Hi this is Dr. Waltemate, I practice acupuncture,
herbal medicine, and chiropractic in Creve Coeur, MO.
Creve Coeur is near Olivette, Ladue, Town and Country, Chesterfield, and Maryland Heights.
You can reach us on the internet at www.StLouisAcupuncture.net. And you can give us a call at (314) 569-0057.
Hi, this is Dr. Waltemate. And, we’ve made it to the end! All of you who have been following
along, this is the last point on the Lung Channel. It is LU 11 as they say in Western
terminology. In Chinese it’s Shao Shang, and it’s right there (points to thumb) at the
corner between where the end of the nail is and where the beginning of the nail is and
it comes to a little triangle point right there. I made the little dot a little bit
bigger so you can see it in the camera. But, Shao Shang, means “lesser merchant,”
“lesser trader”, “lesser dealer,” like that- a lower dealer, not a big dealer, not a big
player, but a little one. And, this point is fantastic for sore throat;
this point (snaps) fixes it like that. Put the needle in, the sore throat goes away.
It treats other types of respiratory problems with fever, just like the previous one, only
this one might be a little bit stronger because of how close it is to the end. Usually, it’s
for a more acute problem than more of a chronic one. The other thing that it does is that
it can treat gout, it can treat toe pain, and bunions.
So, as a “lesser dealer”, “lesser trader”, “lesser merchant”, it only does a few little
things, but those little things are really great for what they take care of.
So, last point of the Lung Channel, LU 11, Shao Shang.

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