The British government Medical adviser her name is Dame Sally Davis something like that. She’s still. I think she still is she came out and said homeopathy was a Nonsense you know fakery basically because she has no idea about reality Like I say the the the base form of everything in this reality is waveform waveform information And what they say about? Homeopathy is it’s Impossible to work because the potions are delayed diluted and diluted and diluted until there’s none of the original substance left and Because five senses say can I see it hear it touch? It taste it exactly it exists, or it doesn’t exist The substance is everything the substance you can see physical There’s a an organisation in Germany called the aerospace Institute sub-par Germany Which has developed a way of photographing information in water fascinating you’d see videos of it on the Internet um and what they Did was they got this big tank of water, and they put a flower in it? And then took the flower out and then photographed the droplets of water And they found information from the flower in every droplet and one of the things about Holographic reality is every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole as though it’s going to be in every droplet and then they Got people from the local community to come up, and they’ve got another tank of water And they got little dishes with their names on and they got each of the people to take Four droplets from the tank and put it in a dish with their name on and then they photograph the droplets What they found was that each four droplets? Were different from the other four droplets of everyone else, but the four droplets from each person were virtually identical in Other words, just taking a droplet of water and putting it in the dish had impregnated that person’s energetic influence upon the water in terms of frequency vibration information So what? homeopathy is When they dilute The substance until there’s none of the substance left What is left in the water is the wave form information of the substance just? like the wave form information of the flower was in the water droplets in the tank after the flower had been taken out and It’s the wave form of that substance which interacts with the wave form field of the body and If it’s done properly can balance it out and bring about what we call harmony The opposite of dis-ease the opposite of illness, but because you see this chief medical officer who is making decisions about what people should have and vaccines and all this stuff He’s absolutely clueless about the nature of reality itself and thus Waves away homeopathy on the basis that she doesn’t understand how it operates and therefore how it can work and You find this with mainstream science everywhere if they can’t explain it. It can’t be happening right? but um When you when you You look at complementary ways of treating the body. They’re invariably waveform level treaters because if the waveform Information field is in a balanced harmonious state then that which is decoded from it, which is just a reflection of that the holographic reality we Decode this waveform world into Must also be in a balanced healthy state because that’s no more than that that’s a movie screen of that projector and so people say about modern medicine and mainstream medicine they never treat the cause they always treat the symptom, but How can they treat the cause when the cause is in the waveform? Level of the body and they don’t even accept that exists or they’re left with is treating the symptom Which is the projection of an imbalance in the waveform level in the holographic decoded? version of reality and and so what humanity has been manipulated to do Is look at the world see how it wants to would like to change it, but running around Just the same as standing on the the stage in a movie theater and screaming at the screen Demanding that it changes. This is waving a banner in a protest Screaming at the screen demanding the movie changes they were going to change it’s hit the screen It’s a done deal. You want to change the movie. You’ve got to change where the movies coming from Then you can change the movie, so what what People have been manipulated into is even Trying to change what they would like to change But doing it in a way that it’s impossible. You can’t change a movie when it hits the screen and and therefore. It’s it’s What? What manifests the movie that we need to change and that comes down in the human experience to perception Which becomes the feedback loop? Which becomes the movie screen? Continue watching this fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link below to visit our website Learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community of passionate people building the best versions of themselves Just click on the link below, and I’ll see you on the inside

100 thoughts on “ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE – David Icke on Homeopathy”

  1. I love the clarity of his explanations. Great guy – I've so much admiration for his courage and independence from group mind

  2. Have to be honest, having trouble following this. I'm not saying it's fake, i'm saying he is brilliant and i'm just a confused student.

  3. Mfundishi, dr sebi, kaba kamene, phil.valentine , ivan van setima, dr ben, john henrik clarke, credo mutwa, asa hilliard, delbert blair all preceded icke and said it better, went more indepth and represent the melanated masses in a scientific and historically accurate matter

  4. Placebo effect. Nuff said. But since we're living in a free country, you're free to spend your money for overpriced sugar pills and believe it contains magic information.

  5. Regarding the flower / water experiment, I'm curious to know whether the people felt at all changed by the experiment. If the person's name influences the water, then possibly the flower's essence can remotely influence the person.

  6. I have been going to a naturopath for 15 years and it is so much better than taking prescription drugs ! Prescription drugs is all about making money from a corrupt industry !!!

