Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Per viewer’s request this week I’m going to
show you acupressure for dry eyes. Dry eyes are caused by lack lubrication from
tear glands. That can be caused by looking at the monitor
or screen for a long time, from aging, or from a disease. If you are under a medical care for certain
eye conditions, this is not a replacement for the medical treatment. Please consult your doctor first if this is
safe to do. Here’s a diagram of tear glands and the flow
of tears. Tears are made of oil, water, and mucous and
they come out of the tear gland or lacrimal gland under the upper outer part of your eyelid. They flow over the eyes and they are drained
through the tear ducts into the lacrimal sac and to the nasolacrimal duct and out from
your nose. Of course, the excess tears will come out
of your eyes. First warm your eyes to improve circulation
and secretion of tears with hot wet towel. Wet the towel with hot water or microwave
a wet towel to the temperature that’s not too hot for your eyes and cover and compress
your eyes for a minute or longer if it feels good but re-heat the towel as needed. If you don’t have access to a hot wet towel,
rub your hands to create energy and cover your eyes with your hands. When you rub your hands, it creates heat from
the friction. I believe there is also healing energy coming
out of your hands besides heat. I’ll show you three acupressure points that
are good for dry eyes around the eyes. Gently press these points for one minute as
you breathe deeply. I would close your eyes because it’s a good
opportunity for your eyes to relax and rest. The first one is in the inner corner of your
eye. This is called Urinary Bladder 1 or UB 1. Press these points with your thumb and index
finger or both index fingers. The next one is in the depression in the temple. To be exact, it’s one cun or one thumb width
from the midpoint between the outer corner of your eye and the outer end of your eyebrow. This is an extra point not on the major meridians. It’s called taiyo in Japanese and Taiyang
in Chinese. The next one is under the pupil of your eye
on the eye socket. This is called Stomach 1 or ST 1. Other things that may help with dry eyes. Clean the base of your eyelashes especially
if you wear lot of makeup. Even if you think it’s clean there may be
some leftover makeup or dirt that may be clogging the oil gland for tears. Gently wash the eyelids especially by the
eyelashes with mild shampoo with your fingers or cotton swab. And drink lots of water to hydrate yourself
and intentionally blink a lot. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t
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22 thoughts on “Acupressure for Dry Eyes – Massage Monday #429”

  1. Do you have a solution for my hurt wrists every norbing? Since my head had a pole to endure i have nerveproblems in my hands in the morning if i wake up out of bed. My hand is numb and hurtfull then..it takes hours to get my hand to be able to stretch again..i bought already special cushions but that doesn't help..i also check my sleepingposition..i changed that to..but my shoulders somehow still block tge nerves of my hands..now it is my rightside..

  2. Thanks 🙏 for your help
    I’m suffering from intracranial hyper tension called IIH .
    All the time my temple and jaw feeling pressure like a labour pain .
    Can you suggest me some technique to get rid this.i am on diamox medication and my pressure is okay.TIA

  3. Bless you dear. You are doing wonderful job. Please make a video on facial reflex point, in which you should make it clear which organ's point lie where on face. Thanks

  4. Plz madam .. can make for skin whitening or reduce melanin in skin and for huge body (increase mass of body bone and muscle) I'm skinny

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