Name’s Cathy Marchioli. Single mother,
very busy always. Even as we speak,
I’m sending an email. Loop back, action steps,
synergy, sent. Now, I may be busy,
but I hate getting ripped off. So if I’m getting scammed,
I want to know. Oh, wow! You are the first person
to ever openly accept
my presence. You got 30 seconds,
and I’m gonna do squats
while you talk. Uh, okay, well, ever notice
how stores like these intentionally make
mattress shopping as confusing
as possible? This model has
Insta-Snooze coils, heat-sensitive memory foam,
and pillow-top underwire. And I’ll let you
take it home today for just $39.99 a month with no interest
and no money down. We leave the down
to the comforter guys, and that’s not
a blanket statement. Huh? But it’s all
a big bed of lies designed to rip you off. Hey!
That’s illegal. Yeah, it is,
to protect us from you. See, big mattress
has been stuffed with shifty scam artists
since the beginning. Back in the 1800s, manufacturers would
stuff mattresses with literally anything. ♪♪ So the government forced them
to label what was inside. But then,
those devious mattress stores would just remove the tag. So, in 1958, the government made
that practice illegal. Huh, so that’s what
those tags are for. Nowadays,
you can rest assured that your mattress
is garbage-free. But the mattress industry
is still full of it. Come on down
to The Mattress Store! They’ve got so many scams,
your head will explode! Scam number one:
Manufacturers will take the exact same mattress
and sell it under different names
in different stores. So it’s impossible for you
to compare prices! At Macy’s, it’s called a Simmons
Beautyrest Recharge Allie. At Sears, it’s called
a Beautyrest Recharge
Devonwood Luxury. At,
it’s called a Beautyrest
Recharge Lyric Luxury. And everywhere,
it’s the exact same mattress. If I can’t compare prices,
how am I supposed to haggle? Ugh!
This is stressing me out. Give me that wine! Same number two:
Manufacturers make up special mattress features
to jack up the price even when they do nothing
to help you sleep. This mattress has
inner springs, outer springs,
and flexicoil! Ooh!
Look at the sparkles! What does flexicoil do? It adds $300
to the price! Scam number three: Retailers profit off
of your confusion by regularly
marking up prices
50% or more. And here’s the dirtiest
little secret hiding…
under the mattress. This industry spends
a lot of time making its products
seem different, but the truth is,
the majority of mattresses are produced, owned,
and sold by the same companies. More than 60%
of mattresses sold in America are made by the same
two manufacturers with materials
from the same suppliers. Then they’re often sold
in mattress stores owned by the same company. (Cathy gasps)
Oh, my! Sorry, you shouldn’t
have seen that. Embarrassing.
(gasps) Wait! I can order a mattress
from one of those
Internet companies. I heard about it
on my favorite podcast. Welcome back to part 64
of our investigation into a crime
that’s none of our business. But first,
let’s talk about Casper. I needed to buy a new mattress
but I was too busy playing amateur detective
with real people’s lives. With Casper, I just clicked,
they shipped, and it showed up
straight to my door in a neat little package. Could Casper be disrupting
the mattress industry? Oh, definitely not! (feedback in headphones) Those online companies
are just as sneaky
as the stores. Too late.
I already ordered one. (doorbell rings) Oh, nice! Cheap and easy,
like my ex on our first date! (air hissing) Actually, online mattresses
aren’t always cheaper. You can find plenty
of memory foam mattresses in the store
for the same price. And they’re often made by the very same
subcontractors the brick-and-mortar guys use. And since you’re
shopping online, you can’t try
before you buy. So, once again,
comparison shopping is basically impossible. Ah! Nice try,
Mr. Smarty-pajama-pants. I checked a bunch
of review sites first. Oh, that’s
no guarantee at all. Online review sites are infested
with conflicts of interest, and mattress reviews
are some of the worst. Most mattress reviewers
get kickbacks from sales generated
from their site, incentivizing positive reviews. This mattress gives me
all the feels. 10 out of 10 Winks. (bell tings) Ooh! Someone purchased
via my link. Oh, babe, you’re so cute
when you’re working for me. The reviewers and the reviewed
are in bed together? Oh, that was
very good, Cathy. Thank you.
But it’s true. Casper has even bought out
an entire review site. You know what?
Let’s make this official. (bell tings) Putting all that together,
if you do a Google search for “mattress reviews,”
you might just be seeing
advertisements from the companies
themselves. So where the heck do I go
to get a new mattress? Honestly, there aren’t
really any better options. No matter what you do,
shopping for a mattress is just a big old nightmare. (voice distorts and deepens) Whoa!

