In this segment we are going to look at some
different techniques of Twe-Na which is Chinese massage. There’s a few parts of it that are
unique and separate from normal western massage. It may be helpful for Jackie’s migraine problems.
A lot of her problems came actually when she had an injury to her neck a number of years
ago. So we’re going to focus a little bit now on working on these upper parts. So up
here on her shoulders is part of her gall bladder meridian and so we are going to use
a technique called grasping. We are just going to warm it up and pinch gently and lift up
on the area to get what we say is some chi and blood flowing in there. So this is the
same meridian that when we did acupuncture on her just below her knee, we are actually
activating this area. So we can do that in some of the larger muscle groups, like the
shoulder and we can actually do a little bit of grasping here on the neck. So we are just
using a pulling motion and a pinching motion with our hands as we do this. And we can actually
work this area for a good five minutes. So long as it’s not uncomfortable for her. So
that’s grasping.

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