Another commonly seeing disease or the discomfort
with the period is the severe menstrual pain. So that’s because the imbalance of the estrogen
and the progesterone. When estrogen is too high it stimulate the endometrium over growing
so when it suddenly drops it’ll lead to severe bleeding and the uterine tissue started coming
off from the uterus. And that cause a severe menstrual pain. So we can use acupuncture
to optimize this estrogen surge so it won’t go too high, or when it drops it won’t go
too low to cause severe bleeding and pain. So in one dramatized controlled study it compared
four groups of treatment of groups. One is acupuncture, the second is the placebo acupuncture,
third is the medication group and the fourth is the office visit. And acupuncture is the
most efficient group to achieve the symptoms reduction.

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