  7. A woman claimed homeopathy is garbage because she 'doesn't understand reality.'

    And she 'Waves away homeopathy because she doesn't understand it.'

    No. Homeopathy doesn't work. That's why it's 'waved away.' Suggesting that it does will drive people away from hope and towards their own demise.

    Any of these collected Randi's million dollar prize?

    'Energetic influence. Frequency. Vibration. Information. Wave form.'

    I can't take much more. Too much of a conspiratorial, pseudiscientific tsunami of woo woo.

  8. It’s an energy pattern. We currently have no way to test homeopathy, and because of this, it’s deemed useless.

  9. I’m happy for new ideas but the explanation here just creates more questions. Needs further investigation?

  10. Who listens to this ??
    Got to be the most boring fake in history , look up " I'm the son of God" , does he still maintain he is son of God or had he changed his mind?

  11. He understands the movements of our reality so from there, yes of course he can explain homeopathy medicine from that perspective. This dude just gets better with time.

  12. when he said about the "waveform information" of the body coming off onto the water, is that not just DNA? and is a person's or flower's or whatever DNA equivelent to that person or thing? Of course not.

  13. His initial premise on wavelength and memory is bogus and can't be replicated. Homeopathy isnt fucking new. Its an arcane hoccuspocuss. Its bunk. Where was homeopathy with plague wiped out half of Europe? Antibiotics and chemotherapy pushed humanity from 1billion to 7.5 in under a century. Who gives a flying fuck about what you can see. Steve jobs tried homeopathy for the most curable pancreatic cancer you can get…..guess who's running apple now? Go read the data for yourself….Big pharma is greedy, not stupid. If they could sell that homeo shit at $700 a pop they would. But the shit don't work. Stay in school kids. Its not a conspiracy

  14. They not going to like David because he's breaking it wide open the lies and deception of big Pharmaceuticals,
    They are not trying to heal but calm the disease and keep you buying more and more meds,very sinister?

  15. Homeopathy and pharmacy are both pharmakeia; in other words, sorcery
    All rubbish

    Just take the plant
    No need to dilute it

  16. Mainstream medicine does talk about causation. Most modern conditions are caused by diet and lack of exercise, and the information is everywhere.
    Homeopathy is a bs.

  17. The Medical and Pharmaceutical industries operate exactly like organised crime. They are Criminal and have caused 100s of millions of premature deaths for profit and population control. They don't want to cure any disease, only to poison us to an early death with their snake oil (devil potions) and hide the symptoms of the disease.

  18. What about all the water that's passed through intestines and out the other end? There's a lot more of that than lilly pond water.

  19. Well, I really don't know how human kind survived until now without pills … my great grandma lived to 102 years old, broke a leg, went to hospital and died there because those fuckers lied her down for the night and she had trouble breathing, she already slept sitting down at home. All to say that she wasn't a big fan of the doctor and the pill and she lived that long, pretty much by herself. And my grandpa died at 80 because he had a heart arrest during sex with a "lady of the life", no meat, all food he ate he planted it, raised it, hunted it or fished it by himself. Those were the fucking times, nowadays we just zombie around led screens and call it a life … "cattle people" or the "domesticated ape" as I like to call it. Fucking depressing even to simply contemplate it.

  20. Ok but to be fair homeopathy is bs it is not naturoapathy. These tinctures dont carry what they say they do. The people learning go to learn for 6 months part time. All of a sudden they are doctors?

  21. Water is a liquid memory bank among many other dozens of amazing things. *****Those are hidden from 99% of…
    Water can even talk. You research it yourself. Good ?luck!

  22. This is pseudoscience. I recommend you read about it yourself rather than taking studies as hearsay.

    Yes all matter boils down to being a form of wavelength, no that doesn't translate to the macro-world. Features at a sub-atomic level do not translate well to the real world. He's taking something that is true, and making a big leap.

    And for the record, big pharma COULD make money from homeopathy easily – morons in the comments like "huerduer big pharma" without knowing what they're talking about they think they're woke but ironically fucking sheeple rehearsing dumb buzzwords and models

  23. I feel like the interviewer is looking at this guy wondering, “why the fuck did I invite him on?”

  24. I tried homeopathy for years for multiple stuff. Didn't work at all for me….so I'll pass. It's probably a placebo effect thing.

