Having problems with sinus pressure or stuffy
nose? Hi my name is Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine, physical medicine specialist
and internal seminary provider. Sinus pressure can be indicative of allergies, sinus infection,
or coming down with the common cold. With any of these pressure can be alleviated sometimes
with the use of several acupressure points. Now before I show you these one thing that
I do want to mention that a little bit of pressure is normal especially with any sinus
inflammation and you are going to find that it switches from one side occasionally to
the other where you may feel like oh my gosh the right side is blocked, and now two hours
later all of a sudden the left side is blocked. Your body has a natural rhythm where about
every 90 minutes the sinuses contract a little bit on one side basically to give it a break
and allow it to whisk away any debris that has built up in there and the other side is
more open and then 90 minutes later this side will start to contract and the other side
will be more open. This also facilitates with your sleep patterns at night allowing you
to roll over at night naturally so that no blood clots form. So if you are finding that
throughout the day when you are coming down with something or having a little bit of an
allergy that is probably normal. Now the specific acupressure points that an be used though
are some on and around the nose and one on the hand. Specifically just under the nose
there is a little point when stimulated in an upward direction can help to clear, directly
in the center of the nose and lateral by stimulating two points there can help to clear, directly
between the center of the eyebrows is another good point and immediately in the web of the
hand towards the palm. All those points stimulated between 30 seconds and a minute each in combination
can help to clear any sinus pressure that you may have. My name is Mark Brinson wishing
you balance and a healthy life.

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