Hi my name is Dr Kim Makoi, I’m a Holistic
Chiropractor from San Francisco, and this is how to use Chinese Meditation Balls. Chinese
Meditation Balls are small metallic balls, usually about an inch and 1/2 to 2 inches
in diameter. They should fit comfortable in the palm of one hand, and the way you use
them is: you hold both of the balls, let them just gently rest in the palm of the hand,
and then slowly try to get the balls to rotate around in a clockwise direction. And most
people find that the clockwise direction is the easiest, it shouldn’t be making a lot
of noise as that would distract from the meditation. And the purpose of the balls is basically
to give the body a focal point, to help to clear the mind and create a stillness. As
you become very comfortable with rotating the balls in a clockwise direction, it’s helpful
to try and reverse the direction; and again it creates a focal point for the mind. So
that’s basically how you use Chinese Meditation Balls.

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  1. @Retardfrogsquirrell Glad we could help. Feel free to check out the rest of the Alternative Medicine & Fasts series

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