So we first change our food. We need to get
rid of the spicy food, the salty food and extremely sweet food. And that reduces the
flam condition. The second, we need to improve our digestive function. And one of the methods
to improve the digestive functions, using acupuncture. The other one is using herbs.
If our digestive function is not perfect then the protein cannot be broken into small molecules.
And that bigger molecules, sit into the blood vessels in the intestines. Causing allergic
reactions. And this has been verified in an experiment down in Mount Sinai Hospital. So
scientists used the rat as the model. They reduced the stomach acid. They increased the
stomach PH from 2.3 to 2.5. So the rat cannot digest the peanuts very well. They develop
severe allergies. Then the scientists applied a Chinese formula to the rats. And the rats
allergies get reduced. They don’t develop a severe anaphylactic shock. After they’re
exposed to peanuts.

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