2 thoughts on “‘Annoying headache’ | Some gift cards from Kroger don’t work, customers say”

  1. I bought 3 Gift Cards from CVS off Beamer on Christmas Eve and one of them was fraudulent. Luckily, the co-worker with the bad card tried to activate while we were still at work. When she opened it, there was a cut out from the barcode of another card glued in with the real card. When I paid for the cards, they scanned the barcode of the cut out, instead of the real card, so my money went to that. I went back to the CVS a few hours later (with my receipt) and they acknowledged knowing about the scam for over a month, but didn’t take the cards off the shelves, SMH. I made a point of taking pics of the cards (including the cut out strip) as well as my receipt, just in case. They ended up giving me cash back, which I gave to my co-worker the next day, but still…I’m now skeptical of buying Gift Cards, not only because thieves are getting more creative, but apparently some of these Retailers know about it, and aren’t taking them down to protect their customers! Ridiculous on both sides. Be careful, folks!!!

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