We are located Sun Hoa Long Clinic, in Chinatown,
New York City at 217 Centre Street. Today we will be talking about acupuncture without
needles, which is called acupressure. The same point where you can stick a needle for
pain relief, you can also press your finger to bring the same amount of relief. Our phone
number is 212-274-8226. Today we will be doing a point that is between the thumb and index
finger, and it is called LI4. To find the point, you have to close your thumb and your
index finger together. Basically you could find on the highest point of the finger and
basically you can just press that. It is a very sensitive area. And also, for the contra
indication, for pregnancy, you cannot use this point. So you have to be very, very careful.
It is very painful as well. We use it for headaches, any kind of respiratory conditions
with a greater all-round point for pain relief.

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