    I have seen a lot of people claim they have been fixed, but I have never genuinely seen someone recover from an issue. I have a lot of people who have had a go at homeopathy in my immediate family…but….meh.

    Having said that, I do agree with the water part. Water has tremendous powers.

  25. He's talking absolute nonsense. The water has come into contact with many different substances, and yet it's going to only remember the particular substance the homeopath wants it to remember? David's explanation of water memory doesn't even match with homeopathy's theory that the more it's diluted the stronger it is. So the more it's diluted the stronger the memory of it in the water? Nonsense. Homeopathy is based on a false idea that a substance that causes similar symptoms will cure the illness that has those symptoms, but only if it's diluted to the point where it's no longer in the water. By this logic, if i am vomiting then I should just drink normal tap water, because eating shit will make you vomit and normal tap water has had shit pass through it but then removed, so there should be the memory of the shit which will cure my vomiting. Utter nonsense. Homeopathy is just placebo. You will get the exact same effect if you take a fake potion of just plain water that you BELIEVE is a homeopathic remedy. The placebo effect is extremely powerful, as we are just now starting to fully understand.

  26. i think maybe he's an angry man … always fighting something. always against something(not in this episode)

  27. Doctors don't learn about wellness, they learn about disease and which pharmaceutical drugs treat that disease! They learn nothing about vaccinations except that they work and patients should be advised to have them. They are minions for big pharma.

  28. This is complete nonsense, pseudoscientific babble that easily impressionable fools fall for, to feel "woke" and "anti-establishment".

  29. Big Pharma and their brainless doctors critisize alternative medicine while providing nothing better. Chemotherapy for instance is the most ridiculous way of treating illness…lets make you better by almost killing you…yeah makes sense!!

  30. I've read 3 books on BETTY SHINES healing, who healed alot of people in England.
    I wonder what unseen spirits helped her be successful? Some things we cannot explain David. I do believe you, on most things especially the Grey's and Reptilians.
    There are demonics through A.I. another dark side to Satan's agenda. 5G is a worry, cutting down trees for it because 5G cannot penetrate through trees FACT! A Concrete jungle here we come.?
    Young people cannot stop themselves through an addiction of this modern world tec. In the future, will people live shorter lives through poison of Microwave, Lillywave, Scalerwave particles floating in our air etc?
    To make humans weaker and robots stronger?
    Our future as humans is going to be weaker through our own greediness of the Elites agender and no one is standing up for the mass population.
    LEAD is one of the biggest killers causing cancer. It's put in a lot of things as in our water, makeup, toys, paints, buildings, air, pipes etc.
    The symbols of our advertisements are Satanic in packet food and TV adds etc.
    The world's gone mad and being blinded with programming and they don't know it!
    Hexing CURSES is one of the worst type of Black Magic. Putting objects on a Hexagram conjuring up demonic spirits to influence buy and sell of products and program humans.?
    "Go by the sword, die by the sword is GOD'S LAW."
    Thanks be to GOD.

  31. That's why they put this incompetent people incharge…to damage the people…but people deserve it….if I can see , why others don't??!!!

  32. The BODY can heal itself, if you quit the HABITS that get in its way. SMOKING, DRINKING ALCOHOL, TAKING DRUGS, EATING PROCESSED FOODS and MASTURBATING.

  33. He’s far ahead of his time. Love ❤️ this guy. Very smart, not that many left in our society anymore.

  34. Although I agree most homeopathic approaches are nonsense, I just can't with this rambling conspiracy theorist. I just can't with him. He's an ass.

  35. I cannot claim to know the how and so forth, but a long time ago, my sister was lactose intolerant since she was born, there was a German homeopathic doctor in the city we lived in, my parents took my sister there and the doctor gave her homeopathic medicine, today and this is roughly 27-28 years later she isn't lactose intolerant at all in fact she enjoys dairy products.

    As i said I don't understand the details, all i know is that it worked.

  36. Even stoned this is hard to grasp. Had to watch it three times… He's seems right though. Although please get chemo therapy when you have cancer…

  37. I once asked a top oncologist in my country about if he believed in energy flow, alternative medicine etc? He said – the medical books (allopathy), journals, research did not allow him to believe. Then he said "But.." and a long smile. I had got my answer.

