(upbeat music) – Absolutely yeah, like,
when I open, it pops. So, like. – Okay, gotcha. – Holy God.
– You all right? – Yes.
(laughing) I’ve been feeling that for over two years. – If I understand it, you
have TMJ and neck pain. – Yeah.
– Yep. So can you show me
exactly where you feel it? – So here and then here. – All of this like that? – Yeah. – And then I think I was
reading, you were playing, what were you playing?
– Tennis. – Tennis and then you said you like whipped your head forward? – Yeah, I threw the ball to serve and like slung my nose real hard. – And you heard a pop? – Yeah, it was like a little pop and then from there it
just started like tingling like right here and then it just kinda just like got worse like over the last couple years. – Right, and you’ve had jaw issues since? – Yeah.
– Okay, got it. And you never had jaw issues
before like that, right? – No, no, not at all. – So I know that the jaw hurts, but do you feel any weird
movement like when you chew, when you open you mouth? – Oh, absolutely, yeah. Like when I open it pops, so like… – Okay, gotcha. Okay, I feel it. So it kinda like catches. – Yeah, it catches and then this just like is always like…
– Pretty bad? – Yeah.
– Okay, gotcha. – But I know that like when I workout, it flares up afterwards and
then towards the end of the day, it usually flares up. – Okay, gotcha. And is
that the shoulder pain that you were talking about too? That goes from here to here? – Yeah, it’s like here to like here and then here to like here. – Okay, gotcha. Do feel like at least
for the neck you have like limited motion
turning in certain ways? – Yeah, I can’t go, that’s
about as far as I can go here. And then here…
– A little more. – Yeah, not much. – So what have you done besides, well obviously seeing us,
but what else have you done for the jaw pain? – Nothing, nothing. – So you’re just kind
of trudge through it? – Yeah, pretty much just dealt with it. – Has it been getting worse over time or has it been like the same– – Gradually, gradually. Not much… – Oh, so you’ve been hoping this would go away for like two years? – And it didn’t, yeah, it never did.
– Dang, got it. – Never did.
– Okay. As soon as I get up here, it
swings way over to the right. So right there. Yeah, it swings right there. So he definitely has an issue up there. Now typically what happens with people is they have upper neck issues, like that pop that you heard. Usually, not usually, but usually
TMJ problems are connected with upper neck issues. – So everything kinda makes sense? – Yep.
– Yeah. – It does. Especially ’cause you’ve
never had pain before and then you start having both
of those at the same time, so it’s all connected. And so you said when you feel a twisting, like when you play golf,
you feel it over here? – Yeah, it’s definitely in the lower back. – So it’s not like up here? – No no no no.
– Okay, good. – No.
– Not as bad? How about this right there?
– Yep. – Yeah, okay. – It’s like a dull pain not like a sharp. – So what I’m gonna do is, I’m not gonna twist you this way, I’m basically gonna push towards basically your opposite here, okay. So you might hear some
popping or clicking, that’s pretty normal. If you don’t hear
anything, that’s fine too. Mm, you got a tricky one. – It’s stubborn, huh? – We got a stubborn one today. What I’m gonna do is, I’m
not gonna let you fall, but I’m gonna basically
push down this way, okay? Okay, so. Relax your shoulder. – Nice.
– Good. – I felt that like in like my neck– – As I was doing it? – As you were going, I could feel like this whole muscle like super tight. – Yeah, yeah. Well actually I’m gonna
get the rest of that neck, we’re actually gonna go over here. You can slump it down a little more. Right there. – Ooh.
– Nice, good. – Holy God.
– You all right? – Yes.
(laughing) I’ve been feeling like
that for over two years. – Come on up, man. – Yep.
– That was a big one. – Yep. – That’s like two years of build up. – Yep, oh my god. – Can I help?
– Thanks. I feel like a completely different person. Like that’s wild.
– That’s good. – Like I can actually, oh my god, I can actually move my head again. This is wild. There’s no crunching in my jaw right now. – I actually was gonna test
that, because a lot of times, remember what I was telling you? – Yeah. – Where like jaw problems can
usually stem from over here, so I actually, to be honest with you, I wasn’t gonna touch your jaw today, ’cause I wanted to see how
this would respond to your jaw. Now you’re obviously
gonna get some clicking, but less than it was. – It just feels like, wow. – That’s a lot better.
– (laughs) Right? – Now I just want you to rotate your head. Ooh, that’s crazy.
– (laughs) All right. I haven’t seen the back of my
right shoulder in a long time. (laughing) Like even this way, I feel like I have way more
mobility going this way. – Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say too. – Like I still don’t have
has much on this side, but still, like this side
I can like turn around and look at you. Wow, that’s crazy. – Yeah, we got a lot more to go, so we’re gonna get you all better, dude. Now, go ahead and open
your jaw just slowly. So obviously it’s your jaw, but what do you notice as a difference? – I notice that the z’s like not as bad. So like it doesn’t like pop as much. – Go ahead. All right, now you definitely do still have some jaw stuff going on. Just for today, I’m not
gonna work on your jaw, but in the future, so maybe
next visit or the visit after, we’re gonna start working on this jaw. I’ve seen this all the time. This and this are
usually directly related, so that’s pretty good. Not
bad for the first adjustment. – I know, right? And it’s weird, like does
this have anything to do with like your ear feeling clogged? Like this, because it feels open now. – So what can happen is essentially when you get a lot of problems up in here? Usually migraines, headaches,
that’s what I asked you first, but you can even get stuff like, maybe not with you, but ear
infections, sinus issues. Things up in here would be like a ringing of the ear, dizziness. Like for you, if you’re
clogging, now it’s opened up, that can happen a lot of
times with the upper neck. Especially when for you, you
had like you were throwing, you were swinging and then
you heard like a huge pop, now you have all this pain. So that can definitely
stem from that, yeah. – Holy crap, dude, this is awesome, man. Thank you so much.
– Yeah, dude, my pleasure. Not a bad first visit, right? – No, a great first visit, man. What abouts, can I play golf? – At least for the first month, I would kind of lay off for a bit. If you really want to, I can’t stop you. We wanna mitigate as much as we can and then from there, we’re
actually gonna give you exercises after the first month too, so you can slowly kinda
wean yourself back. – Okay, perfect, awesome. – You’re all set.
– Thanks, doc, appreciate it. – No problem, take care. (relaxed music)


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