Hi I’m Krisinda, I’m 38 years old, my
husband and I are from Malibu California, and I am a certified nutritional therapist
and he is a chiropractor, so we’re both pretty knowledgeable in health and nutrition
and supplements but apparently not enough to get pregnant. My progesterone was low and
his sperm motility was low so I started researching everything I could possibly research and I
came across a website that led me to Iva. And I listened to a phone interview where
she was answering a lot of questions and I just I knew immediately once I heard everything
she was talking about that it was exactly what we needed. It was exactly what we were
lacking. We had been trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half and it just wasn’t
working. Pregnancy test after pregnancy test was just negative, so that as I’m sure a
lot of you know really is such a disappointment. I tried ovulation kits, I was doing basal
temperature. So I knew when I was ovulating there was a missing link, so I read Iva’s
website and tried to get as much information as I possibly could from her, and that’s
when I knew that I needed to purchase her program. Her program changed our life, it
was exactly what we were lacking, it was exactly the knowledge that I was lacking, my husband
was lacking, it was really the missing link, she taught us so much, and it took about four
months for us to get pregnant. I followed pretty much everything that she told us to
follow, and it worked. I was told I was infertile and I wasn’t ever going to get pregnant
without help, without intervention, IVF. I was also told that I needed to have some very
invasive tests done on my fallopian tubes to make sure that they weren’t blocked.
None of that was true there was just a little imbalance in my body and my husband’s body
and Iva helped us fix it. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever known
and she really changed our lives. Laying here right now on me is Dakota, she’s two and
a half months, and she’s thriving. She weighs nearly fourteen pounds so she’s thriving
exceptionally and I’m still eating the same way that Iva taught me to eat. And she also
helped us tremendously through our pregnancy. When I had a few questions when I had a few
things that I needed to get back on track she helped me immediately and everything she
has said so far has worked so I highly, highly highly recommend her program to anyone who
is trying to get pregnant, who has had miscarriages, who’s attempting or even doing IVF it will
help. It will help you hold on to the fetus, and I think it’s really important it makes,
it’s for an easier pregnancy. I had zero nausea, zero morning sickness it was a really
really easy pregnancy so I hope that you all try her program it gave us what we wanted,
a little Dakota. Thank you Iva we really really appreciate all your help, you are amazing.

8 thoughts on “Alternative Treatment for Endometriosis – Healthy Natural Pregnancy & Healthy Baby at 38!”

  1. I had less than 1% chance and we had given up. We tried for years and only had heartbreak. At 42 I had fibroids, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis and 3 Drs said I needed a complete hysterectomy and a surrogate and someone under 30's eggs! Or adopt. I went vegetarian and did juicing and tada we have a 1.5 year old beautiful boy today!!!!! So if your on a budget, diy it. 🙂

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  3. Hi, thank you for your video. May i ask how much does it cost to have iva’s diet plan? Is it like a book that has info of diet plan or recipes? I have endometriosis and have been taking bc pill but i wanted to try to stop taking pills for me to have a baby. I had a surgery in 2010 to remove my ovarian cysts and now have fibroids

  4. I see lots of people keep on talking about Womezon Remedy. But I'm not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this fibroid treatment?

  5. Hi everybody! Thanks so much for watching our video, we hope it has inspired you in your fertility journey. Do you have natural pregnancy success stories of your own? Please feel free to share! For more information on natural treatments for endometriosis and getting pregnant, please see our blog: https://natural-fertility-prescription.com/natural-endometriosis-treatment-2/

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