Dr. Tony with Dr. Shi Zue Min, [talking in
Chinese] a very famous Chinese doctor; famous for XNKQ, Xing Nao Kai Qiao, which is open
the brain and oriphice. Good for parkisans, stroke. In the presence of a master with his
work, he’s like 78 years old. It’s great that were here.Very good [talking in Chinese].
I do take medicine for high blood pressure. [talking in Chinese] that’s good for you attempting
acupuncture. [talking in Chinese] You know him earlier, you won’t take that much [talking
in Chinese] hold away from the adams apple [talking in Chinese] and when you feel the
pulse you go on the interior. [talking in Chinese] doesn’t matter. yeah doesn’t matter.
[talking in Chinese] see he is not pulling me away, he’s not afraid of it, he didn’t
need to push [talking in Chinese] he said usually you just put your finger there, put
a fingernail there and next to your fingernail you do that; it’s more traditional and for
that you know it’s nothing. yeah. [talking in Chinese] This is a cool angle, huh? does
it hurt? No. Heaviness feeling? On the right side. right side heavy? mhm. He want to make
you cry [chuckles]. Now we are trying to find the adamen [talking in Chinese] there is a
small range, high frequency reinforcing that. [talking in Chinese] He said that the way
you turn it is not that important; just small turns; the thing that is more important is
the frequency; it has to be between 120 and 160, not less than 120, not more than 160.
Okay, okay. [talking in Chinese] not twisting huh? no your not. yeah. talk to me; I want
to know about that. He says you can not put a needle right there; we can not do that.
But with these one you can gently play with it and touching it just to make it shake.
Does this deal with the vocal cords or the thyroid? It goes all the way to the base of
the tongue. [talking in Chinese] [chuckling] It’s not that point, he can not help us here
with the thyroid; it has to be next to it and on the thyroid area. Okay, Okay. then
he can help. So then what is this for? For mania, speech, too much fog in the mind, can’t
talk properly, like turrets and things like that, tongue problems. [talking in Chinese]
He’s not pushing it in, he’s just touching it. I can feel the chi though go up to my
ears. [talking in Chinese] [chuckling] the energy goes to his ear right. Oh really? cool.
[talking in Chinese] Mmm yeah, teniditis. [talking in Chinese] no, that’s not for tenditis.
Is it possible for him to manipulate ren jung, show them the manipulation [talking in chinese]
Oh no, Tony please. [talking in Chinese] Don’t worry not really fast, see quickly. That’s
it. [chuckles] [talking in Chinese] Are you okay? mhm. [talking in Chinese] rotate that
needle. Your eyes are brighter now. Oh good. and my brain too. [talking in Chinese] [chuckling]
oh yeah okay yeah. What are you doing? Nothing [chuckles] Do you remember la loom? That’s
my name doctor. Goodness gracious. Oh that’s good for heart, okay. [talking in Chinese]
Pay attention to the gesture, poke your patients arm, open his arm. Yeah. Oh geez it’s strong.
How do you feel? no pain I just feel it. [talking in Chinese] It’s not traveling down to your
fingers? No, it’s just right there. That one went all the way to my thumb. [talking in
Chinese] Yeah but we won’t use so much. [talking in Chinese] That’s good. You feel it? I just
feel it’s heavy [talking in Chinese] Pay attention. Lift, thrust and rotate. Yeah they are all
reducing. [talking in Chinese] Yeah. [chuckling][talking in Chinese] One more. [talking in Chinese]
[chuckling]. Thank you Dr. Shi. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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