So, my Eastern physician says I have lung
deficiency. Exactly what does that mean? Hi, my name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental
Medicine, Physical Medicine, and Human Performance Specialist. When they talk about lung deficiency,
from the standpoint of Eastern Medicine, they’re referring to your lungs in a way, but more
they’re referring to your whole respiratory system. In Eastern Medicine, this goes on
to even describe the skin, which in Western Medicine, is an organ of respiration as well,
so if you have any skin conditions, if you have any upper or lower respiratory conditions,
if you have things like asthma or any pulmonary problems, they do fall into the category of
lung, or lung deficiency in Eastern Medicine. More than that, it’s your overall, what they
call protective Chi, or protective energy of the body, so almost like your external
immune system, that falls into the lung category as well, so you may have been diagnosed this,
because you catch colds frequently. The idea behind this, is that the Eastern Medicine
Physician is going to try to prescribe you foods, treatments, or herbs, or possibly lifestyle
changes, that are going to boost this system, and overall boost your longevity, and your
ability to resist diseases. You might want to check with them also, because they can
tell you things to do seasonally, that are going to help as well. Whether it’s herbs
that you can take, maybe before an international flight, or when it’s that cold and flu time
of year. Things that you can do to help build your resistance to disease, to keep you from
getting sick at that time. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, wishing
you a happy and a balanced day.

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