100 thoughts on “A Typical Day of a Medical School Student | Med School Student Day in the Life”

  1. I wake up at 7:00 get ready by 7:30. My med school classes commence at 8:15 and my med school is 23 km away from my home. I reach my med school at 8:00 and well the rest of my life is just boring. Only thrilling part is me driving my car at 180km/h 😂

  2. See this is the thing I'm scared of. As much as I love medicine I have hobbies and they are going to be hard to give up.
    But I love medicine anyway.😳
    But my hobbies😢😢

  3. I’m in nursing school and I can totally relate to this (despite the public’s belief, we take hard classes and study for many hours a night)
    Also! For those questioning why the lecture was so empty, it’s probably because it’s 1) recorded so you can watch it from home 2) just better to read the textbook or 3) there’s a big exam tomorrow 😹
    Good luck to all perusing a health career.

  4. I am a medical student myself and I can confirm that this is NOT a typical day of a med student
    This is a typical day of this specific student

  5. Hahaha this isn’t hard. Finish step 1 and wait till you’re an MS3 on surgery lol getting pimped left and right at 545 am during rounds. Fun times.

    MS1 MS2 is so easy just do uworld and you’re set lol. Not much too it. MS3 however, oh god …

  6. I'm in the dentistry school .. IT'S HELL once u got in there's no turning back I regret the day I chose it. All we do is fuc*ing study.

  7. The title should be "my typical day in medical school". I am a medical student and i definitely don't wake up at 5 am to go to the gym. I mean come on…..

  8. Good vid!!! I'm only not sure why someone would get up this early, sleep is important!!!! To get enough sleep you should go to bed at 8 pm to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning

  9. Haa aisa Hota hai but sath hi but fun b Hota hai medical students bht achi Lyf enjoy krte hai bs Wo wala side Koi nhi Dikhata hai main b ek medical student hu Mujhe b aisa hi lgta tha but Ab nhi bcoz Maine dekha Sare medical students ko seniors ko frnds ko

  10. Im a medicine student to!but i dont have a car!and i want to go to gym at early times to!but gym is a bit far with walking..what is ur advice?

  11. Auch med student aber null mein tag: ich hatte dieses semester zb nur 4x in der woche pflicht von 13:15–15:15 und vorlesungen geh ich sowieso nie … am vormittag hab ich dann gelernt und nach dem seminar hab ich frei gemacht

  12. Hi Ros! Your 2019 you just dropped a comment here. Hahahaha, I want you to comeback here, accidentally or what, I wish you'll see our comment here when we become a doctor. I love you, and I hope the future us will be a successful doctor. Don't yourself to never give up!! See you on the next 11 years!!!!!

  13. True. I'm also a first year medical student. Pls tell me how to maximise studying and memory capability.

  14. Please I can't study whole is nursing is also same plz tell ….I'm in India now n probably persuing nursing in Australia

  15. You are one of those…which spread myths about medical college and mbbs.
    This is not true…medical students dont live like an owl….plz mind it!!

  16. I watched this before being a MS. Now while me being a MS. I want to go back
    this is hell itelf welcoming u with open hands

  17. I'm also one of those who used to study as much as can possible..at late nights 1-4 or 5 am …nd I spend my days in school …nd Trust me once u start being good with ur book u'll be used to for them…

  18. What the hell is thaaat I’m a medical student I have good grades and my days are so much more fun than thaat this is literally telling u to avoid the medical field which is really passionating !!

  19. No no no she is a dedicated student. Yes it could 🐝 seen by her presence is 🏫

  20. Wow what a boring life.life is given to us to enjoy but these types people does not understand this they spend their whole life just doing work and only work

  21. hey your videos are amazing and if I may ask what tim do you go to bed and wake up at.. I'm a doctor too , and it's so hard keeping up a proper sleep schedule and a fitness regimen

  22. Hey am medical student too and I just came to discover your channel, I really really adore it , and it gives me more motivation to go forward 💙💙💙💙💙

  23. Hey am medical student too and I just came to discover your channel, I really really adore it , and it gives me more motivation to go forward 💙💙💙💙💙

  24. What's this a medical student wakes up at 5:15 I'm a inter 1 st year student I wake up at 3:00 for good Mark's in neet weekend tests

  25. My ambition is to be a child specialist and help people who cant afford their medical Bill's, so I'm studying hard to be one even though I'm still in grade 7 I love science and biology is really interesting and complex at the same time but it's fun indeed hopefully one day I can achieve my dreams

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