  38. Homeopathy never cured anyone. It was invented in the 18th century ,and the only reason it carried on being supported by the NHS was that the Royals approved of it. How typical-something anti-science is approved by the British upper-class. David Icke has gone down in my estimation-both for this and his anti-vaccination opinions.

  39. I am my own healer! I heal because I tell myself I heal! I've had injuries where people say that's not gonna heal. But instead of accepting what they I say watch me!

  40. This guy is an idiot he is an anti-vaxxer, climate change
    denier and believes Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extra-terrestrial
    reptilian humanoids with only one objective in their cold-blooded little heads:
    to enslave the human race and they're responsible for the Holocaust, the
    Oklahoma City bombings and the 9/11 attacks… come on !

  41. I developed a pilonidal cyst in 2013. With all the unbearable pain and discomfort, I went to the hospital. Doctor informed me the ONLY solution is to have surgery. That was the recommendation of two other Doctors as well.

    Somehow, I ended up at a naturopathic clinic through referral. I was prescribed homeopathic medicines. Both pain and swelling subsided in 4 days and was fully healed in 20 days.

    Most recently, I dealt with panic attacks. One landed me in the hospital. Once all tests were completed, “Doctors” concluded it was a panic attack and prescribed medications that would’ve driven me to the edge of insanity and depression. I, again, went the homeopathic route and have yet to experience another episode. In fact, I feel more relaxed and happier than before and mentally sharper.

    Western medicine is more of a business than science. Pharmaceuticals are not in the business nor interested in curing diseases. If they did then eventually they would go out of business. Say and believe what you want (to each their own), after extensive research I am a firm believer in naturopathic medicine as it’s always helped ME and my family members.

    Note: I am in Canada where we have social healthcare so naturopathy is something I pay for – which is not a lot when even compared to free hahah.

  42. clean drinking water, is the real gold, parts of america are running out. millions on weapons, virtually nothing on clean water

  43. The people running big pharma have started buying up health food stores because there is now more money in health foods and supplements than in pharmaceuticals. The human body is a self-healing organism. It can heal itself of anything if the person eats mainly organic vegetables, especially greens, drinks clean unflouridated water and gets enough rest and enough exercise and, above all, believes that the body will heal itself.

  44. Ever since I started thinking about pharma chemicals and their "side effect" I told myself that I must restrict their intake to my body. I believe in natural remedies…..berries seem to be the most trusted of natural remedies…but those fruits that haven't been crop sprayed…..once again its the natural form.

  45. This is so important. The over-engineered, GMO, pesticide riddled food crops are making us ill and not giving us the basic nutrients we need. Many people are seriously lacking in trace minerals. Homeopathy treatments along with a healthy, organic diet provide the basic minerals and supplements we need for overall health and well-being.

  46. If modern medicine is so bad then how come every generation lives longer . Yes there are some glitches and major problems with the medical field but let's not forget, the human race isn't half as smart as we think we are. After all we still believe that money and luxuries are more important than the environment and the overall balance of all life on this planet. Hell the human race still thinks that we can either find another planet to live on or that we get to go to heaven. That pretty much proves that we're to stupid to know we're stupid.

  47. they did the same thing to try and make e-cigarettes sound bad for you, more so than regular cigs, that's fucking crazy. This stuff works pretty well for the stuff I have took in the past, anything that will cure you will never come out, take a look at the non profit American cancer society, all the multi-million dollar salary's of the high up would be gone if they used the donations for a cure. The world is so messed up, this is people getting paid of to say whatever the big company want's you to say like a Muppet, and the government gets more tax dollars if nothing gets cured and things like alcohol and cigarettes run rapid, it's as if your not second guessing everything you hear or stay on your toes and keep your hear on a swivel for misinformation, then your headed for an early grave. Agenda 21 (to kill us) is everywhere and in plan sight but some many people are not awakened yet

  48. A greater proportion of the human being is made up of the subtle energy fields while only a small proportion is material which is why homeopathy works.

  49. I always thought that David Ike was a Walter Mitty fantasist that talks nothing but pure shite. Finding this video I thought maybe I have stumbled on something we both agree but nope. This just reinforces the fact to me that talks 100% pure and utter shite!

  50. The hair loss medications are a great example of this. Instead of using that poison drug finasteride which causes man boobs and infertility start to dermaroll once a week to regrow new hairs and reduce your stress levels and reduce sex/ fap less to reduce your dht levels. costs next to nothing

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