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  1. Many online mattresses do allow you to try before you buy (30-45-60 day trial) Though there are those that do not. It may be sensationalist to just plainly put that many don't even when there are examples of the contrary and not mentioned.

  2. 00:25 The camera guy could not zoom out to see more of her squats. lol
    I will just buy a bed at a swap meet. still fake but at least it's cheaper.

  3. I like how Adam thinks his viewers are morons who couldn't possibly know anything about what they want, at least not without the government

  4. The best mattress for the money cost me $200 off of ebay or Walmart.  It's their memory foam mattress that's around 8" thick.  The other mattress I bought that I think is best but is more pricey happens to be purple first gen.

  5. I’m one of those people that could and have slept on the floor because I like something super firm. Had to buy a new mattress for a new bed. Dad says pick anything look at all these things in the one. I’m like ya no to much for me I want it cheap and hard. I pick out the perfect one it’s like 150 and hard as a rock. Sales person goes off on how if I want a firm one she has a better one for me. It’s like $500. Dad says perfect (he’s paying) I say hell no I want the cheap one. Over an hour later sales lady and dad trying to convince me that the more expensive one will be better for me. In the end I leave with my cheap and hard mattress happy as could be.

  6. You guys should have done Adam ruins Channukah. I just saw a skit of one irl and it was so good I thought there were actual videos at first.

  7. Mattresses, glasses, appliances, jewelry, automobiles, trucks, houses, commercial buildings, utility services, fast food restaurants, hotel chains… yeah. That's pretty much how things work.

  8. Ever notice that this show only gets back lash on political topics but stuff like this doesn't get criticized as much, if at all. Just compare the comments from this video (and other videos with a moderate topic) and comments on the videos on gun control or immigration (more controversial or political topics)

  9. I like how this video is talking about sca.s and stuff when they are leaving out a ton of facts and taking advantage of peoples ignorance

  10. The blonde lady is the lady Monica thought stole her jeans and bra after she hired her to clean the apartment on Friends.

  11. Next, Look into who manufactured your designer sunglasses! It will make your head spin! All designer glasses are manufactured in the same factory! All of them!

  12. How to buy a bed:

    1. Go to store.
    2. Close your eyes, and try it.
    3. Dont read about it, but notice price.
    4. write down price and how you like it.

    Next step:

    1. Go to another store.

    2. Close your eyes, and try it.

    3. Dont read about it, but notice price.
    4. write down price and how you like it.

    Repeat 5 more times.

    Last step:
    Compare. Buy the one you like the most within your budget. Remember you will sleep on it 10-15 + years if you buy a good one.

    (Even i Norway they are scamming, and we have tough laws against these type of stuff.)

  13. Wait, so online mattress retailers are bad because some of their products will be available in a few brick and mortar stores for the same cheap price? Odd argument.

  14. I Sell mattresses at a family owned place and these chains are a nightmare. If you have a local manufacture of mattresses near you, definitely check them out. no where near as confusing. One of my clients does research for a living, and mattress shopping even confused her. Absolutely true that they make different types for each distributer so you cant compare prices. Its insane. Next time your at a mattress store, ask about 2 sided (Flippable) mattresses and see what the sales rep says. most of the time they say its illegal to sell 2 sided mattresses, but that is a lie.

