Hello my name is Freddy and this is Billy.
We are both herbalists based in China Town, New York. The Clinic is called Sanh Hoa Long
we are at 217 Center Street and today we are going to talk about Chinese herbs specifically
Gin Sing which is very common, popular these days. In Chinese it is called Gin Sing and
it is a great tonic for all the body as far as improving circulation and for deficient
weak conditions. There are three types of Ginseng generally American, Asian and Siberian.
What we have today is Chinese type. And the name Ginseng literally means walking man so
may be you can get a little idea how it looks kind of like a walking man. And also it is
a large Ginseng and it is very good for elderly and usually you could just grind it into powder
and mix it into water and that will be a very good for the formula for that individual and
you can also actually reach us at 212-274-8226.

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