A question we oftentimes get from first time
patients is whether or not their insurance, their health insurance will help cover the
cost of acupuncture. The cost of acupuncture can vary, from something like a student clinic
that may only be $15-$20 per treatment to some practitioners who are expensive and it
may cost as much as a $135 – $200 for that initial treatment. Follow up treatments are
oftentimes less expensive. So some PPOs and some HMOs do cover a portion of the cost of
acupuncture and what’s really important to know is that auto insurance, your PIP or Personal
Injury and Protection, oftentimes will cover the entire cost of your acupuncture treatment.
Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid at this time does not cover it. But if you’re actually
interested and politically active, check out House Bill No. 818 and that may help to bring
about that action. So, ask your acupuncturist whether or not they accept any insurance and
if they don’t, they should be able to give you a receipt that you can personally give
to your insurance company and try to get some reimbursement. So hopefully that will defray
some of the cost and allow you to get the type of care and the frequency of care that
you need to be well and balanced.

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