Hi, one of the most important questions I’m
asked by a patient is, “What do I do now that I’ve made an appointment?” So you’ve found
that acupuncturist that you want to go to for the first time and it’s important that
you get a few things together and you’re prepared for that first treatment so that you get the
greatest benefit and success from that treatment. So one of the first things I always recommend
to people is to gather together their prescription medications and even more importantly any
supplements they are taking. If you’re already taking any herbs or vitamins, make sure that
you bring them with you to the practitioner. Because they’re going to make sure that you’ve
got a quality control check going on and also because they’re likely to prescribe some supplementation
for you, that you’re not going to interfere with any of the supplements you’re currently
talking. Often times you do have to disrobe depending on the type of treatment. So, if
you’re uncomfortable with that at all, make sure that you wear some very loose clothing
that can be moved so that they can get to the areas for acupuncture. Many acupuncture
treatment focus on areas below the elbow and below the knees. So if you’re able to roll
up your pant leg or push up your sleeves it will be much easier for the acupuncturist
to get to that area. It’s also important to avoid any colored liquids a few hours before
your treatment. Your practitioner will be looking at your tongue to see whether there’s
any changes in that. So if you’ve had coffee or tea before your treatment, you might fool
them by having a yellow or coating on your tongue. It’s also important to eat some food
before you go because you don’t want to be hungry and anxious before you go. So, make
sure that you eat a normal meal, something that’s not too full and not right before you
walk in. So that you’re able to enjoy your treatment and get the most benefit out of
it. Most importantly, it’s important to relax and have a good time, and provide the practitioner
with lots of details and information so they can give you the fastest and best progress
that can be had from the treatments.

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