Now we’re talking about yin and yang theory.
What is yin and what is yang? It’s a concept of the opposite side of each organ, internal
organs. For instance yin can represent the body fluids, it can represent the inside of
the body. And yang can represent the energy flow, the function of the internal organs
or the outside of the body. So for each internal organs, there’s always a yin and a yang. And
for the body service, there’s always a yin and a yang. Let’s explain that with this chart.
And this front side of the body always called yin, and the dorsal side is called yang. So
when you’re standing there, the sunshine always shine onto your backside. Usually, unless
you’re lying on your back. So that’s called a yang side. And this ventral side is opposite
the yang side. And that’s the yin and the yang. Yin and the yang has to be in balance
to achieve the optimal health. If yin is too dominant, too strong, then your body is out
of balance. You can ends up different kind of disease. If yang is too strong, then your
energy flow is too strong and your body will eventually burn down. Let’s take an example
like the thyroid function. Hypothyroid and the function is the yin is too strong. So
your body function is low, so you have you think slow, you walk slow. And hyperthyroid
is the yang is too strong. Then your heart rate is increased, your body temperature increase,
and it’s a very dangerous condition. We have to fix instantly.

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