  15. So, I saw this sponsored ad on my Facebook page about this company called Purple. When I looked at the comments, someone mentioned this video, and the people that posted the video commented on it, saying that they LOVE this video because it just proves how different they are! … And THAT statement of theirs makes me VERY suspicious.

  16. Something about the adam ruins everything that have been made since the cartoon histories seems a lot worse, maybe the attitudes of the show has changed, worse writing, worse directing, less fact checking, I don't know but the spark seems to have gone out of the show

  17. OK, so how is it capitalism and free market if most of the mattress comes from same company and same supplier.
    Monopoly doesn't mean free market as big corporations will never let small businesses grow.

  18. when the video explaining the confusion about mattress companies and buying mattresses is too confusing to understand

  19. Don'T know about the rest but at the end of that video it mentions adwords ads on google saying they are from the companies themselves.. but that is non sense, people buying adsense ads can choose which keywords to use to appear on. For example a car company could buy some laptop keywords and they would appear there.

  20. Talks about consumer nightmares and conflicting interests conspiring together, then advocates Google.

  21. Why are mattresses garbage free ? Can't we use recycled cloth for stuffing them? Or am I talking about a product that doesn't exist ?

  22. I don't know if purple buys out reviews but I mean toward purchasing it because their the only ones selling something with different technology. All the others say their memory foam is better. But at the end of the day it's just memory foam. Purple is the only one with an advanced new technology/material. I just wish it wasn't so expensive

  23. But one thing they forget to mention is that Casper and other online places offer a trial of the mattress and let you refund it fully if you don't like it.

  24. Mattress shoping is a thing that needs to be done like every five years. You don't need to be an expert on it.

  25. And here I am, sleeping on two foam pads on a cot. 😂

    But seriously, I recommend IKEA. You can easily try out different mattress types that are clearly labeled, and the prices won't break the bank.

  26. what about purple mattress? with purple mattress you get ta 99 day trile to sleep on it and if you dont like it then you can send it back. plus it was engineered by rocket scientists to make sure you get the best sleep

  27. What's the use in pointing stuff like this out when there's no viable solution? I think I'd rather live in ignorant bliss.

  28. "We leave the down to the comforter guys and that's not a blanket statement."

    Not enough people in this comment section are appreciating this absolute beauty.

    Update: turns out the whole video is full of great wordplay

  29. Paid a ton for a genuine latex and wool mattress. Custom made and the best decision ever. Maybe got lucky… maybe just oblivious… maybe retarded. Still better than Sealy and tempur and fourty stinks… and whatever the hell other brands there are…

  30. You know, I'm glad that I decided to just get a japanese futon to replace my matress after I had to toss it.

  31. He should do something on false advertising in grocery stores and online and false reviews claiming gluten free when its not. And for those who view going gluten free it won't hurt them. However if you get sick from a Serious Gluten Allergy, or have Celiac buying the false advertised [Gluten Free] in grocery store or online is no laughing matter it can prove serious and hospital costs because of the bad allergy or you can even die. Can't say how many times I go to the Gluten Free section and find out some of the stuff isint at all. Go out to eat remind a waitress you have gluten allergy she still doesn't see the problem and brings out your meal with breading crusted onions or what not on top or mixed in. Clearly disreguarding this is food contamination and scraping it off does not put you at lesser risk. I hate how people assume its a choice for many its not. People need to be better in the know and food companies need to be held liable for putting us gluten allery and celiac community at risk. The stores that pay no mind and continue to allow thia should equally be held accountable and it not be dismissed. Please Adam runine those who claim its a choice, and those stores and companies that make millions knowing how difficult it is to find gluten free products at the expense of our community and our lives, especially when they think removing it from food is not contamination after its touched the food.


  33. Am I the only one that couldnt stop looking at her legs and wondering what she would look like with a d×%k in he a$$

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