– Hi everyone. Pratt Daddy here. This is my brand new
show for MTV and so far, a lot of healing has gone down. You may look at me and be like, what is that guy from The
Hills know about healing? You know what, I get it. I had to prove it to myself before I could prove it to the world. I journeyed through a
world of spirituality and my life, (chuckles) it took a 180. And as a result, I have my own show! And now you are comin’ along for this healing ride with me! I’m Spencer Pratt and I’m here to heal you. (upbeat music) This week, coming along for the healing ride is comedian and actor, Gary Owen. When Gary told me what
he was suffering from, I was shocked. Claustrophobia? Comedians always have to perform in basements and small dark rooms. For the sake of his career, he needs to be cured quick! So I’m bringing him for a
bone reading and candle magic. What’s up Gary? – ‘Sup. – Thanks for comin’. (door thuds) Hope you’re ready for some bone throwin’ and some candle magic. – I’m just tryna figure out how bone throwing candle magic collates into helping
with my claustrophobia. It’s not like trying
to take my clothes off and puttin’ the wax on me? – I had a healer not take my clothes off, so it could happen. So how long have you been
struggling with claustrophobia? – I found out I was claustrophobic my freshman year of high school, I wrestled. And this guy got me in a move, and I couldn’t move and
I just started yelling, Jesus Christ! So I got everyone looking there and the ref goes, you wanna (mumbles) your time out? I was like, yeah I’ll take one of those! In front of 500 people in my high school. Freaked me out. – What about a airplane? Can you? – Middle seat, I’m done. (laughter) My expectations for today: trying to stay open minded. I mean, the thing about it, I don’t think it can hurt. It can only help. – Well I’m ready to throw some bones. Are you ready? – I’m all about bone throwing
right now. (laughter) And candle drippin’. – Candle magic. – Candle magic, my fault, my fault! – Hi my name is Ryan. I am a reader and healer
at the Osmond Tuition. Today we’re going to
be doing bone readings and reading from candle magic wax. – So these are real
bones from real animals? – They are real bones.
– Okay. One of them is actually from a dinner a couple of nights ago. – Did he just say these bones were from his dinner the other night? I hope he washed these bones with some soap or something. How does this then heal? – I like to think of what
I do as not direct healing. It’s more about giving us information about the situation
and different solutions that may potentially help. – Can you do one of these readings for me? – Of course. (blows loudly) (items thud) – So in bone reading, depending on how the bones fall and how they interact with each other, gives us more information
about the situation as well as what may occur. So right in the very center, we have this bone right here and it’s a little bit weird but this is actually a bone
from a raccoon’s penis. And it represents love and fidelity. Take it you’re married?
– Mhm. – You wanna spend more time reconnecting and being close to one another. – You got all that from a
racoon’s penis? (laughter) I didn’t know a raccoon
was packin’ like that. I’ll never look at a
raccoon the same again. – And especially with
this heart right here pointing directly at the key, it’s saying the key to your success has to do with your relationship with her. – This is so right on because we just had our first baby and now it’s just like, Heidi and the baby, Heidi and the baby. And that’s like scary right on. Everything he said was so true, so I need to really step it up, make sure that I convey
my feelings to Heidi and make sure we have that open dialogue. – Okay I’m ready. – [Ryan] Alright. (blows loudly) (items thud) – Now the most important thing about your journey to
healing lies between this key and what’s it pointing to. One, it’s luck. Overall, your claustrophobia doesn’t rule you to the point that you are
having an anxiety attack in the corner at the moment. Right over here, this is very much about your own health. So you’re running yourself ragged. And especially with the
penis bone right next to it, I’m not saying to go check
anything out down there, but you wanna make sure
your down there bits are nice and healthy. – Oh (beep) (laughs) (beep) – You thought claustrophobia
was your problem. – This is not what I expected. At all. – Let’s take a look at right over here. The very center of what you
– No. You said enough. (laughs) I don’t (mumbles) see anything else. You just got me all (beep)
up right now. (laughter) – Ah, thank God for you. I was all stressed about
my communication issues, my wife. But at least my (beep) okay. (laughs) – Good lord. – I mean we can always
take a look at the wax and see what that says. – Yeah. (mumbles) – Yeah let’s go to wax. (laughter) – [Spencer] Yeah.
– Let’s do that. We’ve gone kinda left from
the claustrophobia now. Let’s just focus, Ryan. Focus on the claustrophobia. – So this is gonna give us more information about solutions. What I’m seeing here looks like a fish. Any time I see a fish, it’s about seeing a
teacher or a professional. – Do you want me to go see a psychiatrist? – Doctor, perhaps. Now over here I’m seeing a dragon. Common symbol in Chinese
tradition as male virility. And you definitely want
to get that checked out. – Again? (laughter) Does this say the same (beep)
– Yeah. – Basically. (blows candle loudly) (laughter) It’s the wax that tells me these things! – I came here for claustrophobia. Now he’s telling me I gotta
get my penis checked out. – [Spencer] Wait, wait,
wait. Let’s do mine. – Let’s try you. Let’s try you. Alright. So what’s really interesting is that your wax is a lot
more triangular than round. – I’ll be honest. I started getting worried that he was gonna see penises in my wax. Oh my gosh. – So it’s very much saying
that you wanna make sure that you’re communicating more effectively and breaking down those barriers. Some things that are good for that would be throat chakra stones, anything blue you could find. In your case, if you wanna look for a solution, anything orange. That deals with stability, and usually the nether regions
has to do with stability. Not to bring that up again. – That’s all you’ve done is bring it up. So why stop now? – I have an orange one if it helps. – I don’t want anything to do with it. – You know he’s got an orange crystal that can help you (mumbles) – No. I’m good.
– But you don’t want it. – It’ll help! – [Gary] Where’s the crystal at? – It’s actually a really good
one for like a worry stone. – Tying this to my (beep). – But that’s actually a really good way to kind of manage that
fear in claustrophobia, giving yourself something (mumbles) – Dude, we’re so past
claustrophobia right now. My claustrophobia is completely cured. I’m so not worried about it right now. At all. I gotta make a (beep)
doctor’s appointment. – But at least it doesn’t seem like claustrophobia’s a top problem now. – Yeah. We cured your claustrophobia by saying your penis is screwed up! This guy’s good! (laughter) This guy’s good, man! – Well I think we’re done then for today. – Thank you very much. I really appreciated my reading. – Well this is the worst
experience I’ve ever had and then Spencer gets a
reading and he’s fine. He just has to talk to
his wife a little more. That’s BS I don’t ever talk to my wife. That’s the key to having a relationship. – I’m glad we could heal
your claustrophobia now. – Well that cured. (laughter) – You’re not. – At least we got that outta the way. – I did my part. – Oh my God. Look I really thank you
for having me on your show but I really gotta go and don’t put this (beep)
on Snapchat. (laughter) (stone bangs) Thanks Spencer. Good talk. (light music) – If you love being healed every week, you should subscribe right here.

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  3. Great show! Too quick but awesome! I laughed out loud several times & that says a LOT! ?Let’s get Spencer a longer show & one I can watch on my tv each week!! His transformation, spirit & charisma are TRULY what the world need MORE of MORE often! Lets Do It MTV! ?? ??????♥️

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