Anyone living with
pain can tell you that it’s challenging to
go about your normal day. So in today’s “How it
Works”, I’m checking out a treatment that can
bring some big benefits, and is also a great tool
for overall wellness. (light piano music) – So today I’m with Bridget, to get all the details
about acupuncture. Now Bridget, when we
think about acupuncture we think about those
needles going into our skin at different points of our body, how is that helping us
in our overall wellness? – We have these energetic
channels, or meridians, that connect to the
internal organs. These channels that
run along the exterior of the body, are kind
of like a subway system. The points that we use
would be considered the most external version
of those channels. We could be asking
to send a signal to a completely different
part of the body. Every time we put a
needle in the body, we’re creating
this micro-injury,
tiny little injury, that asks the brain to send
chemicals to that area. – So you’re sending signals to
different parts of the body, a lot of people think about
acupuncture for pain-relief, are those signals
that are being sent helping with pain in that area? – Absolutely. I think that’s the
most common use, I think that’s what a
lot of people understand that acupuncture is for. By creating that
tiny little injury we are asking the immune system to come back to that
point, to that area, and to do some clean-up
work, or to support the healing process
that’s already happening. – I really wanna
see how it’s done, can you show us some more? – I would love to. – Needles are in play here. This is where people
get a little squeamish about those needles, that we’re gonna be stuck
right into our skin, what do you say to
put everybody at ease? – These are so much
thinner than any needle that you’ll ever receive
when you’re getting a shot, for example, I
would say the benefits far outweigh the slight
moment of discomfort, if you feel anything at all. – So there are all
different types of ways you can do acupuncture,
what are we gonna do today? – So today we’re gonna do
a really fun treatment, it’s called Buddha’s Triangle. Alright so this first point
is on the heart channel and this is a really wonderful
point to calm the mind. So we’ll move on to the ankle. This point in the ankle,
this is a really strong point for nourishing
kidney fire. This next point is on
the spleen channel, and this is a really wonderful
women’s health point, it connects strongly
with the uterus, it helps to move blood
and to cool blood. – Okay, you’re gonna
come up to my left ear? – Yes. – ‘Cause it completes
the triangle? – It completes the triangle. So we have a triangle,
a triangle, a triangle, and then– – Oh! This particular
treatment, how long would I have these needles in? – Approximately 30 minutes. 30 minutes is the time
in which it takes the Chi in the body to kind
of cycle through. – I mean I think what
we can really take away from today, is that
acupuncture is not only good for pain relief, but it’s
also just a really good tool to have for
overall wellness. – Absolutely. I think it’s really
important to recognize that it’s not just for
pain, that we can use it for our overall daily
life, our daily routine. – Bridget thank you so much. – Thank you. – Absolutely. To learn how other things
work in the world of health, just head to our website

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