So now we ground the energy, we relax the
body with the ear points. And now we need to insert needles on the hand, which helped
prevent headache. Because too many needles on the face can dilate a blood vessel temporarily
causing headache. So the first point we use is large and testing four which is very commonly
used for the headache. So if you look at the thumbs and the index finger and you put hand
together like this, the highest point between the thumb and the index finger would be large
and testing four. Insert needles here and that points help prevent headache. The other
point we use is called a triple warmer five, it’s two inches, three finger breadth about
the wrist line between two bones radius and the ulna bones. So that’s the triple warner
five, helps to prevent headache. And it also for the tight neck and also for the ear problems,
tinnitus and blockage of the ear.

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