What could be
the downside? Oh, there are a ton. For starters, how ’bout
the fact that this place rips off folks
like you every day. Whatever. I know the hospital
is expensive, but it is worth it
if I get the best treatment. No, it isn’t. American health care
is not the best in the world. But despite that, we spend more
per person annually on health care than any
other developed nation. And a big part
of the reason for that is that American hospitals
overcharge patients massively. (music playing,
cheering and applause) This neck brace
is worth $20. But the hospital
charged him… $154. This I.V. bag cost
less than a buck. But she was
charged $137. These are real prices, folks. Hold up. Wildly inflated health care costs? This sounds like the work of politicians to me. Was it Obamacare? Trump Aid,
McConnell Med? What did you do?! I’m not a politician. I’m just a boring
white guy. Why does this
keep happening? Sorry, Rachel,
but this time, it’s not
the politicians’ fault. The problem starts
with something called the “Chargemaster.” The Chargemaster is a secret
document full of insane prices that hospitals use to charge
us whatever they want. Let’s go on a trip through
the history of medical billing. Well, I’d rather not. (Adam)
A hundred years ago, hospital pricing was pretty simple. We take the cost
of providing care and add a little on top
to make a profit. One amputation
costs us five bucks. So we’ll charge you 6.50. But after the rise
of insurance companies, hospital billing got
complicated, in part because these gigantic corporations
demanded gigantic discounts. We send you thousands
of patients every day. So, we want… half off
all your prices. We can’t afford that. So, to please these powerful
insurance companies, hospitals cooked up a plan. I’ve got it. We’ll make up a really,
high fake price, and then give you
a discount off that. Hey, as long as I get to tell
my boss we got it cheaper. (laughter) (laughter) (Adam)
And in less than a century, health care prices went from
reasonable to nonsensical. Let’s make one Tylenol $37. Three stitches, $2200. Ooh, here’s a pitch. What if we made rectal exams 69– Nah, that’s too silly
even for me. ♪♪ These crazily
inflated prices are kept in the hospital’s Chargemaster. (coughs) It’s actually a computer file.
But the book is more dramatic. $7 for a single alcohol swab?
That’s ridiculous. And true. Well, I only
pay my premium. If they wanna rip off my
insurance company with their
fake prices, what do I care? If you ever lose insurance,
you’ll care. Because here’s
the really evil part. If you don’t
have insurance, you actually get charged
these fake prices. (studio audience
cheering and applauding) Let’s see,
heart X-rays. That’ll be $33,000. I can’t afford that. No problem, we’ll just
garnish your wages. Oh, bogus. Wait, they actually
charge people without insurance fake prices? Yeah. That is terrible. Well, thankfully,
I have insurance, so the Chargemaster
doesn’t affect me. Unfortunately,
it does. Even if you’re insured,
you can get billed Chargemaster prices
if you go out-of-network. And anything can be out-of-network. The hospital you go to,
the equipment used to treat you. Even the doctors you see. Arrow specialist. Out-of-network,
I am very expensive. Hospitals make
a ton of money overcharging out-of-network patients. It’s a real cash cow
and we all get milked. (cow mooing) Worse, every hospital
has its own Chargemaster. A treatment that costs
7,000 at one hospital could cost a hundred grand
down the road. And you can’t comparison shop when you’re dying. Which hospital
do you want? Money Bags Medical or St. Vincent’s
Discount Sick House? Money Bags it is. Plus, since your insurance
company faces inflated costs, That can trickle down to you in
the form of… higher premiums. Oh, surprisingly painless. Wait till
you get the bill. (cow mooing) How do they
get away with this? Simple, the health care industry
spends more on lobbying than the oil and defense industries combined. (cash register rings) (men babbling) Thanks, Doc. I’ll take care
of you real nice. Say, does this
cyst look normal? Oh, God. So, how can I stop it? What do I do? Honestly, nothing. We need to go
to the hospital, so they have no incentive
to change how they do business. And politicians have spent
decades arguing over how to pay the bill instead of asking why
the bill is so high? Until they do, we’re
stuck with this system. God, what if I get fired
and lose my insurance? I would be ruined! I feel so anxious. (woman over PA) Rachel, the doctor
will see you now. Down the hall and to your left. Well, then,
if I’m gonna get ripped off, I might as well score
some antibiotics. I wanna be done
with this cold, and those miracle drugs are
worth whatever they cost. Even if it means the end
of modern medicine? You are the worst person
I have ever met, and I work in finance.

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  1. I think the partial reason for the expenses might be on par of some people who likes getting treated in the hospital for something that is minor or…………. well nothing as in wasting resources on people who don't need it, Insulin at first was gonna be free that is mostly because the person who made it wasn't thinking a large number of people would need it, hell a lot of people underestimate 2 factors, time and age, the greatest enemies we can't avoid, but even then almost no one can afford sick days, only certain occupations will have enforced sick days, these occupations would include food and medicine BUT EVEN THEN we waste money on funerials for preservatives (which is useless as the person is buried underground) and wasting money on something that doesn't work, now hte one thing that is free for most parts are vaccines because well what is the point running a hospital when someone contracts measles, that would mean there is a ticking clock on hte person til death, even then it cost more money to treat/ease measles patients than getting vaccines, since I am sure no one wants to go to the grocery store seeing a bulldozer dumping the bodies of people who were once your neighbor's or family members and their bodies being thrown into a fire pit

  2. I was comparing Indian healthcare prices with that from US.. An ultrasound costs you 3000 rs (50$) max in top hospital where they give you a video of your ultrasound otherwise it costs as less as 5$.. Same procedure costs upto 300$ in US without insurance..

