soon as we turn on the function of the advance neo visualization the image quality stays the same and we just see greater echoes when we insert the needle so I haven’t noted in decrement to the image resolution and quality in my practice it’s really added increased speed I’m getting to the target more directly with less time getting in and out which always makes the patient happier and certainly it reduces the amount of pain that might be involved in a procedure so the ability to see the needle going through your tissue makes their clinical procedure safer makes it faster obviously better for the patient it appears maybe two three four times brighter seems to have a better echo during the entire procedure basically the enhanced and visualization technology is a software upgrade and it’s very easy to use there’s no extra equipment or specialty needles that have to be part of the procedure our technology works with any needle out there and it’s basically available at push of a button well the beauty of it is that there really is no set-up time it actually speeds up the procedure because it’s easier to see the needle so if anything it’s a time-saving technique I think it really can enhance learning and becoming confident in performing aspirations and biopsies in a variety of different needle localization techniques in a much quicker safer fashion there’s really no other competitor that has anything quite like what we’re doing there’s a few technologies out there that try to help see the needle tip the bigger issue I see with those is that they take a long time to set up and they’re also expensive there’s hardware involved this was a proprietary software algorithm that we cannot create any turbo or s system in the market you get all the visualization that you really need and you don’t need to use any special needles you don’t need to use a larger needle the larger the caliber of the needle more painful and the more potential for complications and so I get great visualization with the 25 gauge needle the reason we’re excited is because now we can for the first time say that needle and those are no longer a problem for ultrasound imaging I think it’s one of our biggest breakthroughs in a long time and again it meets the criteria it addresses a real problem that our customers and clinicians are dealing with every day it’s inexpensive it’s simple and it works it is a game-changer in the market of ultrasound guided procedures it’s the speed the ease of use the reduction in time to completion of the procedure the safety features all of those are a win-win situation for doctor and patient alike

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