Since acupuncture can help restore the balance
between estrogen and progesterone, it also used to help women get pregnant. In Germany,
there is a study, shows that using acupuncture in In Vitro Fertilization, the successful
rate is increasing from 42 point, from 28 point to 42 point. And it doubled the successful
rate. Why acupuncture help to double the successful rate? There are a couple magnesium which explain
that. First, acupuncture can relax the uterus. So the fertilized embryo can stay in the uterus
to grow. That prevent a miscarriage. Second, it helps to enhance ovarian and adrenal gland
function. So it balance estrogen and progesterone. That create a more friendly environment for
fetus to grow. Third, it’ll reduce the procedure related stress. So women more relaxed when
they try to get pregnant.

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