Modern vein treatments are performed under
local anaesthesia as a walk in walk out procedure. So, there is very little restriction on what
you can do afterwards. I am going to tell you what advice I give to my patients after
varicose veins treatment. Immediately afterwards, you can walk around
normally. On the day of your procedure I recommend that you sit with your feet up. Keep the blood
flowing by performing regular ankle movements (the sort you might do on a long haul flight
for example) and get up regularly for a walk. The day after your procedure, you can do everything
normally. Walk as much as possible. Walking encourages the healing process and promotes
the vein circulation in the legs. You really can’t do too much walking in the first week
or two. After your procedure you will go home wearing
a medical stocking with absorbent wool underneath. I also place a bandage over the stocking on
the outside. I advise that you keep the bandage and stocking in place for 48 hours. However
if at any time the bandage feels tight, you can take it off immediately. After taking
the bandage off, if you still feel uncomfortable or if your foot swells or if you have tingling
in your toes after the local anaesthetic wears off remove the stocking completely. After 48 hours you may remove the bandage,
stocking and wool completely if you haven’t already done so. You will usually have some
sticky plasters over any needle pricks. I suggest that you leave these in place, have
a shower and then after your shower, peel these sticky plasters off and replace them
with new ones. Many people find it comfortable to wear the surgical stocking either day and
night or just in the daytime for another week or two.. However, if you feel more comfortable
without the stocking, leave it off. At any time after the first 2 days, you can have
a shower without your stocking on. Most people have very little discomfort, but
if do need pain relief, paracetamol or Ibuprofen are usually sufficient. From a medical point of view you can drive
when you feel able to perform an emergency stop, usually the day after your treatment.
Some people need a bit longer before they feel confident to drive. Do check with your
motor insurance company, and don’t drive if you feel uncomfortable. You can resume exercise, going to the gym
and sports when your legs feel comfortable. I generally advise avoiding contact sports
where your leg is likely to be knocked for about 14 days. There are often harsh chemicals
in swimming pools so it may be a wise precaution to avoid swimming for 14 days as well. Many people ask me about flying after their
vein treatment. I guess the concern here is deep vein thrombosis. Fortunately, complications
such as DVT after modern vein treatments such as endovenous laser are very rare. However,
long haul flights are a known risk factor and I think it is a wise precaution to avoid
taking a long flight for 6 weeks afterwards. There isn’t any strong evidence in the medical
literature to back up this recommendation but in my mind it’s better to be on the safe
side. Let me say that these are my own general opinions.
Your particular circumstances may need additional advice. For all my patients I may modify my
advice in the light of their medical condition and if you have had treatment by another specialist
then you should follow the advice and recommendations that he or she gives. Now I hope you have found this interesting.
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24 thoughts on “Advice After Varicose Vein Treatment by EVLT”

  1. Im so glad 2 see your new video dr haroun gajraj
    And i have two questions.
    1.Is there any relationship between hyperthyroidism and incidence of varicose veins
    2.For prevention of occurrence of blood reflux in the deep veins,you should wear your compression stockings for the rest of your life!

  2. I just underwent EVLT +foam sclerotherapy 5 days before,, my Dr told me to wear bandage and stckings for 7 days? Y so?

  3. Hi Dr. I just started RFA treatments last week. The first one (left greater saphenous) went fine. However the one on the right (greater saphenous) started out ok but then I started to feel tremendous burning! I started screaming & they had to stop the procedure. The Dr & nurse both apologized & said this was not uncommon but unfortunate. Then the Dr quickly exited the room & apparently went on to the next pt. The nurse said I could get dressed & was free to go… & see ya next week. Im still very much in shock & not quite sure that I want to continue with treatment. Can you tell me what might have gone wrong, & what I should do now?

  4. sir i am in my final year of mbbs, my mom of age 53 yrs htn+ non diabetic , is allergic to some unknown substances n has 2 times lip edema when taken ace inhibitors ,n now has varicose veins to both legs. is it safe to go with evlt sir?? r anyother procedure do u advice ??

  5. Dear Dr. how long after the laser procedure can fly? my fiance will do this procedure and want to fly about 20 hrs to south America from england..what would be ur recommendation. thanks

  6. Hi Doc
    Few doctors are against me getting laser treatment but one doctor is recommending me to go for it
    Can I mail you my details for a second opinion ??

  7. I had a surgery where the doctor tie the main vein that carry blood to my left foot, because of this I cant do my normal exercises.. can this be fix, please

  8. I have visible blue veins all over my body, for some reason they are bright enough to be seen through my skin. i'm a white male that's fairly healthy, 172 pounds so I don't understand why they are so visible. After I workout they are even more bright and noticeable, it kind of looks like I'm wrapped in a blue net lol. What could be causing this?

  9. Who is best to perform varicose vein treatment a vascular surgeon or a radiologist or doesn't it matter? I also have thread veins that I'd like removed. My veins have now become painful, burning, itching and some raised red spots have appeared any ideas what these would be?

  10. hello Doctor,
    I am Vishal from India, I have vericose veins and I want to go for laser surgery within a few days . I am applying for Police jobs. So In India there is a selection test including the physical endurance events like 100metres and 800 metres run
    my doubt is can I practice for 100m & 800 meters run after 15 days from the date of surgery.

    please give me some advice..

  11. Hello doc plzz help me my Father is 67 yrs and has done the operation…4 days ago but today he is suffering from nausea and hypertension…16 he does not have hypertension before…and he does not suffer from diabetes…plzz tell me why he is vomiting or may be bcz of the anaesthesia Epidural….plz help

  12. Hello Dr. I had also done laser for vericose but it still vissible n I had pain too n I had removed bandage only some where pricks are been seen nothing else I am confused he had or not

  13. Hello I’m hoping you can reassure me .
    I had EVLA on my left leg the vein was very deep and ran from my inner thigh sand around the back of my knee and going down the outside of my leg .
    The procedure itself I found very painful and at one point I was in excruciating pain so much so that I was screaming ,the surgeon apologised and continued the procedure there was a lot of blood .
    After my op a number of plaster type things were put over various parts of the leg then a support stocking which I wore for 48 Hrs .i had very extensive painful bruising and some clots came out of the wounds .
    My bruising lasted approx 3weeks .
    The problem I have now is pain and stiffness in both my thighs and the leg which was operated on is very swollen in fact it’s 2inches bigger than the other leg ? I’m worried something is not right ,my thighs are so painful and stiff it’s 7 weeks since op and it feels like my legs are getting worse I have difficulty getting dressed as bending my legs is very painful .
    I saw my surgeon a week ago and he told me my legs are still settling and he will see me again the end of sept .
    I take ibruprofen every 4 Hrs for they do help a little with the swelling but not much .
    Can you please give me your opinion I had this procedure done privately .
    Sincerly Mrs Warner

  14. hi dr… is there any treatment or anything else we can do for dead vein….. my mom had a operation of backbone n after a month her left foot vein become dead and its giving a lot of pain…. pllzzz recommend some suggestion… i'll be vry thankful….

  15. Plz tell in how many days, I can start exercising like Badminton post radio frequency ablation. Would badminton game be suggestable?

  16. My procedure wasn't bad, but a few (2) days later I couldn't walk at all and the stocking wouldnt stay off. It was too painful for me to walk. The bruising, OMG!!! I have two have two more, I'm just glad it's on the back of my leg and not the inner thigh again.

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