  3. In Canada nothing is free. TAXES, TAXES and more TAXES. And if your healthy you pay for all the hypochondriacs constantly running to doctors and hospitals when there's not a dam thing wrong with them other than being brainwashed and scared ,,, you guessed it HIGHER AND MORE TAXES. NOTHING IS FREE even in Canada.

  4. Adam:Until the politicians-can realize why we are paying so high, we’re stuck using this-

    Bernie Sanders: I heard the medical bill is overly expensive, where do you need me

  5. Everything this guy does is just what beta guys do to make themselves feel better about themselves for being so weak and pathetic. He always finds some goof calls them a “scientist” and thinks that proves his political agenda

  6. gee how about the fact that all these illegal immigrants use the hospitals and then never pay a dime.. hes a SJW.

  7. Profit margins in hospitals are much lower than any business would like to be. It costs a lot of money to run and people often do not or cannot pay.

  8. The sad thing is that there are options to battle this (like Healthcare Blue Book or medical-bill negotiators), the info is still relatively unknown in the U.S.
    A compiled listing of options can be found here:

  9. You'd think that doctors and nurses are there to save your life but like all politicians, doctors too are snakes and will do anything to take your money. They don't care about you because you being sick is what keeps them in business

  10. It’s so awful that people get charged such insane prices. The nhs has its issues but it makes me realise I’m so fortunate. To see a doctor and have any surgery or procedures done is totally free and a prescription is less than 10 pounds

  11. Americans should all and I say ALL Refuse 100% Any insurance if they are asked to pay. It should be like in Germany. People it’s your birth right to be covered with insurance working or not working like is Germany! People wake up!

  12. And people owning guns should pay a fee for each gun they hold in the house! People wake up! You cannot hold an army arsenal in your home and not pay for it!!!! You love guns! Pay!!! You are allowed to keep on simple gun for own defense the rest should be paid exponentially! Americans are so dumb!

  13. So why is making jokes about stereotyping white guys (like you did here with the politician) not considered racist? Y’all have no consistency

  14. the key phrase here is "spends more on lobbying than the oil and defense industries combined" it starts with politicians, vote for politicians that are for smaller government, that is how you fix it

  15. And just never pay back and if they ask you to pay back say already paid by you all getting my taxes yeet y’all good

    Oh wait I don’t pay taxes either lol tough break. Just you don’t even need a job to do these things.

    It’s all a joke or was it lol nah you guys have a good day

  16. I went to check my knee pain, while x-ray is completely unnecessary, I was asked to go through x-ray first and then MRI. Ended up $1400 bill and being told, my knees look ok.

  17. Yeah, but it's funny how insurance companies tell the medical provider what they going to pay. Or you can request the Medicaid rate if you don't have the insurance

  18. First thing you say is politicians aren't the problem…..then define lobbyists to be the problem. You suck at math, don't you.

  19. This is the worst episode of ARE. I hated how they treated her like hypochondriac as though women aren't dying because they are ignored by healthcare professionals.

  20. I live in Slovakia, and we are currently missing nurses because Government said "You know what, Nurses arent going to get paid much, despite hard working". This is why Slovak nurses are going to Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and France, because Slovak nurses arent paid as much, AND OUR GOVERNMENT WANTS UKRAINIAN IMMIGRANTS, WITH MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE TO WORK AS NURSES.(Slovak Government is one big Pavilion of Monkeys)

  21. This video is a bit subpar for this channel. A real free market would allow competition and low prices. Its not just "evil hospital charging whatever they want". The prices are high because the laws make it hard to compete and put so many regulations regarding healthcare and health insurance that it becomes a mess to manage for hospitals. The USA really just needs to remove regulations and remove doctor licences, to allow any business to open "cheaper hospitals" like it would happen in real free market.

  22. Corporate needs you to find the difference between these pictures

    No America. Paradise

    They are the same picture

  23. I paid out of pocket for a gallbladder removal and they discounted it 33% because they didn't have to deal with insurance. So some of what you are saying about out of pocket "made up prices" is false. The surgeon charged me $1500 for the actual surgery, the anaesthesiologist charged me a separate bill and it was discounted. The cost of the operating theatre and other hospital costs were also discounted. I was there so I'm not making this up.

  24. Well for those of you who don't like universal health care, you're either an idiotic citizen, or a sleezy executive/politician. The reason anyone fights universal health care is to protect financial interests, or someone too stupid to realize it and they buy in on the lies made to protect financial interests.

  25. I work for medical billing and I'll be honest before watching this I thought the same.. Maybe, the prices are made up because its OUTRAGEOUS to bill Patients for a simple care. Now watching this, its sadly true.

  26. What Adam doesn't seem to know is that hospitals, even for-profit hospitals, give patients a chance to apply for financial assistance or a full charitable write-off. You just have to ask to speak with a financial counselor. As long you're transparent about your situation, they'll reduce or even eliminate your bill. I've never had my wages garnished because I applied for financial assistance as soon as possible, and always had my bill reduced.

  27. Adam: "honestly, there isn't anything you could do."

    Bernie2020: "let me show you the Law I wrote and promoting to get implemented should I win."

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