Like leave her alone.
– Whatever!

77 thoughts on “A High School Swimmer Fights Against A Body-Shaming Swimsuit Rule”

  1. I have been a swimmer for 8+ years I have never heard of this before and I feel for his girl ! I can’t believe she had to go through something like this clearly whoever pulled her out for swimming because of her approved swim suit was jealous of this girls body.

  2. She pointed out the important part : if you're going to a high school swim meet and you're worried about swimmers covering up, you looking at the wrong thing.

  3. So, women have modesty rules on swimming? And women also not allowed to use burkini? Like i can see a lot of literal balls of men swimmers and no shit ever spoken about that

  4. It's funny how sex always comes into play. You know men didn't want this rule it was all women. Kelly men who look at butts aren't creeps we are just listening to our brains and can't help what we find attractive. Both sexes have their disadvantages why do men in superhero movies have to work out 50 hours a week to get buff. While the women just get the part and can stay the same size they are.

  5. Wow , all the beautiful women on one stage. Kelly your show is pretty cool so far. I don't see every episode but what I click on is always good. Stuff like this is never gonna end. Sorry , its wrong for sure. Wish I cud change it for ya.

  6. Ok …first of all…men and womens bodies are not equal… our abilities and worth yes… but not our bodies. So we do have to wear specific things… of course a man can walk around with no shirt… hes a man… but this just goes to show that we are all different and you cant hand out an I'll fitting bathing suit and expect it to fit all the same way.

  7. i've been a stick figure with a lil apple bottom and i've been and still am curvy but actually curvy with a bouncy watermelon booty and i get muuuuuuuch different comments and attention for wearing the same type of clothes. and i am not changing for nobody. you liked me when i was super skinny aso you gonna have to like me now that i fill out my top and bottoms now.

  8. Love how all the comments here are mostly talking about her looks. Way to be useless folks. Pointing out someone's beauty, especially in a situation like this, is not cool. She's strong and powerful – that should be the message. Not "OMG SHE IS SO PRETTY MIXED KIDS SHOULD BE MODELS OMG WTF BBQ!". Bunch of vapid human beings.

  9. As a voluptuous woman, I can say that deep into my twenties, I am just getting over the shame that school middle and high school made me feel about my body. Modesty is important to me. I never tried to dress overly sexually at school, but I still got sent to the office once for wearing a turtle neck (that was not at all tight) meanwhile skinny girls run around the school in tank tops and one inch shorts. I'm not one to bring race into everything, but I really think that's the issue. Subconsciously, the media beats it into our head that a black woman with curves is some kind of seductresses, and many of the most famous black women with curves are always doing something overtly sexual. Normani, Beyonce, Cardi B, Niki Minaj, etc. etc. Meanwhile, I'm a huge country music fan, and some women in country dress skimpy and get a little raunchy in videos, but they will still always be known as "good girls." It's a stereotype that's been ingrained in our heads, and young black girls who are already self-conscious about their bodies face the brunt of the pressure from it.

  10. As a cheer coach I can tell you I have 10 year olds purposely trying to get shorts that are two size smaller because they dont like how long the appropriate size fits them. So how do we know this girl didn't get a smaller swimsuit on purpose. Some girls just like showing off their ASSets I've seen it first hand with little ones!!!

  11. WTF is wrong with these people. From the original story: …This same girl was the subject of one rogue team parent’s photography project last season, in which they took graphic photos of her backside in her swimsuit — without her knowledge or consent — and circulated the images via email as evidence that her attire is immoral. She is a minor — that parent should be arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography…

    (Part taken from https://gen.medium.com/alaska-high-school-swimming-divings-inexcusable-swimsuit-scandal-33cc10f180b9)

  12. What’s worse is that the referee who made this call disqualifying her… was a WOMAN! Seriously? How can a woman do that to a girl? Stop body shaming female’s for being who they are!

  13. No disrespect but that young lady is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! WOW SHE IS SUPER PRETTY!!!! Yeah this Story is Lame! Another female probably was jealous and someone complained! I HATE LIBERALS!

