I have a concern about evidence-based
medicine. It has immense value, but i’m concerned that within the
medical system it’s become the be all and end all that is to medicine. And while it has value, I also wanna show you that I think we
need a revolution with regard to our relationship to
evidence-based medicine. In integrative holistic medicine, we talk about
patient-centered care. Well what does it mean for us to truly empower our patients? So I want to provide you
the ability to write evidence-based — or actually, let me refine that, integrative holistic evidence-based educational prescriptions where your patients can
empower themselves in their care. What is this destination that we’re
helping our patients navigate towards? What is this “health” we talk about? So with Lee’s encouragement, I asked a question one night, 3 o’clock in the
morning. I was inspired to ask “What is the root of the word health?” Does anybody here know the route
to the word health? And we’re in the health care business, if
you don’t put your hand believe me, you’re in great company because I’ve done this across the
country, and nobody knows the root of the word health. This is really fascinating. It doesn’t
come from Greek. It doesn’t come from Latin. It comes from Old English. H-A-L. It’s wholeness. The root of the word health is wholeness! And here you are, the final day of the
integrative holistic medicine conference with the root of the word health,
discovering that it is wholeness. And our role as healer, same root word, is to bring our patients
back to a place of essential wholeness/ health. That’s the journey. The practice of medicine is
far more than just framing questions, finding evidence, evaluating it, applying it… On a scientific basis, it’s about framing those
inspiring questions that allows us to open our heart, so our patients can unfold into our arms, and we can
must fully contribute to the quality of their lives. It also explains why one of the core
tenets of the American Board of Integrative Holistic medicine is that love is the greatest healer of all. ok on my

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