Another treatment in modality, its called
a Cupping. So this is the cup we use to release pain or to release internal heat to reduce
inflammation. It could be made of glass, which is the traditional cupping or it could be
made of plastic. And when we apply the heat here, we create a vacuum, then, it will suck
on to the skin area, then it will relax the muscle and improve the local circulation.
So I can demonstrate here, like for instance, this person has digestive issue, and constipation
for instance. Then, we use this, and then we apply the cup there. And then, it create
a suction there to also move the energy. That’s the Cupping method. And after cupping, it
could leave some marks there, but it won’t cause any damage. So, when we release this,
we can just push the skin down and then it will release the cup.

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