– I love acupuncture, acupuncture
can be used for a variety of conditions, PMS, menopause, infertility, nausea and
vomiting in pregnancy, insomnia, muscle pains, migraines. There is a lot of different
types of acupuncture, and I was trained in a traditional
Chinese medicine approach for over 300 hours,
where I have you come in, will take an extensive history,
I’ll look at your tongue, I’ll look at your pulses in your wrists, and will really look for areas
of excess and deficiency, to try to tailor an
individual plan to your needs. And acupuncture is really a concept that deals with an energetic body. You have a physical body
and a biochemical body and in addition, you
have this energetic body where energy is moving
along these pathways called meridians, and you can
have areas that are blocked. They can be excessive, deficient and that leads to an imbalance
and a ying and a yang, which then ultimately results
in disease or illness. And acupuncture restores balance
and it facilitates healing.

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