We just talked about ear points to quit smoking.
And there’s also body point to help quit smoking. One of the most important body point to quit
smoking is on the hand, and it’s called a Tim Mee point. How we can locate this Tim
Mee point? So this is the hand. The Tim Mee point is between this, on a transverse line,
there’s a point called a large intestine 5. So when you move your finger like this, and
between these two tendons, that’s one point. And then, 1.5 inch above this transverse line
is called lung 7. Those two points, in the middle it’s the Tim Mee point. This Tim Mee
point we can use that to quit smoking. So, if we use the needles, going upward to the
lung direction and then we thread needle underneath the skin and if we can go point three, point
five inches, we can stimulate two points. One is Tim Mee point, the other is Lung 7.
And the good thing about this point is we can leave the needles here for even a couple
of hours if the patient is comfortable. So we can tape there and leave it there to continue
stimulate the point because this is on a lung channel, so that help the lung function.

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