  14. I've watched swimming competitions on and off since I was a teen. I've NEVER heard about this issue before from anybody at anytime.

  15. I saw no difference between the girl and her friend when they showed a picture of them posing in their swimsuits, so what's the deal, we have male swimmers where are tiny little Speedos what their enormous bulges bulging out and that's okay how about we put those assholes and some board shorts

  16. Sounds like a case of abuse of power, due to competition, personality clash, or jealously. Its really got nothing to do with the shape of the girl's ass. This kind of thing can happen to anyone, but most of the time, there is no reason given. Teachers and people in power are human, they have students they like, students they dont like, I worked at a school as an adult, and there is a lot of politics and competition even between teachers, and between schools, coaches etc.

  17. Are the swim meets co-ed? Back in my day girl and boys had their meets on different days. If it was a regional or provincial meet the boys and girls would have their meets at different schools.

  18. I completely agree with Kelly if you're watching the children swimming match or anyone swimming match for that matter if this is the alembics in your concentrating on the swimsuit of a young woman then you're watching the wrong sport in you're watching the wrong thing because you might just be a pet about if you're watching the bottom area of a minor child doing the swim me and I don't want to hear I can't help but to look at it then do something about the swim attire not the young woman or her physique because as you can tell she is bi racial which means she will be a little bit healthier and a little more thick then her Caucasian swim maids but that doesn't mean she gets punished for it it's enough of this Web the swimsuits weren't made for your body type going the round let's stop the racial discrimination because that's what it was it's because she's bi racial and she's heavier and she's thick that this is an issue

  19. They could've issued her a bigger suit at the beginning if it was such an issue or let them buy their own suits or change the rules.

  20. Instead of disqualifying her which is ridiculous and unfair they could have looked into changing the swimsuits within regulation to ones that are full coverage since the're concerned with modesty for all sizes of athlete.

  21. If they’re so worried about modesty they should have issued all of the women those one piece suits that are shorts on the bottom half. But they didn’t, and that’s not the girl’s problem that they don’t like what they issued her.

  22. They kicked off Steve Harvey for this? See Steve? Doesn’t matter if you’re a good boy or not, they’ll still replace you with a basic.

  23. I am so sick of school "dress codes" shaming girls. If it is legal to wear in public then it's legal to wear in schools. Just stop already!

  24. I'm trying to figure out from the photo what is wrong with the swimsuit… what part of her are they body shaming?

  25. The real issue here is the pedophile that was looking at a 16 year old child🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🐷🐽🐽🐽🐖🐽🐷🐽🐖🐖🐖🐽🐽🐖🐽

  26. I don't think it was body shaming. They felt it was inappropriate to have a minor with a thong swimming suit on! Ready to compete…

  27. The real story is the girl pulled her swim wear up an the referee told her not to an she did it again that’s why she got disqualified

  28. Her butt showing wasn’t the inappropriate thing, it was everyone staring at her exposed butt that was inappropriate

  29. UGH!!! I'm so mad. Agreed. If you're a grown adult sexualizing a young girl at a swim meet where she is showing her physical power and speed, not trying to be sexual, you’re a freaking creep. There was no way for her to win, she wore what she was TOLD to wear. And black girls and women are more likely to be sexualized too so I wouldn't discount some racism being involved here.

  30. I like how the bitch in pink brings up men in this debate even though we have nothing to do with it and then all the women say oh you're right shut up stop using us as an example

  31. That’s insane! I’m a swimmer, and I don’t see the issue. She had the team issued suit, that’s ridiculous. I’d sue the people in charge of the meet who disqualified her.

  32. They disqualified her because she was seen pulling the bottom portion of her swimsuit up her bum. This is common with teenagers. Get the facts straight without the PC spinning.

  33. It never ends. I was told I couldn’t wear anything fitted at my factory job because it “distracts the male workers”. I worked in an aluminum factory where the looser your clothes, the easier you could snag and get caught on something… I just wanted to wear my jeans….

  34. The thing that’s really frustrating is the more curvy a woman is, the more pressured she is to be “modest” , I mean come on folks. Is this really about being “modest” or body coverage??

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