One of the more interesting treatments that
is often times used in acupuncture is what’s known as a Auriculotherapy. So we use a smaller
needle, known as an ear needle in order to do treatments based on the ear. A lot of people
are familiar with reflexology, when we press on the bottom of the foot in order to bring
about certain treatments. And so in our case, we use the ear in a similar way that some
people use the bottom of the foot. So I want to just demonstrate to you using the smaller
filiform needles on a particular treatment that’s use for a lot of addictions. This particular
treatment is known as the NADA protocol. It was actually develop in the Harlans specifically
for heroin addiction. But now with practice and experimentation, they found that it’s
very effective for variety of different types of treatments, anything from cigarettes to
alcohol to even food addiction. So this first point that I did was known as Zhang Men helps
the kind of help calm the mind. The next one here is known as the Sympathetic, and it helps
to normalize both the para-sympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. This next
point is known as the liver point. And in Chinese medicine, when we talk about the liver,
we’re usually referring to things like depression, irritability, stresses or things like that.
Next one is here, is known as the kidney. The kidney gives us will power and will power
is very important obviously when trying to deal with addictions. And the last point is
known as the lung point. The lung point actually is just very relaxing and in the case of stop
smoking is very effective and helping to strengthen the lung. So remember that oftentimes you
won’t have an ear problem, but your practitioner may end up working on your ear a great deal
especially if you’re working on addictions and certain types of stress. So please enjoy
your acupuncture treatment and I hope you’re able to take a nice relaxing nap during it.

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