In this episode we’re going to be demonstrating
acupuncture for migraine headaches. Jackie has been suffering from migraines for a number
of years and we are going to start by swabbing a few points. Sterilize the area. The main
thing we are working on here is some chi stagnation and probably a little blood stagnation as
well. Which is just some of the more unique diagnostic terms that we, we use to describe
some problems. So I’ve actually already spent a few minutes talking with her, trying to
ascertain what’s going on with her. So we’re going to use a point here called
gb thirty four, which is helpful in relaxing the tendons as well as specific for the head
and neck and shoulder area. Where she holds probably a bit of some old injuries there.
One of the side effects that she gets with her migraines is nausea, so we are going to
use stomach thirty six. That’s very helpful for combating some digestive problems and
one of my favorites for a whole variety of problems, but in particular, chi stagnation
of the liver is a point there called, liver three. And then we combine that with a point
in the hand called large intestine four. Which makes up the four gates. It’s specific for
removing chi stagnation. Once we get those points in we let her relax here for about
twenty minutes while the chi starts to move and hopefully we work towards preventing any
future migraines.

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