Thank you very much Frank; joined now by a
special guest, Dr. Tony Willcox, certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine,
a member of the Panthers medical staff. So I am gonna ask kind of, I think an obvious
question first, why is it important to have an acupuncturist on the Panther’s medical
staff? The number one reason would be to reduce pain, increase circulation, improve blood
flow, you know injuries. Acupuncture is a 3,000 year old modality that improves range
of motion, function, it’s very relaxing so it’s good for a lot of things like anxiety,
stress, ya know improved wellness in general. Do several of the Panthers take advantage
of your services? Yeah, a lot of the Panther’s, yup. I have an office in Delray Beach on Atlantic
Avenue and I have players that come there. Just yesterday I was treating the players
in the locker room, and yeah it’s all good; a lot of them took advantage of that. You
didn’t bring any pins up here though, right? No, no [chuckles] I’m safe, because it’s a
little scary. For somebody that’s not familiar with acupuncture, maybe a little bit skeptical,
what would you say to them? That it’s painless, you just need to go to the right practitioner
that can because all techniques vary a little. But the needles in the U.S.A need to be prepackaged,
pre-sterilized, so they are not re-usable, and it’s all about the technique and how you
perform your task like a good mechanic or a good hairdresser. Alright, well I can appreciate
both of those for sure. Yeah [chuckles]. Dr. Willcox thank you so much for the time, we
appreciate it. And you are located where? Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue. Visit,
Acupuncture Zen is my practice name. Acupuncture Zen is your place to go if you are in need
of services here in South Florida. More from our Panther’s intermission report when we
return, take a look inside the Panther’s dressing room courtesy of Pat, the Knights 1-0 lead
over the Jets.

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